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Artisan Cheese & Charcuterie Fair

2018/02/20 - 2018/03/04 20 (Tue) Feb - 4 (Sun) Mar 2018
@ Times Square, Harbour City, ifc mall & New Town Plaza stores
22 (Thur) Feb - 4 (Sun) Mar 2018
@ Times Square atrium
Enjoy one-stop shopping with comprehensive collections of artisan cheeses, cured meats and charcuterie at city'super Artisan Cheese & Charcuterie Fair. From 20 Feb to 4 Mar, we are offering wide ranges of international specialty cheese, charcuterie and wines, as well as a specially designed made-to-order menu for you to taste. Don’t forget to consult our cheese and ham experts, who are eager to share their professional knowledge of cheese and charcuterie pairing. 
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🇨🇵 Rustic Taste of France: Maître Pierre Flammekueche and Quiche

Bring home the authentic taste of Alsace-Lorraine from France!
Maître Pierre Quiche Lorraine: hand-shaped crusts are filled with quality natural ingredients; just bake at 180°C for 35 minutes – the quiche tastes even better with a sparkling wine. 
We also recommend:
Maître Pierre Pizza La Forestiere: loaded with wild mushrooms, smooth cream and Parmesan cheese, the French-style pizza is rich and crispy.
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New Arrival! Daylesford UK Organic Cheese 

Daylesford UK has switched to sustainable, organic farming over 35 years ago in hopes of providing better food for the next generation.
You can now find 6 organic and artisanal cheeses at city'super, but here are three of our favourites:
Organic Bledington Blue Cheese: matured for 8 weeks; best with pears or spread on sourdough bread
Organic Cheddar Cheese: handcrafted with rich non-homogenised organic milk; muslin-wrapped and aged for up to 9 months for a full flavour
Organic Double Gloucester Cheese: an award-winning cheese made from Gloucester milk. Gloucester cattle are a rare breed that produces both beef and milk. The resulting cheese is delicate and balanced in flavour.
Tip: serve your cheese on a stylish slate platter from CB Japan. Available in various shapes and sizes.
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Colourful Cheeses That Taste As Good As They Look
The chèvre cheese from Canada's Salt Spring Island are made by hand using traditional methods, and are must-haves on any cheese platters!
Artisanal Basil Chèvre: topped with a layer of basil with a dash of olive oil, this cheese can be paired with fresh tomatoes for a refreshing taste.
Artisanal Flower Chèvre: the flower petals add a splash of colour without changing the original taste of the goat's cheese.
Artisanal White Truffle Chèvre: apart from white truffle, mushrooms and garlic from Italy are also added. Best paired with pasta or scrambled eggs.
Artisanal Lemon Chèvre: topped with lemon slices, and perfect with smoked salmon or smoked tuna.
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For Meat Lovers: Highland Wagyu Beef Charcuterie

The Scottish Highlands are known for its whisky production, but the local Wagyu beef is also exceptional. Highland Wagyu is the largest producer of Wagyu cattle in the UK. Its 25,000-acre estate provides the cattle with ample space to grow – it is no wonder the beef has such great marbling and taste.
We highly recommend Highland Wagyu's Salty Wagyu Beef and Wagyu Pastrami - the magnificently marbled beef are the perfect sandwich fillings!
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Got Beef? Carne Salada del Trentino 

Carne Salada is a delicacy from Trentino in Northern Italy. Casa Largher's secret recipe has been passed down 15 generations and is still being used today. Made using only the best cut of the beef shank, the meat is then seasoned, aged in a pitar for three weeks and massaged every two days. 
To serve, pair the sliced beef with Grana Padano cheese, or make it into a tartare.
Wine pairing suggestion: Jaillance Icône Blanc de Noirs 2010/2011
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You'll Need This For Your Colourful Cheese Toast

Did someone say you can make the highly Instagrammable colourful cheese toast with natural ingredients? 

Landana's Dutch cheeses are made with the freshest Dutch milk and come in different colours and tastes by adding natural ingredients. Mix in a bit of mozzarella and you'll get the perfect colourful, melted cheese.

Landana Red Pesto Cheese
Landana Green Pesto Cheese
Landana Organic Mild Dutch Cheese 
Landana Spicy Sambal Cheese 
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Buffalo Mozzarella Expert: That's Amore Cheese

Buffalo Mozzarella cheese is so easy to love. 
Founder of That's Amore Cheese Giorgio Linguanti makes his Buffalo Mozzarella  cheeses by hand, and his signature product is perhaps the 5mm-thick Bocconcini Leaf, which is often spotted at Italian restaurants. To prepare it at home, simply top cheese with watercress and tuna sashimi seasoned with lemon juice, salt and black pepper; then roll everything up and drizzle with olive oil.
Sliced Buffalo Mozzarella and Baby Bocconcini are both great for salads, while Fior Di Latte has a higher water content, making it a fantastic cheese for pizzas.
Another one of That's Amore Cheese’s star product is Bocconcini with Olives. The cheese has a centre of olive oil – a complex cheese that showcases Linguanti's finesse as a cheesemaker. 
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Limited Supply: Handcrafted Camembert

Les Frères Marchand's Camembert is perhaps one of the most well-known cheeses in the world for its exceptional taste and the brand's insistence on using traditional methods and only specific milk sources. The decreasing number of artisanal cheesemakers renders this camembert an even rarer one. 
Hailing from France, L'Epicurien produces a special selection of fruit preserves to be paired with cheese, including Apple Calvados, Fig & Walnut, White Wine & William Pear and Black Cherry. Take your pick!
*Promotional products are available at selected stores only. While stocks last.
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