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Spoon n Slurp 2018

2018/07/11 - 2018/07/25 11 (Wed) – 25 (Wed) Jul 2018

@ Times Square, Harbour City, ifc mall, New Town Plaza & Lab Concept stores
With the increasing variety of noodles available, they're no longer just a cupboard staple but can also be a sought-after delicacy.
Whether it's Italian pasta, Taiwan noodles or Japanese soumen, we've all become more discerning about the flavour, texture and shape of the noodles we cook at home, how they're served with soup or sauce, and even how they look in a photo.

Discover our noodle recommendations from East and West, and enjoy an authentic noodle meal.

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Handmade in Taiwan: Jingqi Aloe Vera Noodles

Hailing from Tainan, Jingqi Aloe Vera Guan Miau Noodles are made by replacing water with natural aloe vera followed by sun drying, giving the noodles a nice shine and a real bite. 
• Chlorella Noodle and Ginger Oil Sauce
• Original Noodle + Sesame Sauce

Also, be sure to check out the Sun Dried Black Eye Bean Noodles, a more nutritious alternative to traditional noodles. 
• Pumpkin Noodles with Basil Sauce
• Purple Sweet Potato Noodles with Spicy Miso Sauce
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Spice It Up with Taihodien

Named after the palace where the emperors of Qing dynasty held court, Taipei’s Taihodien Restaurant is known for its mala hot pot soup base. The ma (numbing) and la (spicy) flavours will give the hotpot ingredients a piquant kick you can’t get enough of!

Head to city’super for Taihodien’s Mala Broth Gift Box with their famous triple-stewed duck blood pudding tofu. For something quick and easy, try Taihodien’s instant mala dry noodles!

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A Gift of Nostalgia: Wong Chi Kei Festive Gift Set

With over 70 years of experience, Wong Chi Kei is well-known for its traditional handcrafted noodles, with each ultra-thin strand under 0.7mm thick. 

The Wong Chi Kei Festive Gift Set contains eight items, including two shrimp roe noodles, three soy sauce noodles, one e-fu noodles, and one jar each of homemade chilli oil and shrimp roe. Available now at city’super.

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A Tangy Sauce for Your Soumen

Yoshino Miso Co.’s Hiroshima Lemon Noodle Sauce are made using lemons from Hiroshima and traditional shio koji; the lemon’s mild tartness and the umami-packed shio koji make for a refreshing sauce to go with soumen and other cold noodle dishes – perfect for summer!
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Premium Soumen from Japan

Produced in very limited quantities, Tabuchi Seimen’s “Black Band” Soumen are handmade by expert noodle makers only during winter when the temperature and humidity are best suited for making thin noodles. The ultra-thin noodles – only at 0.65-0.7mm in diameter - are then aged for one year for extra springiness. 

Grab the Premium Banshu Ibonito Soumen – Black Band now at city’super. Also available as a gift set. 
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Which Sauce for Which Pasta?

Recently, we can’t get enough of AFELTRA pasta from Gragnano, home to some of the best dried pasta in Italy; and Luca Ciano’s sauces and dressings, which are 100% natural, preservative free and gluten-free. 

Here are two pasta and sauce/dressing pairing we highly recommend:
  • AFELTRA Pasta Elica Gigante + Luca Ciano Sicilian Citrus + Extra Virgin Olive Oil Dressing: the nooks and crannies of the spirally elica pasta can hook the citrusy dressing with a subtle aroma of toasted fennel seeds; just add some greens, cherry tomatoes and nuts for the perfect pasta salad
  • AFELTRA Pasta Spaghetto + Luca Ciano Fresh Basil Tomato Sauce: delicate strands of spaghetti are best paired with classic light sauces, like this fresh basil sauce made with 100% ripe, juicy, sweet Italian tomatoes

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