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Taiwanese Gourmet Market

2018/05/23 - 2018/06/19 23 (Wed) May – 3 (Sun) Jun 2018
@ Times Square atrium
30 (Wed) May – 19 (Tue) Jun 2018
@ Times Square, Harbour City, ifc mall, New Town Plaza & Lab Concept stores
Boasting a mild tropical-subtropical climate and beautiful natural landscapes, Taiwan not only is a popular tourist destination for Hongkongers, but also an amazing foodie heaven.

For the upcoming city'super Taiwanese Gourmet Market, taking place from May 23 to June 19, we have invited Good Cho's Bagel—ranked No.6 on the OpenRice Taiwan 2017 Top 100 Restaurants list—to open its first ever pop-up shop in Hong Kong. Located in the Times Square atrium, this special bagel stall will showcase Good Cho’s renowned artisan bagels from May 23 to June 3. 

In addition, the Market will also feature an array of Taiwanese food products made with premium local produce, giving you an opportunity to experience the most authentic Taiwanese flavours.
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Good Cho's Bagel: The Taste of Slow Living

Ranked 6th in Taiwan OpenRice's Top 100 restaurants in 2017, Good Cho's bagels are a must-try for food lovers. Good Cho’s handmade artisan bagels have been a massive hit in Taiwan, acclaimed for a creative combination of western bagel-making art and the incorporation of Taiwanese local ingredients.

Local vegetables like taro, banana and pineapple are used to make the bagels. The dough needs to be fermented for more than 8 hours, such that the yeast can be fully proofed to bring out the wheat flavour, whereas normal bread only requires a 30 minute fermentation.
Good Cho's bagels are rounded and shining, chewy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. They can be stored in the fridge and reheat when needed, without affecting the quality. Simply preheat the oven at 200 degrees, spray some water on the bagel, bake it for 2-3 minutes until the surface is slightly crisp. Or add half a cup of water in a rice cooker, put the bagel in it then wait till it's done. No matter spreading on cream cheese or sandwich it with ham and cheese, bagel is always a good choice!
▶ Good Cho’s Bagel Pop-up Stall ◀
Date: May 23 – June 3
Location: Times Square atrium
✳ Limited supply of 10,000 bagels only. (Weekdays: 400pcs/day; Weekends: 500pcs/day)
✳ You can eat them hot at the stall or take frozen bagels home.
11 classic Good Cho’s bagel flavours:

Plain: The plain bagel gives a rich, fragrant wheaty aroma as you indulge in it. It is both delicious in itself and suitable as a side-dish.
Taro with Salted Egg Yolk: Made from a combination of Miaoli betel nut taro mash, and artisan salted duck egg yolk. The result is an authentic flavour that is both sweet and tangy. 
Purple Sweet Potato with Osmanthus: Local purple sweet potato rich in Anthocyanidin is transformed into an attractive purple filling, topped with osmanthus essence which gives a flowery aroma. The bagel has a springy, al dente texture.
Pomelo & Pineapple: Dried pineapples are soaked in white wine, then mixed into the dough to become bagels that taste like a fruity wine.
Cream Cheese with Sweet Potato: A tourist favourite, the sweet and fresh bagel is made from the delicate Taiwan No. 66 sweet potatoes, which are paired with cream cheese. 
Garlic Cheese: The flavour is created by a heavenly match between scallions from Sanxing Yilan, Taiwanese garlics, and cheese, giving a complex yet exciting taste.
Green Tea & Candied Orange: Loved by Japanese tourist, the bagel is made by mixing tea-infused dough, sencha sweets and orange marmalade. A must-try for tea lovers.
Strawberry with Sweet Cheese: Dried strawberries from Dahu are paired with milky sweet cheese, then mixed into the dough and filling. Kids will love this treat for sure.
Double Cheese: Rich, creamy and full of cheese goodness, the double cheese bagel is loved by all. 
Taiwanese Four Season Oolong Tea: The distinguished Taiwanese Four Season Oolong Tea is grinded and combined into the dough. Sends out a fresh, fragrant tea aroma.
Sausage with Chili & Basil: The only non-vegetarian bagel on the menu, it is made with fresh Asian basil, smoked Frankfurt sausage and spices for a bit of heat.
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Family Recipe Chilli Oil: A Good Accompaniment for All Kinds of Dishes

Shuang Ren Hsu (SRH) has been trending on the internet for quite some time. Founded by the Hsu brothers, Chris and Walter, in 2009, their black and white product packaging features sauces originated from Grandma Hsu's recipe. The signature 'Olive Oil Spicy Sauce with Fleur de sel' is made with chilli, Dahongpao pepper, licorice power, cold pressed virgin olive oil and fleur de sel. Made with all-natural ingredients, the taste is aromatically spicy, which is ideal for making spicy wonton or pairing with dumplings. 

The other popular item is the 'Garlic Olive Oil Spicy Sauce with Fleur de sel', which goes well with many dishes, it is an essential sauce in every condiment cabinet.  
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The World-famous Xiao Ban Mian

Voted no.9 by The Ramen Rater last year in their annual Top Ten Instant Noodles, Xiao Ban Mian was the only Taiwanese brand on the list! Their award-winning 'Traditional Shallot & Scallion Oil Noodles' is well-liked by many Taiwanese because the Tainan Guanmiao noodles are naturally dried under the sun which gives a nice al dente and chewy texture. The package comes with the classic Taiwanese "ban mian" flavours – scallion oil made with Yilan scallion and Taiwanese soy sauce. 

The Xiao Ban Mian range of products also includes 'Sesame Sauce Matcha Noodles' that features top quality white sesame sauce, and 'Sesame Oil with Garlic Flavour Thin Noodles' with the sauce being made using local Taiwanese garlic and black sesame oil. 
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Taiwanese Snacks: Chi Shang Rice Cracker

Chi Shang is a synonym for rice in Taiwan. Chi Shang town is located at the top of Huadong Valley, where the soil is fertile and rich in minerals. Thanks to the huge difference in temperature between the morning and at night, the rice gets ample of time to rest and mature under the bright sunshine, which makes Chi Shang Rice the most famous rice in Taiwan. Good quality rice cracker can only be made with good quality rice. The pure fragrance of the rice couples with the different natural ingredients, resulting in these best guilt-free snacks!
• Made with grown-in-Taiwan red quinoa – this nutritious snack fits in well with a healthy regimen. 
• An exotic rice cracker flavour featuring curry turmeric.
• The salt and pepper rice cracker has the most authentic Taiwanese taste, it is aromatic and salty with a hint of sweetness from the rice.
• Roasted seaweed with black sesame rice krispies are bursting with natural aroma. 
• Black rice krispies are made from black rice grown in the Huadong area, then mixed with maltose and sesame – a healthy snack choice. 
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Natural Honey from Taiwan

Honey Bee Town is one of the most natural honey brands in Taiwan. They are dedicated in promoting bee breeding in natural and non-toxic environment. Famous for its natural scenery, Hualien makes a perfect place for breeding bees. Sugar feeding and use of chemicals are strictly prohibited, bees are able to collect nectar freely and make it into honey in a natural environment. The company is also committed to fair trade to ensure the bee farmers are fairly rewarded. 
To enjoy the authentic taste of Honey Bee Town's honey, one must try the original flavour – Alang Gluban Honey, its mellow taste is best for making honey lemon water which is especially good for health maintenance. Fruit juice honey is honey with lemon juice or cranberry juice added to it, and when mixed with soda water, it becomes a refreshing Summer drink. The latest pocket honey comes in individual packs, they are easy to carry around for consumption throughout the day. 
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Sambar Brewing: Craft Beer

Craft Beer is booming in Taiwan. Many brands are brewing beer with local Taiwanese ingredients, with one of the popular ones being Sambar Brewing. Advocate for making life better with beer, they name their brand after sambar deer, an exclusive breed in Taiwan. 

The main raw ingredient in the beer being "Taiwan Good Wheat" from Changhua where the wheat flavour is light and subtle. The Sambar's craft beers are distinct and limited in production – a clear exemplification of the Nomadic brewing method. 
Sambar Brewing has two signature beers: the Sambar Formosan Sambar Deer APA features a malty honey sweetness, pear aroma and is light bodied; the Sambar Formosan Wild Boar Porter is a classic black beer, it comes with a light coffee and chocolate aroma, and a smooth mouth feel, thus making it an excellent after-meal beer.
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The Pride of Yilan: An Exclusive Treasure

Born and raised in Yilan, Taiwan, Kavalan is a local brand that has now become a renowned whisky brand in Asia. From fermentation to distillation to aging, every step of the process is conducted in the whisky distillery in Taiwan. 

The Kavalan Solist Vinho city’super Cask whisky is a single cask reserved for city’super, it is matured in Vinho – American wine barrel, which gives a rounded texture with rich flavours. It features hint of vanilla and caramel aroma, following a mango and tangerine sweetness and finishing with the spiciness of pepper. With the many layers of flavours and the exquisite gift box packaging, it is a treasure worth collecting.
This whisky pairs well with Black Bridge brand Taiwanese jumbo sausage. With cooked sausage as the base, a special method is being used to retain the texture of the pork and is ready to eat after reheating for 7 minutes. 
*Promotional products are available at selected stores only. While stocks last.
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