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Love is something which we depend on to live, but often times we put love on the side and focus our efforts on working for a living. That’s why we have to remind ourselves every day that: no matter how hard life is, we have to express our love for our loved ones, so as to brighten up our days. Love is concrete yet weightless and we need to find ways to grasp it. LOG-ON provides a tangible way to let you express your love and care to your partner, family, friends, and yourself – by transforming your love to actual care. In this way love stays, strengthens, and endures.

Love, a word which a child can spell, is definitely a concept which cannot be fully grasped in a one’s lifetime. Love consists of hundreds and thousands of forms, and every relationship is irreplaceable. Who do you think of when talking about the 5 kinds of love relationships below?
Love Yourself
‘Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.’

Still drowning in sadness of a lost love? Still wondering who will be your Mr. or Miss Right? There is one person who will never give up on you, and that is you. As long as you can start to love yourself, then you can appreciate all the good things and open your heart to embrace others, and for others to embrace you. Accept your shortcomings and live your life with a smile.
Be Good to Yourself.Enjoy Life to its Fullest
Products you have seen in this page
Products you have seen in this page
The Dash Truly Wireless Smart Earphone HK$2,498 
World’s first pair of waterproof wireless smart earphones which enables you to enjoy music offline under 1m’s water. This 4GB music player stores up to a thousand songs, its button-less lightweight design allows you to control using optical touch technology, just as simple as sweeping your hand to control volume, or nodding your head to pick up your call. Amazingly revolutionary.
Timebox Smart Bluetooth LED Speaker w/ Radio HK$599 
This fashionably presented Bluetooth speaker and radio is composed of 121 programmable LEDs, creating a screen which displays over 256 available bright colours. You can create your own drawings and animations. With its various light settings and voice message recording functions, this is the tool to add ambience during parties and on different occasions.
Buddy Love 

‘You’re weird, but I like you.’ 

The first time you felt jealous, the first time you felt wronged after being betrayed, the first time you were excited as partners moving forward together. Every ‘first’ whether in happiness or sadness was brought about by friends, characterizing me as me today. Years have passed and now we all are busy living our own lives, but those fragments of memories in classrooms or on the courts that we reminisce will bring a smile to your face. When was the last time we gathered with our friends and laughed about the past?
Cheer Friends Up.Thanks for Your Company
Products you have seen in this page
Products you have seen in this page
Le Mini Macaron Gel Nail Set HK$399
This fancy set allows your beautiful friend to enjoy a professional nail treatment at home. The set includes four one-step manicure gel, a USB-powered LED lamp, cuticle stick, mini nail file and 10 removal pads. It's easy to use, affordable and portable.
Iroha Customize Wrapping Item HK$18-$238
After choosing a nice gift for your buddy, try to mix and match with our wrapping components such as wrapping bags, handles, cards and charms, tailor-make a gift which suits your friend most!
Falling in Love
‘Suddenly, all the love songs were about you.’ 

The most unreasonable thing on earth, must be love between two souls. Without prior notice and always unprepared, love happens. Thinking about our first love or secret crush can make us blush even today. Yet love as an adult seems to be less about fantasy but more concrete to grasp in your hands. No matter what age you meet that person, the heart beats faster and your love will take your breath away; every love song seems to be about you two.
We are In Love.Bringing Happiness to You
Products you have seen in this page
Products you have seen in this page
Le Rose Surprise Box- Leather Flower with Jewelry Set HK$899
Give her an unforgettable surprise with this refined leather pink rose, paired with an elegant 925 silver necklace, let her believe that she is the most blessed one on earth.
Laser Engraved Wooderful life Music Box
Wooderful life DIY Wooden Music Box delights you with its cute and delicate appearance and softens you with its comforting melody. Recreate your memorable scenes by combining different wooden figures to create scenarios, then laser engrave names and graphics to make it special.
I’m Yours
‘You will forever be my always.’

Holding each other’s hand and growing old together, we overcome all difficulties while building our future. From the vast sea of faces, it is incredible that we found each other. We understand that we have become a part of each other’s life. Without you, the world would not be interesting anymore.
Special Love Shared by Two.Create Comfort Hand In Hand
Products you have seen in this page
Products you have seen in this page
POSTalk Couple in Love Series HK$168-198
A delicately made POSTalk card is the finest gift that fits perfectly on your palm, and serves as a dexterous art piece on table, lighting up the nights for your lover.
Lomo'Instant Wide HK$1,880-$2,080
Lomo’Instant freezes heartwarming moments into frames, allowing you to look back sweet memories anytime.  Being the most advanced automatic instant camera, it has simple zone-focusing system, with shutter speed, aperture and flash output adjusted automatically, and you can remote the shutter with the lens cap! With its colour filters, multiple exposures and Splitzer functions, you can create artistic pictures easily.
Love United
‘Our family is just the right mix of chaos and love.’ 

How come you can only remember all the times you were scolded or criticized by your parents, and forget how they looked at you with eyes full of tenderness as if you were their most precious treasure? Until the day I myself become a parent, I won’t realize how dad and mom have done such a great job bringing me up with unconditional love and care throughout the years. Living under the same roof, we have had laughter and tears. We should give thanks to each of our family members who are always out biggest supporters.
The Closest Ones.Give The Best Living
Products you have seen in this page
Products you have seen in this page
Babyliss Hair Tools Combo Set HK$1,198
Let us shine with glossy hair! Babyliss Hair Styler combo set is the hottest hair product this season. Its quick heating system shortens the styling process. The set also includes a VS 1700W ceramic turbo dryer, letting you to style your hair effortlessly.
VS Hair Styling Queen Combo Set HK$899
VS Magic Shine 2-way Hair Styler performs perfectly whether straightening or curling your hair; and the Magic Shine Steam function can deal with your frizzy hair. The set includes the Babyliss Big Hair which protects your hair and creates voluminous hairstyles.
Engrave Your Love On Love Rings 

Rings not only serve as a symbol of oath between couples, they also carry promises and engagements among friends, families and even to yourself. LOG-ON has selected Love Rings as a form of confirmation in a relationship – laser engraved with each other’s name, message and graphic.

*Limited ring sets are sold now in Harbour City, Festival Walk and Time Square Atrium (1 to 14 Feb).
*Love Rings will be laser engraved and to be picked up only at Festival Walk shop.
Exclusive Engraving Love Rings Set HK$188/one set; HK$328/two sets

The gift set includes 3 rings together with 3 charms. After selecting the ring size, message and graphic to be engraved at LOG-ON MANUAL FACTORY, our professional staff will do the customized laser engraving on your rings.
Products you have seen in this page
Thousand Kinds of Love in Frames 

LOG-ON joins Lomography to organize a Theory of Love pop-up and photo exhibition at the Times Square Atrium from 1 Feb to 14 Feb, telling stories of connections and interactions that convey the warmth and emotion in these moments of destiny, they are charmingly visualized by Lomo instant photos. You can participate in our project too! Come to our photo booth and take a selfie with our Lomo cameras to get a free instant photo as a keepsake.

*Lomo instant shooting service is provided on 3, 4, 5 and 10, 11, 12 Feb starting at 2pm, at Times Square Atrium.  Limited 50 photos are to be given out each day.
To express your love is not a thing which has to be done only in this shortest month of the year! On the many other days in a year, don’t hesitate to give your loved ones the fullest and deepest care.
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