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“I’m too busy,” seems to be a perfect excuse for not doing everything. What a regrettable thing it is for not expressing your love and care to your loved ones during this holiday season just because you are busy. LOG-ON truly understands that city dwellers are often overwhelmed by never-ending to-do list, and specially arranges a one-stop gift customization service for you. MANUAL FACTORY’s team of professionals take care of everything for you from gift selection to wrapping. To customize your gift to suit the style of your loved one, you can make it unique with your own decorations by adding stylish embossed or engraved text of leather, metal or fabric and decorate with tiny hand-made DIY accessories. No idea what to give your loved ones this Christmas? Here is what LOG-ON has specially picked out for you. We are sure that you will find suitable presents for your loved ones.
Lack of inspiration of what to get your loved ones this Christmas? If you would like your loved ones to get beautifully wrapped and customized Christmas gifts, you can simply go to LOG-ON MANUAL FACTORY and enjoy its gift customization service. By specially introducing several items with unique characteristics together with different personalized services, we are sure that your loved ones will have a joyful surprise that makes them feel special.
For Forgetful Travelers
OGON V2 Anti-theft RFID Smart Wallets HK$499
Products you have seen in this page
This French smart wallet is compact and ultra-light, weighing only 80 grams, though it has an aluminum shell. Holding up to 10 cards, this waterproof and wear-resistant wallet is RFID safe which protects your cards from fraud, suitable for people who always misplace their items. Available in black, silver or grey.
Make it Special!
For easy identification, it is a good idea to get your name engraved on the cover of this aluminum wallet. By placing a 3D card with warm wordings, the one who receives the gift will sure be overwhelmed.
For Carefree Friends
Rootote  Tote Bag HK$130
Together with various logos and emblems, this stylish ROOTOTE bag can show over 100 different variations. You may also choose to heat press your initial on the bag. With these colorful alphabet letters, the white or blue canvas tote bags create a simple but eye-catching style.
Make it Special!
Other than pressed emblems, you can embroider other emblems on the tote bag or put on the lovable MANUAL FACTORY bear, making it look more attractive.
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For Stationery Lovers
city'super 20th Anniversary Kaweco Pen  HK$260
Products you have seen in this page
When inspiration strikes, you can always mark them down with a pocket pen in your beautiful handwriting and drawing. Only 10.5cm long, this short octagonal fountain pen is lightweight and portable, celebrating 20th anniversary of city’super. There are several pen nips (from broad to extra fine) available for you to choose.
Make it Special!
With the owner's name engraved on this dual color pen, would the pen owner's handwriting be prettier than the engraved name?
For Creative Hipsters
TRAVELER’S notebook-Camel HK$350
Even if you are not a notebook lover, you should get the impression what TRAVELER'S notebook with unique leather cover is like. Inside the hand-made soft leather case, this Japanese high-quality notebook can be used together with various types of notebooks. It has been a popular item at LOG-ON since its introduction.
Make it Special!
With your name embossed on soft leather and LOG-ON exclusive bright gold alphabet charm and badge, it helps attract other’s attention with a simple but pleasing cover.
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For Energetic Young Girls
Samuel & Ashley Card holder with strap-Pink & Navy HK$280
Products you have seen in this page
In addition to cards, you can also place coins and other small items in this lively colored genuine leather card holder. Paired up with leather straps, this bright yellow and pink card holders are suitable for energetic young girls. Exclusively available at LOG-ON.
Make it Special!
This colorful soft leather card holder is tough. Embossed your name on the 100% genuine leather case together with LOG-ON’s exclusive gift wrapping service, we are sure that your present can be a great surprise from the inside out!
For Caring Puppy Lovers
Boo plush X'mas set HK$239
Being the world’s most adorable dog, Boo the Pomeranian puppy’s photos are the sweetest sort of eye candy known to man. Its little huggable doll is finally available at LOG-ON!
Make it Special!
With a bone tag ornament around Boo’s collar, you can engrave your dog’s name on it. All fans of Boo the Pomeranian, especially Pomeranian owners, would be surprised to get this lovely little doll.
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Little Joy Before Unwrapping the Present!
Cute and Lovable Gift Wrapping Ideas
You can also choose the MANUAL FACTORY bear key chain and gold alphabet charm. We are sure this would be a warm surprise for anyone before unwrapping the gift.
Products you have seen in this page
Products you have seen in this page
Express your warmest blessings to your loved ones this Christmas with LOG-ON MANUAL FACTORY - Christmas Gift Card Box Set now! The Gift Card Box Set limited to 500 sets with multiple customizable elements: a limited-edition MANUAL FACTORY BEAR, a unique Kaweco CLASSIC Sport Fountain Pen with engraving service, a selection of 2 delicate buttons and a Christmas edition HK$500 gift card with greeting card.
Products you have seen in this page
Is sending Christmas gifts some kind of routine? What a joyous thing it is for you to choose personalized Christmas gifts for your loved ones and carefully wrapped them. Christmas is coming, what would be the perfect gifts for your special ones?
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