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Patisserie Yamakawa
2010/01/01 - 2009/09/30
Patisserie Yamakawa from Japan launched its first branch at city'super Times Square store.

Mr. Yoshihiro Yamakawa is borned in Uji Kyoto, Japan. Patissier Yamakawa studied in France and after he back to Japan his desserts which mixed with French and Japanese styles. And it's called Yamakawa's own style desserts. On the other hand, selecting ingredients is one of the most important things. For instance, while he selects macha, he insists on only using Japanese Uji Macha because of its rich taste. Also, Mr. Yamakawa is good at using the seasonal ingredients in his desserts. In the Hong Kong branch, we follow that principles and we hope to give the happiness to everyone from ours desserts.
Patisserie Yamakawa
Address: city'super Times Square store
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