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Tour de France
2010/04/28 - 2010/05/10
28 (Wed) Apr - 9 (Sun) May 2010
@ Harbour City store

28 (Wed) Apr - 10 (Mon) May 2010
@ New Town Plaza store

3 (Mon) - 9 (Sun) May 2010
@ ifc mall store

28 (Wed) Apr - 10 (Mon) May 2010
@ Times Square store (inside Wine Cellar)

French wines are renowned in the world. The wine regions of France provide a stunning and spectacular picture-like scenery. This is the 3rd year we organise the Tour de France promotion. This year, in conjunction with the French Ministry of Agriculture, we will travel around eight wine regions in France, including Bordeaux, Burgundy and Rhone Valley, etc... to discover the characteristics of each appellation. Come and savour the glory of French wines and food!
Tasting has a certain number of simple rules, here are 4 alliterative steps to taste a wine: See, Sniff, Sip and Summarise.
Once the wine has been poured, you should observe its clarity and its transparency, or its turbidity or opacity. Tilting the glass slightly, look attentively at the film forming on the outer part of the liquid, and comment on any shading of colour, a sign that the wine is starting to evolve, and an indicator that it has probably reached its peak.
Then comes the olfactory stage. The initial bouquet, or nose (before the wine has been swirled) is habitually distinguished from the second (after the glass has undergone several circular rotating movements holding it in your fist). This will enable you to describe the intensity of the aromas, their strength or their finesse, and to describe the great families of aroma to be found (fruity,
floral, etc.).
Finally, you can put the wine in your mouth. When tasting a wine, take a small amount in your mouth, swirl it around lightly so all your tastebuds are exposed, then keep it there for a brief period. You will evaluate its texture, its richness, its concentration, whether it is full-bodied or thin, and linger on its length and the persistence of its aroma.
After tasting, you should summarise the different stages so that you can give a final judgement on the wine: Yes, or no? Did I like this wine? Then you can discuss the wine according to the estate it comes from, its vintage, the wine production methods of the estate, whether it is good value for money.
Enjoy a new wine tasting adventure
For wine lovers out there, a wine dispenser has installed at city'super ifc mall store. Beautiful Italian design is supported by special technology to protect the wines from oxidation, thus guaranteeing the colour, aroma and taste of the wines within a period of time after opening.

Come and try 16 different types of sake, red and white
wines in small tasting portions from 15cl to 150cl.
Free HK$50 city'super Wine Card
The first 120 customers with any single net purchase of selected wines of HK$1,000 at Tour de France Promotion will receive a city'super wine card with a value of HK$50 (Administration fee is waived)*

* Terms and Conditions apply.
Terms and Conditions
1.Redemption of city'super wine card is available at city'super stores (inside wine cellar) upon presentation of the valid receipt.
2.Customers will be required to fill in personal details upon redemption of city'super wine card for registration.
3.Customers should go to city'super ifc mall store (inside wine cellar) to activate the city'super Wine Card on or before 30 June, 2010 after the registration.
4.Limited quantity, redemption of city'super wine card is available on first-come-first-served basis upon presentation of the valid receipts, while stock lasts.
5.Each valid receipt can be used to redeem city'super wine card once only. Each customer can redeem and register city'super wine card once only.
6.Card value of HK$50 is non-transferable and non-exchangeable for cash or other gifts.'super reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions without prior notice.
8.In case of any disputes, city'super reserves the right of final decision.
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