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super e Membership Migration

Act Now to Enjoy More Exclusive Privileges

Complete your membership migration in 3 simple steps and enjoy a fabulous array of privileges from the new super e membership program!

  1. 1Online Submission

    • Enter "Membership Migration Page" via the unique URL provided in the Migration Invitation email and/or SMS
    • Input the existing Membership ID

  2. 2Update and Confirm Personal Data

    Update and verify your personal data and create a password for city'super HK App and Member Zone at website

  3. 3Confirm New Membership

    The new program will replace and convert the existing "Yearly Accumulated Points" to "Yearly Accumulated Spending" as a criteria for membership upgrade. During migration, your yearly and quarterly (super e members only) accumulated points will be redeemed using the previous program, followed by the new program to double benefit you!

    How to get Reward eCoupon1?

    Previous Membership Program

    • super e Accumulate 1,500-2,999 points in a quarter Redeem a HK$50 eCoupon
    • Accumulate 3,000 points or above in a quarter Redeem a HK$150 eCoupon
    • super e-gold Accumulate every 25,000 points in a year Redeem a HK$500 eCoupon

    New Program

    • super e Every 1,500 points accumulated in a year Redeem a HK$50 eCoupon2
    • super e-gold Every 10,000 points accumulated in a year Redeem a HK$200 eCoupon2
    1. 1Terms and conditions apply to eCoupon redemption and usage.
    2. 2The total value of each eCoupon will be deducted in full when used. Any unused balance will be forfeited. The eCoupon is valid for 60 days. Expired or invalid eCoupon will not be reissued.
  4. Done!

    Your membership information will be updated at midnight. A confirmation email and/or SMS will be sent to you before noon the following day and your new membership will be ready to use.

    Your existing membership card will become invalid after membership migration application. super e members shall dispose of the previous card shortly.

    For super e-gold members, please keep the existing card for new card replacement. Welcome bonus points will be added to the new membership account after successful migration.

Important Reminder

  • To ensure accurate transfer of membership information and stored value, members are advised not to perform Membership Migration on the day of purchase. Please postpone the procedure until the next day.
  • All existing membership cards will be phased out gradually. Please complete your Membership Migration as scheduled at your earliest convenience to enjoy the new privileges.

Download city'super HK App

The new electronic membership card offers you a smart and convenient way to pay and earn loyalty points. Members can check their membership status, point and purchase history anytime, anywhere.

For enquiries, please call Membership Migration Service Hotline (852) 2277 3200
Operating from 10am to 10pm Monday to Sunday


Please also visit the super e Membership Migration terms and conditions.

super e Member

Applicable to current members who have completed membership migration procedure and newly registered on or after 15 June, 2015.

Enter your membership information

Check Out as Guest or Non-migrated Member

If you choose not to join super e membership program, your personal information will only be used in this transaction.

Member must login to obtain loyalty points. Learn more at Terms & Conditions and FAQ.
City Super Limited will not accept any claim of missing points after transaction.
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