Products you have seen in this page
Products you have seen in this page
city'super 20th Anniversary x Gocce Italiane Balsamic 

Sharing the same birth year with city'super, going through two decades of time, Gocce Italiane of Modena’s balsamic condiment is aged for 20 years in barrels made of six types of wood: oak, chestnut, cherry, mulberry, juniper and acacia. Each wood imparts its own flavor, resulting in velvety thick vinegar that is as complex as it is versatile on salads and pasta. This rich condiment is gluten-free and with no additives, available in both Hong Kong and Shanghai city'super branches with limited quantity of 30 bottles.
RingoWork Apple Juice & Yokote Grape Juice

RingoWork uses fully-ripened Aomori apples to produce a hazy yellow premium apple juice which is fresh and mildly sweet. Another gorgeous Japanese export is premium Osawa grape juice from the Yokote Vinery. Aging Osawa grape juice for one year darkens the color to a deep mahogany and concentrates the grape flavor so the juice tastes uncannily like wine. We have put together a bottle of each kind of juice, and both bottles bear a special city'super 20th anniversary label.
Products you have seen in this page
Products you have seen in this page
Comptoir du Cacao Chocolate Bar

You may already be a fan of Comptoir du Cacao’s artisanal single-origin chocolate, but you have yet to taste anything like this. The family-run French chocolatier has created an exclusive new treat for city'super. It’s a round slab of dark chocolate studded with freeze-dried strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, blueberries and currants. Break off a piece and you will hear the satisfyingly sharp snap of high-quality chocolate. Pop it in your mouth and relish the bittersweet combination with exactly the right measure of tartness.
Lily & Ran Artisan Ice cream

Ran and Lily are the middle names of the daughters of the makers of Lola’s Ice Pops. The Lily & Ran line of handmade American-style hard ice cream offers traditional, timeless flavors with an edge. For its 20th anniversary, city'super has stocked up on three new delicious flavors: single-origin vanilla, Earl Grey caramel and maubere coffee, made with fair trade coffee from Timor-Leste. Pick up a pint and dig in.
Products you have seen in this page
Products you have seen in this page
Tiramisu Soft Cream from Sweets House Cha Cha

Sweets House Cha Cha is adored for its range of velvety, endlessly creamy soft-serve made from Hokkaido 3.6 milk. Available only in July, this 20th anniversary special soft-cream takes the tempting form of rich tiramisu layered with a choice of Hokkaido milk or Uji matcha soft serve ice cream, and is topped with cocoa-powder snow. It’s spongy, creamy and bittersweet all at once. Go on, treat yourself just this once.
Le Borvo Smoked Salmon

Le Borvo takes no shortcuts in making its smoked salmon. Le Borvo was the name of a Michelin-starred restaurant in Paris until the restaurateur began applying his expertise to making smoked salmon of the highest quality about 40 years ago. Most producers of smoked salmon are in the habit of injecting the fish with salt and smoking it for one day. Le Borvo selects choice salmon from small farms in Norway and Scotland, uses no additives and smokes the fish for at least five days. Many purveyors of seafood and chefs around the world count Le Borvo smoked salmon among the best.
Products you have seen in this page
Products you have seen in this page
Philippe Gonet Belemnita Grand Cru 2005

From that great Champagne house, Philippe Gonet, comes the pure and elegant Belemnita. Exclusively Chardonnay is from Le Mesnil-sur-Oger Grand Cru and crafted only the years of exceptional quality and ageing for at least six years. Just 2,700 bottles were made in 2005, is an undeniable collector’s piece.
Fusion Deli Roasted Japan Red Chicken

Kagoshima’s red chickens have less flesh than their counterparts, but their taste contributes to the fame of the region’s celebrated Amami Oshima and Satsuma chicken dishes. Thanks to Fusion Deli, you can enjoy red chicken on a skewer, as sashimi, or in any other number of original ways. Roasted red chicken from Japan is available throughout October and November.
Products you have seen in this page
Products you have seen in this page
city'super x Kristopher Ho Collection

This one’s for all the fashionistas. In collaboration with Hong Kong artist Kristopher Ho, city'super has launched a range of 20th anniversary bags bearing two distinct motifs. Seek out these reversible tote bags, foldable bags in a pouch, drawstring shoulder bags, cooler bags, apron sets and umbrellas bearing images of trees symbolizing the lifestyle brand’s 20 years of growth, or images of animals encouraging the world to go green.
Fuchico on the cup x city'super

For the past four years, the miniature figure of an office lady named Fuchico has been all the rage in Japan. Her name literally means “playing on the border of the cup”. To celebrate 20 years of city'super, the collaboration has become a reality. Changed out from her usual blue uniform, she is wearing a special anniversary T-shirt. Now 15cm tall, she can be enjoyed on many borders and not just that of a cup. It is a collector’s must-have item, and can only be bought at LOG-ON.
Products you have seen in this page
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