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Artisanal Pasta that Spans Half a Century
Products you have seen in this page
Founded in 1964 at Salò, the Northern part of Italy, Pastificio Gaetarellihas grown from a small pasta workshop to a sizable artisanal pasta factory today. Over the years, they insist on using the traditional method to produce their tortellni, pasta, etc. Each piece of dough is made from organic flour annd free-range eggs, and the stuffing ingredients are locally sourced like truffle and cheese, all free from addictives, artificial colours and preservatives. A true manifestation of authentic flavours with the use of local Italian ingredients! For those who are into classics, Tagliolini andSmoked Salmon & Mascarpone Raviolini would suit your fancy; For those looking for something a bit fun and innovative, try the Star-shaped Truffle Tortellini; For the vegetarians, we recommend the Pumpkin Tortellini.
*Fresh Pasta is only available at city'super Times Square and ifc mall stores.  
Premium Own-branded Pasta
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city'super’s own-branded pasta is made in a small workshop named La Pasta di Aldo in Central Italy, inside a small town in the Marche region. The owner couple Luigi and Maria make artisanal pasta using locally-grown wheat. Every piece of pasta is hand-kneaded, cut and hung to dry naturally. The resulting pasta is chewy and gives a pleasant aroma of wheat. The bright yellow colour of the pasta comes from Italian eggs, which reminds one of the southern Italian sun and the passion of Luigi and Maria in making artisanal pasta. It is of no surprise that even celebrity chef Heston Blumental from the three-starred Michelin restaurant The Fat Duck have their pasta on the menu! One does not need to be a celebrity chef to prepare the city'super own-branded pasta though, just a simple carbonara sauce with parma ham and poached egg will do the trick!
Piedmont’s Secret Gourmet Recipe
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The basic ingredients of pasta are flour, water and egg, what else? Alfieri decided to add in salmon as a delicious surprise! The Alfieri was founded in Piedmont, the Northern part of Italy. Since 1990, it has been famous for its more than 3,000 kinds of food produce including ham, sauces, etc. Alfieri’s wish is to pass down the Massucco family recipe from generation to generation. After introducing the traditional all egg pasta to the market, the pink salmon pasta soon became the most sought after option. The hint of fresh fish flavour when mixed with Dave's Gourmet wild mushroom pasta sauce is simply irresistible. Want to give it an Instagrammable kick? Try slicing a cooked beetroot thinly, style it in a rose shape and voilà! 
All-natural Rainbow Pasta
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What is the colour of pasta? Yellow? Not really! It can also be red, orange, green and even blue! Pastificio del Colle colours its pasta with natural ingredients, free of artificial colorings – red from red paprika; yellow from turmeric; purple from beetroot; green from spinach, black from squid ink and blue from spirulina. Pasta in rainbow colour is undoubtedly mood-lifting and appetizing. They also come in different shapes and styles, curly fusilli, twisted fettuccine… each an art piece on its own, how fascinating! 
Wheat-free Pasta
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Can pasta be made without wheat flour? Of course you can! Gluten sensitivity has become a hot topic in recent years. To cater to customers who are allergic to gluten, city'super has selected a variety of gluten-free pasta made with brown rice, quinoa, corn and buckwheat. Every variety has its own characteristics, like the vegetable brown rice fusilli carries a fragrant rice aroma and the buckwheat pasta features the distinct flavour of buckwheat. Cook it like regular pasta for an al dente texture, give it a try next time when you crave pasta!
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