July 2015 / Matcha and Milk Sensation
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Sweets House Cha Cha is a shrine for Hokkaido milk and Kyoto Uji matcha soft creams. Imagine the perfect experience of green tea and milk soft cream tasting - silky coolness melting inside your mouth, the twisting white and green creamy goodness cradling your sweet tooth, and the rich aftertastes simultaneously stimulating your excited taste buds… Sweets House Cha Cha is the place to go for your sensational soft cream experience.
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Since its opening in 2008, Sweets House Cha Cha has become the top-notch soft cream in town, drawing epic queues with its harmonious combo of matcha-milk soft cream. The soft cream house’s genuine ingredients are their biggest draw for devoted supporters: Kyoto Uji matcha soft cream made from the finest quality tea leaves harvested as early as cataphyll; and buttery milk soft cream made from premium Hokkaido milk. With high quality ingredients and technology, no wonder Sweets House Cha Cha has garnered a reputation and become a leading matcha soft cream brand in Hong Kong over the past few years.
From two basic flavors of Hokkaido milk and Kyoto Uji matcha,Sweets House Cha Cha gradually developed “two tastes, three ways” of soft cream tasting experiences, with crispy cones, waffle cups, and smoothies. A generous sprinkle of toppings: Hokkaido Tokachi red bean paste, shiratama (Japanese rice ball) and Kyoto Uji matcha jelly cubes give a delicious contrast in temperature, texture and taste to the icy dessert, leaving Hongkongers returning for more.
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Hokkaido Tokachi Red Bean
Tokachi red beans from Hokkaido are round in shape and have a natural sweetness, making it an ideal match with Uji matcha’s bitter undertone.
Shiratama (Japanese Rice Ball)
Made from Niigata’s ground white rice, shiratama are Japanese rice balls with a chewy and elastic texture that brings the silky soft cream a delicious contrast.
Kyoto Uji Matcha Jelly
Jelly cubes made from Kyoto Uji matcha powder. Its rich tea bitterness perfectly complements the sweet red beans and milky soft cream.
Hot pick! Matcha-milk soft cream twist

Sweets House Cha Cha matcha-milk soft cream twist is a must-try for dessert goers. The proportions of Hokkaido milk and Kyoto Uji matcha soft creams are well-balanced to perfection, complementing rather than overshadowing each other’s flavors, and leaving you with a rich flavorful taste.
Products you have seen in this page
In recent years,Sweets House Cha Cha has continually developed their seasonal menu with new toppings and sauces to ice cream lovers. Presenting Hokkaido soft cream with Yuzu smoothie and pop-corn Hokkaido milk soft cream this summer, they are the best choices to cool down your summer. Stay tuned with Sweets House Cha Cha for more seasonal surprises!
sweetshouse ChaCha Branches:
Tsim Sha Tsui Harbour City, Causeway Bay Times Square, Sha Tin New Town Plaza, Tsing Yi Maritime Square, Tai Po Mega Mall
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