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The Tradition of Japanese Artisan in a Century of Sweetness 

The craftsmanship and dedication of a Japanese artisan could be found in even a small piece of candy.
Konpeito: Colourful star-shaped candies by centuries of meticulous work
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First introduced in the 16th Century, Konpeito is made from glutinous rice flour and sugar, the craftsman needs to keep stirring the sugar mixture in the large pot to ensure that they become crystallized and form into star shapes. The whole process takes 2 weeks, during which the professional craftsman had to closely monitor the temperature, humidity and angle of the pot, to create perfect star-shaped Konpeito. 
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Nowadays, most of the Konpeito candies are machine-made. Osakatoka is one of the very few Konpeito brands that insisted in using the traditional method to produce Konpeito. Each star represents a seasonal flower in Japan, like Maples in Autumn and Sakura in Spring, the change in season is reflected by this edible piece of art. 
Kyoto Candy: The marvelous gift from Kyoto
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Made from maltose and sugar, these Kyoto exclusive candies are known for their beautiful varieties of colours.
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One of the legendary shops Aoki Koetsudo was established in 1892 and its now in its fourth generation. In addition to their traditional craftsmanship, they are also famous for the special packaging of their candies. One could find representation of Japanese culture like Oiran, the icon of Tokyo – Mount Fuji, and interesting characters like Fortune Cat (maneki-neko) and frogs on the packaging, these boxes make great mementoes even after you have consumed the candies!
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