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As everyone knows, "health is the greatest wealth". The best way for us all to lead healthier lifestyles is to strive to maintain a positive mentality and, of course, eat better! Farms are ultimately where most 'natural' meats and veggies come from. Committed to transforming existing lives, the Conscience Farm is enthusiastically promoting the twin concepts of not only a healthy mind and body but also environmental protection. As well as supporting many meaningful activities such as organic farming and the development of eco-tourism, New Life Farm's owners have set up diversified agricultural training workshops where ex-mentally ill people can re-establish their physical, cognitive, emotional, mental and social abilities in everyday life. The ultimate aim is to help them fully integrate back into the society and live more meaningful lives. Now, city'super is helping to spread healthy and positive messages to every corner of the city by selling the Conscience Farm's delicious, nutritious organic vegetables. 
Products you have seen in this page
Products you have seen in this page

While tiny potted herbs only require limited spaces, suitable planting techniques are vital if they are to flourish. Watching such herbs grow up fine and healthy from tiny seeds is a process full of expectation and enjoyment. Below are just a few tips to help keep the potted herbs around your home strong and green for the longest time. When a plant has stopped growing and its leaves turn yellow, the roots may be aging so it is necessary to clear any external roots to ensure that water can penetrate the plant's harder-to-reach internal roots and stimulate new growth. Please pay extra special attention to fragile plants with no easily accessible roots or whose old roots have become loose from their surrounding soil. Do not give such plants fertilizer as it will harm the plant. Just a little regular tender loving care is all that's needed to turn the leaves green again! One should also refrain from using fertilizer when, sowing seeds or transplanting cuttings.
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Organic Basil     

Large Leave Basil has long been a popular ingredient in the kitchen at mealtimes. It's characteristics vary slightly, with the only constant being an attractive aroma. This basil is suitable for planting in areas which enjoy bags of sunlight, good ventilation and excellent drainage. Its flowers are pagoda-like with a blade tip that can be removed for human consumption once the plant has fully matured. Removing the blade tip will also help make Basil's remaining leaves denser, too.
Organic Mint

Mint is a vital first choice for beginners. This plant loves sunshine and water and also adores shady places in which to grow. Although the taste and nutritional value of mint may vary depending on changes in sunlight and water, its leaves appear and grow relatively quickly. So lovingly tend your potted mint with just enough fertilizer and water and it will stay looking green and tasting just great!
Products you have seen in this page
Products you have seen in this page
Organic Thyme

French Thyme (also called Country Borage, or Mexican Mint) is loved for a rich aroma one only has to brush against a plant to bring alive. This herb is instantly recognisable by its hairy, heart-shaped serrated edged leaves. Blooming in summer and distinguished by light purple flowers, French Thyme looks just beautiful when used for purely ornamental purposes. As the plant does not like wet soil, regular pruning to stimulate its dense foliage is a must. 
Organic Spotted-leaf Patchouli

This patchouli plant's most extraordinary characteristic is the light aromas its uniquely patterned leaves emit when simply brushed against!  Sure to become proud ornament in your home, this is a fast-growing plant that does not like over-watering. To care for it, simply wait until the soil in its pot dries up, before watering and apply nitrogenous fertilizer with each new season.
Products you have seen in this page
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