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Now that kids are back to school, we are back to the regular routine. Eating breakfast can help kids stay alert and do better in class. How do we whip up a nutritious and yummy meal every morning?

Recipe for a Healthy Breakfast
Breakfast, like all meals throughout the day, should be balanced and include a variety of foods. When it comes to kids’ breakfast, we should try to include all the nutrition they need to succeed at school as well as make it appealing so they will want to eat breakfast everyday. An ideal balanced breakfast for kids should include carbohydrates to fuel their bodies and brains, protein to power their activities as well as providing satiety satisfaction, and fiber to promote healthy gut.
5 Quick & Easy Breakfast Ideas
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Toast + Almond Butter + Milk
Nothing is as easy as a piece of toast with yummy almond butter! Choose whole wheat toast for extra nutrition and fiber boost. On the other hand, almond butter is a gem to replace butter, or even peanut butter. Similar to peanut butter, almond butter is rich in heart-healthy fatty acids, as well as a good source of protein (3 g protein per Tbsp serving). Compared to peanut butter, almond butter has less saturated fat. Now that's a bonus!
Oatmeal in Milk
Oatmeal is most famous for its soluble fiber, a type of fiber who can help lower cholesterol (especial LDL - the bad kind) as well as maintain blood sugar. When choosing oatmeal, don’t go for the instant powder options as sometimes they have too much sugar. Select rolled oats or large flakes; they have better texture and it usually takes about 2 minutes to cook in microwave. For extra protein boost, use milk or no-sugar-added soymilk instead of water.
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Products you have seen in this page
Granola + Milk

On a hot day, a bowl of cold cereal may just be what your kids want. Sometimes boxed cereals may be high in sugar and filled with colorings and additives. A great alternative is to use granola to replace cereals. Granola is toasted oatmeal added with dried fruits and sometimes nuts & seeds. Oatmeal will provide a high-fiber option and the other add-ons will provide vitamins and minerals. If possible, choose one with extra nuts and seeds for extra protein boost!
Egg + Salad

Eggs is an integral part of a classic western breakfast! Not only is the protein perfect for keeping your kids satiated throughout the morning, but the choline found in eggs, can actually improve brain function and alertness! Pair your eggs with some salad. You can easily to cut a few pieces of tomato or cucumber; or use salad greens from a pre-washed salad box to complete a balanced breakfast dish.
Products you have seen in this page
Products you have seen in this page
Fruits + Yogurt

Colorful fruit is an excellent source of antioxidants! Try berries, banana, or grapes. These are all easy to prepare in the morning! Pair fruit with a serving of yogurt for extra protein boost and gut-friendly bacteria. Use the yogurt as a fruit dip; kids just love it!
Breakfast does not have to be complicated to be healthy and yummy. Teaching your kids to eat a healthy breakfast will help them develop a good habit into adulthood.

Written by Canadian Registered Dietitian Gloria Tsang Yan Yan

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