Want to enjoy raw clams at the comfort of your own home but not quite sure how to shuck one? Fear not! We have come to your rescue with a step-by-step guide on how to get these little bivalves open! For clams to be consumed raw, we recommend the US Cherrystone clams for their extra sweet brininess.
1. Submerge clams in salt water for at least 30 minutes. After purging sand from the clams, run them under cold water before shucking.

2. Hold the clam with its hinge facing up and parallel to your thumb. Insert the blade of your shucking knife between the clam shells and cut off one of the ligaments connecting the meat to the shell.

3. With the knife still inside the clam, slide it to the other side of the shell to cut off the other ligament. Wiggle the knife left and right until a gap opens up, then use your thumb to force open the shell.

4. Slip in the tip of the knife and remove upper adductor muscles. Remove top shell.

5. Slip the knife underneath the meat of the clam and remove lower adductor muscles. The clam is ready to go!
How to Pick Clams
Just like other fish and seafood, it is important to select clams that are fresh and alive. Here’s how:

1.     First, check the shell of the clam for lustre and avoid ones with a dark shade or those with a foul odour.
2.     The shell should be tightly closed, as an open shell indicates that the clam is already dead.
3.     Gently tap on any clam shells that are ajar. If alive, the shell should close immediately.
4.     The sound of clam shells knocking against each other should be clear and crisp rather than hollow, which indicates that they are no longer fresh.
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Best Ways to Serve Clams

Clams of different types and sizes should be prepared in different ways. Japanese shortneck clams are fairly small in size and are best savoured steamed or in soups (such as Japanese miso soup and clam chowder); New Zealand clams are delicious when prepared in a creamy linguine; American cherrystone clams are plump and meaty - other than enjoying them raw, you can also make the classic appetiser_“Clam Casino” by grilling cherrystone clams with bacon and bread crumbs.
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