Japanese Melon
Japanese Melon
As the month of June approaches, it’s time to say “goodbye” to the lively spring and “hello” to the dynamic summer. While enjoying seasonal highlights such as sunny days and beautiful beaches, why not round out your sensations by eating some cool and juicy fruits that also soothe your throat? With your needs in mind, city'super is pleased to bring you our famous seasonal special – sweet and plump Japanese melons ! Flown directly from Japan to Hong Kong, the fresh and juicy Japanese melons offer an irresistible sweetness. Simply slice the T-shaped stalk to smell their refreshing aroma, then delect in their juicy, tasty flesh. In this hot summer season, cool off by enjoying the sunshine on beaches with fresh slices of iced Japanese Melon!
A Passion for Food! 
Why does city'super recommend Japanese melon in summer? Besides offering the finest delicacies to quench your thirst, we share the professionalism of Japanese farmers in the pursuit of “fresh and high-quality food” for our customers. For example, the cultivation of Shizuoka Melon applies the method of “one melon per vine”. Only three potential melons are retained on each vine. Then, farmers will pick the best one out of the three. As the selected melon absorbs all available nutrients and sunshine, it will surely be the juiciest, sweetest melon of the highest quality, ready to serve and delicious to eat.
Melon, Shizuoka Melon, T melon, soft, sweet, flesh
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Shizuoka Melon
The reputable Japanese “T melon” is actually the Shizuoka Melon, which was traditionally reserved for the royal family. Slice the melon through the T-shaped stalk to find soft, emerald flesh and a sweet aroma. Rich in texture, the melon is exceptionally juicy. The convention is to serve Shizuoka Melon with a shot of brandy, so that both fragrances blend together, revealing just how sweet the melon is.
Arus Melon
The Arus Melon enjoys the highest grade in melons. Due to its rich fragrance, which diffuses from its rind and vine, it is also called “Musk Melon”. Look carefully before selecting: the denser its net pattern, the richer its fragrance. With its sweet and juicy taste, crunchy but tender, a piece of Arus Melon is best served on ice.
Melon,  Arus Melon, Musk Melon, juicy
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Melon, Kumamoto Higo Green Melon, jade
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Kumamoto Higo Green Melon

The Higo Green Melon from Kyushu is harvested from May to July. Although the rind’s net pattern is complex, the rind itself is extremely thin. Its jade-coloured flesh is plump but delicate and refreshingly sweet. In short, irresistible.
Kumamoto Homerun Melon
The Homerun Melon from Kumamoto is a member of the “white-flesh” family. It is relatively small in size, while its rind is white and smooth, with no net pattern. The melon is known for its light sweet scent, crunchy texture and refreshing taste. Chill before serving for best results.
Melon, Kumamoto Homerun Melon, white flesh, no pattern
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Melon, Andes Melon, Musk Melon, net pattern
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Andes Melon
Like the Musk Melon, the Andes Melon’s rind is also decorated with a fine net pattern. In addition to its rich aroma, its light green flesh is soft and tastes as sweet as the Prince Melon. Unsurprisingly, the Andes Melon always tops the list of fruity delicacies.
Prince Melon
The Prince Melon is a hybrid species of Cantaloupe and Japanese Melon. Characterized by light green lines on its green rind. The Prince Melon inherits the texture of the Cantaloupe’s orange flesh, with a rich fragrance for a lasting impression.
Melon, Prince Melon, Cantaloupe and Japanese Melon
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