Christmas is the time to serve a turkey, isn’t it? Nervous about thawing a turkey and carving the turkey in a beautiful way? Here we show you a few tips to prepare a perfect turkey dinner to celebrate the Christmas!
How to Thaw Turkeys?

You just bought an Australian Frozen Marinated Whole Turkey from city'super. Now what? Here's our guide to thawing frozen turkeys with different methods. Take your pick!

In the Refrigerator
You need to allow about 24 hours for each 4 to 5 lbs of turkey to thaw.

In Cold Water
Place your turkey in a sealed plastic bag, and change water every 30 minutes. You should estimate about 30 minutes of defrosting per pound of turkey.

With the Microwave
Remove the plastic and place your turkey on a microwave-safe dish. You should estimate about 6 minutes for each pound of turkey to thaw* and cook the turkey immediately after.
*Thawing times vary with different microwaves 

What NOT to do:
Thaw a frozen turkey at room temperature or in hot water, as outer layer may be at a bacteria-breeding temperature.
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Christmas Kitchen Hack: How to Carve a Turkey

Whether you’re buying a whole turkey or roasting one yourself, turkey carving is a useful skill to have for any dinner hosts. Watch this video and learn how to carve a turkey like a pro!
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