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CNY Specials: Hang Hing Chinese Cuisine Workshop
CNY Specials: Hang Hing Chinese Cuisine Workshop
Date: 2019/01/26
Time: 18:00 – 21:00
Where: superlife culture club @ city’super Harbour City store
Contents: Introduction:

Macy Liu from Hang Hing will teach you how to cook Spicy Chicken and Fish Maw Hot Pot, which is both tasty and also provides the skin with nutrients. Macy will also prepare Fish Maw Soup and teach you how to grade and handle fish maw.


• Spicy Chicken and Fish Maw Hot Pot (hands-on experience)

• Sea Coconut and Fish Maw Soup (demo)

Host intro :

Macy Liu is the second-generation member of the family behind famous Hong Kong dried seafood wholesaler and retailer Hang Hing Prestige. She is committed to modernising traditional dried seafood, which is believed in the Chinese tradition to possess high nutritional value and healing qualities. A mom who loves to cook, Macy is keen to create new recipes that incorporate dried seafood into people’s daily diets so they can enjoy the health benefits. She also constantly brings delicacies from all over the world for Hong Kong’s tables.
Price: HK $650
Language: Chinese
Remarks: #Photo for reference only.
For superlife culture club cooking classes starting from 1 (Fri) Jun, 2018, no refunds will be made after enrolment, except when classes are cancelled by city’super. For more details, please refer to the Class/Event Registration Information page.
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