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The Sake Connection: Handmade Miso Workshop
The Sake Connection: Handmade Miso Workshop
Date: 2019/03/10
Time: 5:00pm - 7:00pm
Where: superlife culture club @ city’super Harbour City store
Contents: If you are addicted to Japanese food, you will definitely be familiar with miso. But how is traditional miso made? city'super will explain in a miso-themed workshop. In addition to learning the basic ingredients and methods of making miso, you can also create your own hand-made miso with rice koji and fermented ingredients, allowing you to bring the delicious of miso home.
About Mr. Kohei Yamamoto
He joined Yamato Soy Sauce Miso in 2008, and discovered that foods produced by rice koji and fermented ingredients have deeply delicious and varied flavours. In 2011, he started to host workshops to explain how to enjoy Japanese-style eating.
Workshop rundown:
‧Introduce the basic methods and ingredients needed to make miso
‧Create your own handmade miso (hands-on experience)
‧Miso Soup Tasting: compare tastes of miso that has been fermented for different periods
‧Miso Dip Sauce  & Miso Grilled Rice Ball (demonstration)
‧Sake Tasting - Chikurin Fukamari Junmai
Price: HK$250
Language: Cantonese / English
Remarks: #Photo for reference only.
For superlife culture club cooking classes starting from 1 (Fri) Jun, 2018, no refunds will be made after enrolment, except when classes are cancelled by city’super. For more details, please refer to the Class/Event Registration Information page.
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