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A Bite of Japan

2018/10/16 - 2018/11/04 16 (Tue) Oct – 4 (Sun) Nov 2018
@ Times Square, Harbour City, ifc mall, New Town Plaza & Lab Concept stores

23 (Tue) Oct – 4 (Sun) Nov 2018
@ Times Square atrium
The cool breezes of early autumn call for a bowl of warm soup. Both the Chinese and the Japanese are known for their love for delicious stocks, but Japanese stocks—usually made from kombu and tuna—tend to be more straightforward and versatile compared to their Chinese counterparts. Boasting refreshing flavours that bring out the umami of ingredients, they go well with a variety of Japanese foods.

With A Bite of Japan, from Oct 16 to Nov 4, city’super introduces an assortment of authentic Japanese stock brands and newly launched ingredients that can help you make a satisfying meal for family and friends.
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The Hot Soup from Tokyo that Celebrates Natural Flavours

Soup Stock Tokyo is undoubtedly leading the soup trend in Tokyo. It is especially well liked by office ladies who appreciate the natural ingredients and stringent quality control. Making its debut in Hong Kong, the brand has brought all its popular flavours including:

Omar Shrimp Bisque: Signature product – creamy and silky, with milk added; 
Corn and Sweet Potato Soup: Hokkaido sweetcorn and sweet potatoes from Japan are used to make this refreshingly sweet soup;
Oyster Potage: For a limited time only, with Hiroshima oysters as the main ingredient.
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Hybrid Ham from Tokyo

Otamaham is famous for its selection of delicious ham and bacon. The meat has the right balance of fat and muscle, and is rich in flavour. The brand uses the famed Tokyo X pork to make its products. Tokyo X is the name of a successful new breed of pig that is a hybrid of three different black pig species, as a result of an experiment conducted by the Tokyo Metropolitan Livestock Experiment Station for seven years from 1990. Tokyo X pork is juicy and tender, and combines the best of the three breeds of black pig – Berkshire’s fine muscle fibres, Duroc’s marbling and Beijing Black’s succulent fat. 

Raw materials come from Tokyo and production is also completed in Tokyo, where pork made into ham and bacon is smoked for two nights without steaming or cooking to retain its original flavour. It is the breakfast of choice for many: once it’s pan-fried, the meaty flavour and the aroma of the fat bring the ham and bacon to life.  
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When Kubota Sake meets Hiroshima Oysters…

Celebrated Asahi Shuzo has developed Tsugu Junmai Daiginjo using its rich brewing experience and innovative technology. Limited to 2,500 bottles per year, Tsugu Junmai Daiginjo features an elegant palate with a lingering aftertaste; it is clean and crisp, and best consumed at around 10°C. Displaying ultimate purity and elegance, Tsugu Junmai Daiginjo is a masterpiece of the Asahi Shuzo.

This sake is highly recommended to accompany city'super's own-brand Frozen Japanese Hiroshima Oysters, which are tasty grilled or in a hotpot. The Hiroshima Frensh Oysters are harveste between November and March, which brings out the umami flavours of the shellfish.
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Double-baked Japanese Cheese Tart

For an oven-hot cheese tart as afternoon tea without leaving the comfort of your home, just keep in stock Tarte Soleil’s Tarte Fromage and Tarte Sweet Potato. Simply put the tart into the microwave and heat for 10 to 12 seconds whenever you feel like a sweet treat.

The crusts of Tarte Soleil’s tarts have all been baked twice. The tarts taste good even when served cold, but the butter aroma of the crust is more prominent after reheating. The sweet potato tart is made from Naruto Kintoki sweet potatoes from Tokushima Prefecture, and has a gentle sweetness like a cream cheese tart. 

*Tarte Soleil’s tarts are available at Times Square, Harbour City and New Town Plaza stores.
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Dried Fruit that Tastes as Good as Fresh Fruit

Nomono (のもの) is a brand created to promote delicacies from Eastern Japan; local produce is used to create healthy, delectable snacks. 

Highlight products include:
Ibaraki Sweet Potato Chips, thick-cut sweet potato slices dried in low-pressure, low-temperature conditions, and boasting a natural sweetness with no sugar added;

Apple Chips, made with apples from Aomori, which is world famous for the fruit, for which thin apple slices are vacuum-fried to retain their aroma and make them crunchy, like biting into a fresh apple. 
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Seasonal Obusedo Chestnut Confectionery

Autumn is the season for chestnuts. And to people in Nagano Prefecture, Obusedo is practically a synonym for chestnut, as the best-known traditional chestnut confectionery brand in the region. The region is famous for presenting chestnuts as tributes to the Tokugawa family during the Edo period. 

Obusedo has been a prestigious local sake brewery since the early 18th century, and was known as a patron of the painter Hokusai. It was when food-canning technology and industrial sake brewing were introduced that Obusedo began to produce chestnut confectionery. Its signature Kurikanoko Chestnut Yokan and Cake have brought the brand nationwide fame, but its products are all still made in the town of Obuse.
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Doraemon Nori Seaweed for Kids and Kidults Alike

Founded in 1849 in Nihonbashi Tokyo, Yamamotonoriten is an established household brand in Japan. Its collaboration with famous cartoon character Doraemon symbolises a blend of old and new, with traditional ukiyo-e print fusing with contemporary Doraemon and Nobi Nobita designs on the packaging. 

Featuring two flavours, Tuna Mayo Flavour and Yuzu Honey Flavour, each piece is made with two sheets of crispy nori seaweed with crunchy sesame seeds in between – a flavourful snack that appeals to all ages.
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Must-have Item in your Condiment Collection: Traditional Shichimi Togarashi

Shichimi Togarashi is an essential seasoning in Japan, and Yawataya Isogoro from Nagano Prefecture is one of the country’s most traditional shichimi togarashi manufacturers. Yawataya Isogoro stresses the importance of balance between spiciness and aromatic flavours, making its products unique. In addition to traditional shichimi togarashi, other special flavours are also available to suit every taste:

Shichimi Chili Powder: Made with Togarashi and six different kinds of spices, suitable for a variety of dishes; 
Shichimi Sesame Topping: With sesame added to the Shichimi Togarashi, perfect for noodle dishes and Nabemono (hot pot dishes)
Shichimi Sesame Topping (Plum Flavour): Refreshing flavour, well matched with rice and Japanese dishes 

If you want to try your own Shichimi Togarashi flavour, you can obtain a free pack of Customised Blended Spice*, made from your choice of seven spices and personally blended for you, from 25 Oct to 28 Oct with any purchase of Yawataya Isogoro items at Times Square atrium.

Terms & Conditions:
1. Promotional period is from 25 Oct to 28 Oct, from 12:00 noon to 8:00pm.
2. Gifts are in limited quantity of 50 packs of about 12g per day, while stocks last.
3. Please show the original copy of the same-day receipt during redemption.
4. Each customer can redeem one pack of gift each day.
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