Authentic Flavours of Taiwan

2017/06/12 - 2017/07/02 12 (Mon) June - 2 (Sun) July 2017
@ Times Square, Harbour City & ifc mall stores

19 (Mon) - 29 (Thur) June 2017
@ Times Square atrium
Known for their bold and unique flavours, Taiwanese foods have been embracing a modern transformation in recent years, resulting in an array of authentic local treats with new tastes and creative packaging. 

From 12 June to 2 July, city'super’s ‘Authentic Flavours of Taiwan’ food fair will present a string of Taiwanese brands and their iconic products, including organic teas from Grassphere, beef noodles from Love Aged 21, Shandong Roast Chicken from Charming Couple, as well as seasonal fruits such as Taiwan lychee and Irwin mango.
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Taiwanese Handmade Beverages - Grassphere Herb Waters and Flowering Teas (New Products)

With its own rooftop farms in Taipei, Taiwanese handmade tea company Grassphere sources organic ingredients across Taiwan and blend them with its homegrown herbs to make high-quality teas.

Two series of Grassphere products are available at the fair:
Herb Waters – Sliced seasonal fruits are dried in low temperature to preserve their original flavours, then mixed with herbs, making them sweet and aromatic.
Flowering Teas - A beautiful combination of herbs, Taiwanese organic tea and organic edible flowers, and a creative and flavourful representation of Taiwan’s unique tea and flower varieties.
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YO POP Yogurt Drinks (New Products & Exclusively Available at city’super)

Yo Pop is committed to making all-natural, healthy drinks with no additives. Its rich and silky yogurt is made from 100% fresh milk, and the company insists on using fresh seasonal fruits—instead of fruit jam or pickled fruits—to ensure the best tastes.

Don’t miss Yo Pop’s mango, dragon fruit, passion fruit and peach yogurt drinks, all featuring Taiwan local fruits.
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Rich and Fragrant Dried Aged Beef - Love Aged 21 Beef Noodles  (New Product)

Beef noodles is one of Taiwan’s most celebrated foods, and each famed noodle shop has its own secret recipe for making the most delicious bowl. Love Aged 21 believes that creating the perfect beef noodles replying on the Holy Trinity of the soup, the noodles and spicy bean paste, and the symphony of rich flavours comes from the aging process. 

The broth used in Love Aged 21 beef noodles, made from dry-aged beef bones, whole chicken, dry-aged beef and homemade butter, is an explosion of umami and enchanting fragrance.
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Shandong Roast Chicken by Charming Couple
(New Product & Exclusively Available at city’super)

Established in 2013, Charming Couple combines traditional cooking method with new, creative flavours in making its earthy, humble yet extraordinarily tasty delicacies.

A star product of Charming Couple, the Shandong Roast Chicken uses carefully selected Taiwan local chicken, which is then slow-cooked with dozens of traditional Chinese medicinal herbs, while the chicken broth is made into a special sauce. Void of any artificial flavouring or preservatives, the final product is sweet and sour, with a subtle garlic aroma.
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Creative and Healthy Concept - FM Food Mini Chinese Buns (New Products)

Known for its eye-popping handmade Chinese buns, FM Food insists on making all its products without artificial colouring, flavouring or chemical additives. The company has its start in department stores and e-commerce. After establishing a loyal fanbase, it opened its first physical store in the East District of Taipei.

With imagination and creativity, FM food has introduced over 20 kinds of handmade Chinese buns with different flavours. It also incorporates a wide variety of ingredients—from cranberry, longan and kumquat, to green tea and curry—into its creations, to them beautiful, vibrant colours. 

The Assorted Handmade Mini Chinese Bun features 9 different lovely mini buns (also known as macaroon buns), and is a smash hit amongst Taiwanese moms. 
*Promotional products are available at selected stores only. While stocks last.
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