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Chill Breeze.Summer Sweets

2018/08/16 - 2018/08/29 16 (Thur) – 29 (Wed) Aug 2018

@ Times Square, Harbour City, ifc mall, New Town Plaza & Lab Concept stores
To help you quench to the scorching summer heat, city'super is bringing a variety of tasty, refreshing treats such as Japanese fruit wine and fruity desserts, so enjoy in the chill breeze and summertime sweets!
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Summer Exclusive! Kitajima Shio Lychee Liqueur

Only available in summer, Kitajima Shio Lychee Liqueur combines the sweet fragrance of lychee with the refreshing tartness of yuzu, as well as a touch of sea salt to give the liqueur an extra kick!

We recommend adding ice or soda water for a tasty summer cooler.
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Boozy Summer: Japanese Plum and Yuzu Wine Gelato 

Nothing beats ice cold gelato made from umeshu and yuzu liqueur during the Hong Kong summer. Crafted with premium Japanese liqueur, this unique gelato selection is now available at city’super! 

Gelato with Umeshu 
Milk ice cream is mixed with Izumibashi Yamada Juro Umeshu for a rich aroma and the optimal amount of sweetness.

Gelato with Brown Sugar Umeshu 
Using Zuisen Kokuto Umeshu as the base, Nanko plums, Okinawa black sugar and awamori are added to creamy milk resulting in lingering caramel-like aftertaste.

Gelato with Yuzu Liqueur 
Rich, smooth and oozing with the sweet aroma of yuzu, this gelato is made using Kuroushi Shitate Yuzu Liqueur, which is a blend of Kuroushi Junmai-shu, shochu and fresh local yuzu juice.
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Summer Japanese Fruit Selection: Kasahara Farm Peach & Small Watermelon

You can find a wide range of heavenly Japanese summer fruits at city’super, but here are two of our favourites:

Japan Kasahara Farm Peach
Produced by Kasahara Farm in Niigata prefecture, this variety of peach is very sweet and juicy with a delicate texture.

Japanese Small Watermelon
This fruit is particularly sweet with a nice crisp thanks to lengthy exposure to daylight, fertile soil, and a large temperature difference between day and night.

Both best served cold!
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The Best Gift of Thailand: Coconuts

city’super is where you can find delicious coconuts flown in straight from Thailand! 

Do you know the difference between Smoked Coconuts and Green Coconuts?

Smoked Coconut is an unripe coconut with the outer skin removed, leaving only the core which is then smoked. Its coconut juice is sweeter and more aromatic than that of the green coconut. Best for making drinks or desserts.

Green Coconut is an unripe coconut with its outer skin removed. This coconut has tender flesh with lots of coconut water inside; refreshing and a perfect drink for summer.
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Slurp ’n’ Fun: Japanese Itoken Kudzu Jelly

Jelly is a great summer dessert, but what’s so special about jelly made from arrowroot flour or kudzu powder?

Arrowroot flour is melted in water and heated. Once cooled, it has a bouncy texture and has great cooling properties.

Japanese Itoken Kudzu Jelly comes in various fruity flavours. Be sure to try it this summer!

  • Kudzu Jelly – Mango
  • Kudzu Jelly – White Peach
  • Kudzu Jelly – Plum
  • Kudzu Jelly – Kiyomi Orange
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