Chocolate Moment

2019/02/12 - 2019/03/03 12 (Tue) Feb – 3 (Sun) Mar 2019

@ Times Square, Harbour City, ifc mall & New Town Plaza stores

15 (Fri) Feb – 3 (Sun) Mar 2019

@ Lab Concept store
city'super brings you a unique irresistible chocolate experience: discover more about the chocolate making process from bean to bar, so you can enjoy every piece of chocolate with all five senses. Come and take our recommended items home.
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Asian-inspired Chocolates from Singapore

Fossa is Singapore’s first and award-winning artisanal bean-to-bar craft chocolate maker with a vision to share the authentic taste of Asia to the world through the wonderful flavours of cacao. 

• Fossa Salted Egg Cereal White Chocolate 
Homemade salted egg cereal has been generously sprinkled over a special blond chocolate. An International Chocolate Awards 2017 Bronze Award winner.
• Fossa Shrimp & Bonito Dark Chocolate 
Inspired by Tsukiji market in Tokyo, this chocolate bursts with umami from the Sakura shrimps and bonito furikake.

• Fossa Uji Matcha White Chocolate
Made from the highest grade of culinary matcha packed full of umami. 

Other flavours not-to-be-missed include the Fossa Lychee Rose Dark Chocolate and Pistachio Rose Cranberry Dark Chocolate.

*Fossa Chocolates will be available in late-Feb 2019.
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Baker’s Delight: Premium Baking Chocolate

These premium baking chocolates, made in small batches in a centuries-old French artisan tradition, are favoured even by renowned chocolate makers. Unleash your inner pastry chef and get your hands on these! 

• Guittard Chocolate Bar and Chocolate Chips
Available in unsweetened, real semisweet and extra dark, the chocolate bars come in 64%, 70% and 100%, with the 100% cocoa chocolate bars having received the 2014 Good Food Awards. 
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• HH Swiss Couverture Pure Chocolate
Contain more than 31% cocoa butter, this couverture chocolate melts smoothly and is perfect for making chocolate desserts.
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Chocolate Desserts from France

Created by 2 real foodies with a passion for food, Michel et Augustin aims to create a brand that uses only high-quality ingredients. The business started with flavoured cookies, and soon grew to premium yogurt, yogurt drinks (Vache à boire) and chocolate desserts.

The Michel et Augustin Super Mousse Dark Chocolate is made with dark chocolate and aquafaba without eggs and milk – perfect for vegans!
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Fair Trade and Organic: People Tree Chocolate

People Tree chocolate sources cacao beans from producer groups in Bolivia and Peru focusing on organic cultivation. Here are a few People Tree fair trade organic chocolates we love:

• People Tree Fair Trade Chocolate – Bitter Lemon Peel
A refreshing combination of lemon peel and bitter chocolate.
• People Tree Fair Trade Chocolate – Caramel Crisp
Sweet and crispy with a rich flavour and texture. 
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• People Tree Fair Trade Chocolate – Bitter Pomegranate
Fruity accents of sweet and sour pomegranate jelly in bitter chocolate with over 60% cacao content.

Also be sure to try these lovely creations:
• People Tree Fair Trade Chocolate – Coconut Milk
• People Tree Fair Trade Chocolate – Matcha White Rice Quinoa Puff
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Bean-to-bar with Love: Saturdays Chocolates

Saturdays brings you unique chocolates from all over the world, including from Japan, Vietnam and Uganda – all personally selected by the founder and his team.

The packaging of Saturdays chocolates are produced using wallpaper collected from local areas where the cacao beans are sourced, making them truly unique.

• Saturdays Bean to Bar Chocolate Pure – Ghana 70
Has a punchy flavour with strong nuttiness.
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• Saturdays Bean to Bar Chocolate Pure – Trinidad Tobago 70
Fruity with a prune-like aroma and a hint of mint.
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Also be sure to try these delicious Saturdays creations:
• Saturdays Bean to Bar Chocolate Pure – Uganda 72 
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• Saturdays Bean to Bar Chocolate Pure – Indonesia 70 
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• Saturdays Bean to Bar Chocolate Bar Plus – Hokkaido Milk 57
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*Promotional products are available at selected stores only. While stocks last
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