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Craft Beer & Cider Summer Fiesta

2018/06/20 - 2018/07/10 20 (Wed) Jun – 10 (Tue) Jul 2018
@ Times Square, Harbour City, ifc mall, New Town Plaza & Lab Concept stores
21 (Thur) Jun – 2 (Mon) Jul 2018
@ Times Square atrium
In this scorching heat, what you need is an iced beer!

With the football tournament underway, city'super presents the inaugural edition of the "Craft Beer & Cider Summer Fiesta," taking place from June 20 to July 10 with a fantastic line-up of craft beers and ciders from across the world. In addition, we have also collaborated with a number of local craft breweries in developing new products to bring more fresh and unique flavours to the world of craft beer!

So get your friends, come pick up your favourite craft beers from city'super, and make the most of this football-watching season!
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Exclusive & Limited Local Craft Beers

city'super x Moonzen Mango Pale Ale Beer (Alc. 5%)
A collaboration between city’super and Moonzen, this mango pale ale is produced under the supervision of LOG-ON MANUAL FACTORY BEAR. Made with premium Thai mangos, it boasts a refreshing tropical fruit aroma, a rich body and a delightful, layered taste.
city'super x Tai Wai Beer city’super Weissbier Beer - Morgentau (Alc 4.1%)
Mixing unfiltered German weissbier with fresh mango and pineapple, and voila—a perfect summer drink! Brewed with Morgentau, a unique German green tea with floral and fruity hints, this white beer has subtle mango and citrus flavours, a complex body and a refreshing aftertaste.
city'super x Young Master Pineapple Berliner Weisse Beer (Alc 4.5%)
Young Master have challenged themselves to recreate the old local favourite pineapple soda beer, using an old German sour beer style to achieve a traditional, nostalgic, refreshing flavour. 
The historic base beer style, known as Berliner Weisse, is light, tart and minimally bitter. With the addition of pineapple, the new Pineapple Berliner Weisse is the most refreshing beer you'll try this summer.
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When Beer Meets Pop Art

Launched in 2015, The Edinburgh Beer Factory is a family-run, independent brewery inspired by the Edinburgh-born "Father of Pop Art" Eduardo Paolozzi and his philosophy to transform everyday objects into works of art.

Edinburgh Paolozzi Lager (Alc. 5.2%) : a full-bodied, smooth and perfectly balanced beer made using the authentic Munich Helles production method
Bunk! Edinburgh Brown Ale (Alc. 6%) : a silky, rich beer with hoppy aromas and notes of luxurious chocolate and coffee
Bunk! Edinburgh Smoky Wheat Beer (Alc. 5%) : inspired by David Bowie’s song Starman, this summer thirst quencher has notes of banana and pairs well with seafood
Bunk! Edinburgh Cherry Saison (Alc. 6.5%) : light in body and dry in finish, this warming, subtly spicy saison has hints of sweet and sour cherry
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The Only Beer Still 100% Brewed in a Belgian Abbey

Val-Dieu is a Belgian Abbey beer 100% brewed in a living abbey. The beers here are based on the tradition of the Cistercian monks, using a unique yeast that allows for a second fermentation, as well as a long brewing process of six to nine weeks.

Here are some Val-Dieu beers you should try:
• Val-Dieu Grand Cru Beer (Alc 10.5%)
• Val-Dieu Triple Beer (Alc 8%) 
• Val-Dieu Cuvée 800 Beer (Alc 5.5%) 
• Val-Dieu Blonde Beer (Alc 6%) 
• Val-Dieu Brune Beer (Alc 8%)
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With Great Apples Come Great Ciders

Golden State Cider believes that great cider starts with quality fruit, sourcing great apples from all over the West Coast, including from Oregon, Washington, and various regions within California. Their great-tasting cider is vegan-friendly, gluten-free and made with no concentrates, so you know you're getting the best with every sip!

• Golden State Cider Bay Burt Dry & Unfiltered Hard Cider (Alc 6.9%) 
• Golden State Cider Hard Apple Cider with Fresh-pressed Ginger & Lemongrass (Alc 6.4%) 
• Golden State Cider Mighty Dry Hard Cider (Alc. 6.9%) 
• Golden State Cider Mighty Hops Hard Cider (Alc. 6.9%) 
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Japan's Pursuit of Hoppiness

Located in Ise, Japan, Ise Kadoya is a microbrewery established in 1997 out of the owner's simple passion for brewing and drinking beer. They have since attained many accolades including several awards in The International Beer Cup 2017, Australian International Beer Awards 2017, and Japan Craft Beer Selection Award 2018.

We particularly recommend Ise Kadoya's Pale Ale, Golden Dragon IPA, New England IPA, as well as the Hime White beer. Be sure to pair them two mouthwatering light bites: the delightful, umami-packed salmon sausage hotdog topped with snow crab meat and crab roe, as well as the one-bite snow crab puff filled with creamy egg salad.
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Beer and Cheese Crackers: the Pairing that Can't Go Wrong

A sip of crisp, refreshing beer… a bite of thin, crunchy, cheesy crisps… just thinking about that gets us salivating! 

Our latest obsessions are the colourful canned craft beers from the family-run Allendale Brewery based in Northumberland. We adore the IPA with tropical citrus fruit flavours and their award-winning Pale Ale, which can be indulgently paired with Sonoma Creamery's Cheddar Cheese Crisps and Parmesan Cheese Crisps. Perfect for parties, picnics, during football matches, or just relaxing on a Sunday afternoon. 
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Shopping Gifts: Raise a Glass with MANUAL FACTORY Bear

Beer fans rejoice — LOG-ON MANUAL FACTORY Bear is making its first foray into beer brewing. Time to raise a glass!
As well as city’super x Moonzen Mango Pale Ale Beer, a limited-edition collaboration with local craft brewery Moonzen, LOG-ON MANUAL FACTORY Bear has also in store a collection of beer accessories, so don’t miss out.
During the promotional period, customers can enjoy a complimentary limited-edition gift if they spend a given amount. 

🎁 For a single net purchase worth HK$400 or above, including 3 promotional products from the Craft Beer & Cider Summer Fiesta: 
➡ One special-edition MANUAL FACTORY Bear Beer Bottle Opener (limited to 260, subject to availability)

🎁 For a single net purchase worth HK$800 or above, including 4 promotional products from the Craft Beer & Cider Summer Fiesta: 
➡ One limited-edition MANUAL FACTORY Bear Beer Cap Collector (limited to 100, subject to availability)
*Promotional products are available at selected stores only. While stocks last.
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