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Seasoning is an essential component of Korean cuisine. Known for the way it enhances flavours with soy sauce, Korean cuisine also entices the taste buds with chili and vinegar, matching them with quality ingredients to increase the complexity of flavours and aromas. 

city'super brings you favorite Korean treats including Hoengseong Chilled Grade 1++ Hanwoo Beef, Han-Q Cup Toppoki, Chaegami Mat Kimchi and the sought-after Saeng Saeng Frozen Soy Sauce Crab, so you can savour the tastes of Korea without leaving home.
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Famous Korean “Gejang” Fermented Seafood

You can now enjoy the famous Korean fermented seafood dish gejang in the comfort of your own home! Korean brand Saeng Saeng’s frozen gejang (crab marinated in soy sauce) is made using fresh Korean flower crab and vacuum sealed to lock in the juices and flavours. Just defrost it in the fridge the night before, and enjoy it with the accompanying secret sauce. The marinated crab is packed with umami. Add chilli, seasoning oil and sesame to taste. 

Apart from crab, Saeng Saeng also has marinated shrimp made using meaty Korean wild prawns. Also come in convenient vacuum packs. 
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city’super Exclusive: Premium Korean Beef

We love Korea for its fried chicken and kimchi, but have you tried Korean beef? Hoengseong beef is probably Korea’s most well-known premium beef, and city'super is the first and exclusive retail outlet in Hong Kong approved by the Hoengseong government with certification for every branch. Grade 1++ Hoengseong beef is equivalent to A5 grade wagyu beef. All pure-bred cattle are given the highest quality feed and raised in a pristine environment, and are only slaughtered at 30 months old at approximately 700kg. Richly marbled with the perfect lean-to-fat ratio, Hoengseong beef is extra tender and very juicy.
Different cuts of premium Hoengseong beef are available at city'super, making them great for chargrilling and hotpot alike:
• Hoengseong Chilled Grade 1++ Hanwoo Beef Striploin
• Hoengseong Chilled Grade 1++ Hanwoo Beef Rib Eye
• Hoengseong Chilled Grade 1++ Hanwoo Beef Short Rib Bone in - Galbi
• Hoengseong Chilled Grade 1++ Hanwoo Beef Chuck Tender
• Hoengseong Chilled Grade 1++ Hanwoo Beef Top Sirloin Cap
• Hoengseong Chilled Grade 1++ Hanwoo Beef Tri Tip
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All-natural Korean Beef Offals

Offals are not to everyone’s taste, but if you love them, be sure to try Osang Dalbugeol’s Korean beef abomasum, intestines and tripe. Using high quality raw ingredients, Osang Dalgubeol’s beef offals are made with minimal seasoning to retain original flavours. Paired with a special sauce, all of its products are cleaned twice, matured, flavoured and then briefly baked for easy preparation at home. 
• Osang Dalgubeol Makchang (Abomasum): marinated in a secret recipe sauce, the abomasum is chewy and very flavourful. 
• Osang Dalgubeol Daechang (Intestines): the daechang is matured with fruits including kiwi and pineapple as well as fermented bean paste to recreate flavours of authentic Korean home cooking.
• Osang Dalgubeol Teukyeong (Tripe): chewy and packed with natural flavours with minimal seasoning. 
(All products must be thoroughly cooked  before consuming)
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Flavour-packed Milk Jam and Fruit Jam from Korea

If you can’t have your toast plain, don’t miss out on Korean brand Dodam’s range of fragrant tea milk Jam and mouthwatering fruit jams.

• Matcha Milk Jam: the milk jam is made from high quality matcha. Rich, delicious and perfect for spreading on toast.
• Black Tea Milk Jam: apart from matcha flavour, Dodam’s milk Jam is also available in black tea. No added sugar and additive-free.
• Golden Kiwi Jam: healthy and great for kids, Dodam’s Golden Kiwi Jam contains 75 per cent kiwi.
• Blueberry Jam: this fruit jam with 75 per cent blueberry is packed with natural fruity flavour and is perfect for breakfast and afternoon tea. 
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Exquisite Korean Seaweed

Kamtae, a type of Korean seaweed, is a precious raw ingredient that only grows in pure, clean mudflats and cannot be cultivated. The seaweed is great for bone and skin health.

Badasoop, a well-known brand in South Korea under the Songwon Food group, has over 30 years of experience in producing Kamtae goods. Here are three different preparations of Kamtae, all equally delicious. Which would you choose?
• Badasoop Seasoned Kamtae (Seaweed) - Roasted with Sesame Oil & Salt
• Badasoop Kamtae (Seaweed) - Lightly Roasted
• Badasoop Kamtae (Seaweed) Flake
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For All Toppoki Fans Out There

Want to make Korean food at home but don’t know where to start? Korean brand Han-Q’s Toppoki Recipe comes with quick and easy seasoning, such as chilli, garlic powder and ginger powder. Just add Korean rice cakes, egg and instant ramen and you’ve got yourself a decent Korean dish.

For those who prefer something even quicker, Han-Q also has instant Toppoki Cups. Simply add water and microwave for two and a half minutes and it’s ready to serve.

Apart from rice cakes, there is also Han-Q’s Kimchi Recipe for making your own kimchi at home. 30g of seasoning can make about 200g of kimchi. Simple and delicious.
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Probiotic-rich Organic Kimchi

Chaegami is Korea’s trusted brand for premium organic kimchi, using only organic ingredients and first class bay salt from Taean. What’s more, Chaegami’s kimchi is stored in a patented container with a special breathable film to vent out the natural gas formed during the fermentation process. This keeps the kimchi fresher for longer without altering its taste.

Here are some Chaegami kimchi products available at city'super:
• Organic Kimchi (Cabbage)
• Organic Kkakdugi (Radish Kimchi)
• Organic Seokbakji (Big Radish)
• Organic Yeolmu Kimchi
• Organic Bossam Kimchi
*Promotional products are available at selected stores only. While stocks last.
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