Early Summer‧Japanese Flavours

2019/05/15 - 2019/06/05 15 (Wed) – 29 (Wed) May 2019
@ Times Square atrium

16 (Thur) May – 5 (Wed) Jun 2019
@ Times Square, Harbour City, ifc mall & New Town Plaza stores
city'super brings you a tasty early summer with a delectable assortment of Japanese foods, including popular seasonal treats such as Tincarbell egg bread, Nagoya Cochin chicken, Yuukatei amazake and fresh Japanese melon.
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Handmade in Japan: Sweet Summer Coolers

Amazake is a traditional sweet, low-alcohol or non-alcoholic Japanese drink made from fermented rice that is nutritious and great for the skin – the perfect summer cooler!

Yuukatei amazakes are handmade using only rice from Japan. Koji is added to cooled cooked rice where carbs convert into sugar. This gives the amazake a smooth and mild flavour. Only local fruits and vegetables – but no sugar – are added to give it extra flavours. 

You can drink it directly, freeze and make it into sherbet, or enjoy with yogurt. Check out these 4 flavours:

• Yuukatei Plain Amazake
• Yuukatei Matcha Amazake
• Yuukatei Yuzu Amazake
• Yuukatei Peach Amazake
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Fluffy and Fabulous: Hirataya Cheesecake

We are salivating at the thought of cheesecake… even better if it’s rich, fluffy and not overly sweet. 

That’s exactly the way how Hirataya's Rich & Fluffy Cheesecake – big enough for 4 servings – is made. Every sweet, cheesy bite is creamy, smooth and melts in your mouth. 

Take it home from city’super today and share it with your friends and family!
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An Egg-cellent Choice: Premium Japanese Eggs & Egg Products

We consume eggs so often, which is why it’s important to choose the best eggs for eating and for making our favourite dishes! Here are a few premium Japanese eggs and egg snacks we love: 

Akikawa Cage Free Eggs 
Established in 1927, Akikawa Farm uses non-GMO corn to feed their chickens, which are raised in a cage-free, open environment. No post-harvest treatments are used, so you know you’re getting a great natural product from a sustainable source.

Maruichi Farm Ecocco Cage Free Eggs
Maruichi Farm, established in 1915, cares about its animals, which is why its chickens are given the best feed and ample space to grow so they can lay eggs in a comfortable, stress-free environment. They are mainly fed on corn, soybean meal, fish meal and rice bran, depending on the chickens’ different developmental stages. Once the eggs are collected, they are sent to a factory to be cleaned and packaged to ensure the best quality. 

Tincarbell’s egg bread is a popular snack in Japan, once sold over 80,000 pieces in one day! Eggs and other raw ingredients are beaten to create a fluffy texture; its flavour is light and slightly sweet. We love ours heated with a toaster. Here are 3 delectable flavours you should try: 

• Egg Bread – Plain 
For the eggy, rich, original flavour.

• Egg Bread – Coffee 
Coffee is added to the dough to give it extra aroma.

• Egg Bread – Caramel Pudding
Pudding flavour on the outside, caramel on the inside – perfect for those with a sweet tooth.
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The Famous Japanese Chicken: Nagoya Cochin

The Nagoya Cochin is one of Japan’s three most famous chicken breeds with over a hundred years of history. It was once endangered due to imported chicken from foreign countries, but fortunately, it was finally preserved under the efforts of local chicken farmers in the 1880s and has since become the town’s signature breed. 

The Nagoya Cochin is raised for 130 days to give its meat a firm and chewy texture – a must-try for chicken lovers!  

You can now find this premium native breed at city’super. Pair the meat with a noodle sauce made with Nagoya chicken soup, or use it to make the delicious oyako-don! 

• Japan Frozen Nagoya Cochin Chicken Thigh
• Japan Frozen Nagoya Cochin Chicken Breast 
• Japan Frozen Nagoya Cochin Chicken Tenderloin
• Japan Frozen Nagoya Cochin Chicken Wing with Tip
• Nagoya Cochin Chicken Noodle Sauce
• Nagoya Cochin Chicken and Egg Rice Sauce
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What to Eat: FusionDeli Japanese Fried Chicken

Did someone say… fried chicken? FusionDeli has cooked up a selection of exquisite fried chicken dishes you definitely don’t want to miss. Only available at city’super Times Square atrium. 

Rice Bowl (Kara-age Chicken with Hot Spring Egg)
Succulent chicken pieces are fried to golden, crispy perfection. Pair with hot spring egg and fluffy white rice for a hearty meal!

Japanese-style Fried Chicken Kara-age
Made with premium chicken breast, egg and kayanoya dashi.

Nagoya-style Chicken Wing
A local fried chicken wing dish from Nagoya served with spicy sauce and sesame seeds. 
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Healthy Choice: Fresh Produce Flown Direct from Japan

Can’t resist snacking? Don’t worry, simply pick something healthy to munch on, such as veggies with dips! We love the Kewpie Egg Royal Mayonnaise, and here are some fresh Japanese produce for the best afternoon or midnight snack:

Kewpie Egg Royal Premium Mayonnaise
Made with “Egg Royal” eggs, this mayonnaise has been perfected by many chefs and pastry chefs. This mayonnaise is added with white wine vinegar and canola oil to bring out the richness of the egg yolk. 

Japan Green Asparagus
This green and crispy asparagus is in season in May. Simply blanch and enjoy with a mayonnaise dip.  

Japan Kyushu Cucumber
Cut this crunchy, juicy cucumber from Kyushu into small batons and dip into mayonnaise for a refreshing snack.

Japan Potato
Mix this smooth, flavourful potato with mayonnaise for a simple, delicious salad.
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Summer Seasonal Pick: Japanese Melon

Summer is the best time for sweet, juicy Japanese melons! We can’t get enough of them, and here are 2 of our seasonal recommendations: 

Japan Emerald Melon
The premium Emerald Melon comes from the town of Yasu in Japan’s Kochi Prefecture, and Yasu’s warm weather renders it perfect for planting melons. The rare, greenhouse-cultivated Emerald Melon was made available in 1992, and currently there are only 14 farms in Yasu planting this variety. 

Japan Meromero Melon
Produced in Kobayashi, Miyazaki Prefecture, the Meromero Melon is available with green- or blush-coloured flesh, and has a sugar level of over 14. Big and round, the Meromero Melon is cultivated in a greenhouse, and only one melon is grown on each vine to concentrate the nutrients and ensure the best and sweetest produce. 
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