Eat Well.Live Healthy

2019/04/17 - 2019/04/30 17 (Wed) – 30 (Tue) Apr 2019

@ Times Square, Harbour City, ifc mall, New Town Plaza & Lab Concept stores
Eat well to live healthy! 
Discover healthy delicacies at city’super, including healthy snacks, organic food, wellness soup & tea, and eco-friendly foodware. Tickle your taste buds and enjoy a healthier, better life! 
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Trending Plant-based Meat

Vegetarianism is trending with plant-based diet on the rise. The Veggie Burger by Food Evolution comes from Italy, it offers a selection of flavors like classic lemon, truffle, vegetarian parmesan cheese and porcini mushrooms. Rich and flavorful, tender and succulent, the ‘meat’ is best served as a burger or an open-faced sandwich. Add in the Italian wild rocket with a strong peppery aroma and the plump Sardinia Tomatoes for that extra freshness and nutritional value. 
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Healthy Snacking

When the clock strikes three-fifteen, the body starts craving for snacks! Try stocking up your snack cabinet with healthy snack options like Savory Seed Parmesan Crisps by Sonoma Creamery, they are gluten-free, made with natural cheese, then baked with organic pumpkin and sunflower seeds, into thin, crunchy crisps that are high in protein and have zero sugar. 

Another healthy snack choice will be Sea World veggie crisps from Korea. They offer Beet Crisps, Burdock Crisps, Kelp Crisps, and Lotus Root Crisps. All chips are seasoned with deep sea water from 200m below sea level, without preservatives, artificial coloring or MSG. They even added in lactobacillus powder to give that extra probiotic. Snacking can be healthy too!
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Eat and Drink Organic

Captain Kombucha from Portugal specializes in naturally fermented drinks, made with tea, sugar and fermented with a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast. As it is rich in enzymes and probiotics, it is beneficial to the digestive system, can strengthen the immune system, boost your energy and improve skin condition. Captain Kombucha’s products are all natural and 100% organic, without artificial colors and flavors. The bubbly refreshing Ginger Lemon flavor is the best alternative to soda!

Even the rice you consume daily comes with organic choices. SIU’s Organic Jasmine Rice and Soak-Free Three-Color Rice are grown with natural water and fertilizers, without additives and are USDA and EU Organic Certified. They drive and support Fair Trade in Cambodia so that the farmers there can earn their living with dignity. 
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Wellness Combo – Chinese Soup and Herbal Tea

Spring is warm and humid but sometimes cold, and the dampness will accumulate in the body causing a heavy feeling. One should nurture the liver and spleen during this time of the year. The recipes of the double-boiled soup by Healthy Green are designed by ‘King Eternal’ Chinese Medicine Doctor. Made with traditional Chinese medicine and herbs, each package contains two bowls of soup. Simply reheat the package and enjoy the soup with the ingredients, which makes for a simple yet healthy meal. 

Western herbalism is a form of medicinal practice based on the use of flowers, fruits, and herbs. MZK Life features a series of herbal tea that is suitable for drinking in Spring. The dendrobium flower inside the MZK Life Dendrobium Lemon and Rose teas are home-grown, and its antioxidant property is a natural supplement for better skin, anti-aging and can strengthen immunity. Dried lemon can help detox the body and skin, aid digestion and rejuvenate dull skin; while rose can help promote blood flow and relieve stagnation, detox and fight inflammation, and the floral aroma is a good stress reliever. During the promotion period, customers will receive a complimentary water bottle upon purchase of two boxes of MZK Life herbal tea at the Times Square store or Harbour City store. Limited availability, while stocks last. 
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Eco-Friendly Foodware

Can leaves be made into plates? Yes, it is possible! All you need is a bit of imagination. The plates made from leaves by Leaf Plate are inspired by the Indians who use leaves to hold their street food. With the help of modern technology, Leaf Plates are made by pressing three layers of leaves into the shape of a plate, then coated with natural wax, thus forming sturdy, water-resistant and compostable plates. Every plate is one of a kind!

Takeout can be more environmental-friendly with the new city’super Grab’n’Go reusable food bag. Designed by Roll’eat from Spain, the food bag is leak-proof and suitable for hot food (maximum 120ºC), easy to clean and compact to bring around; it can be used for holding small cakes and even steaming hot rice rolls! The illustration on the food bag is drawn by Natsuka Murata exclusively for city’super, the Red Panda on the illustration is classified as an endangered species. It is hoped that customers can be reminded to conserve the forest resources by using sustainable or reusable products while appreciating the lovely illustration on the food bag. 
*Promotional products are available at selected stores only. While stocks last
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