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2018/09/05 - 2018/10/31
Enjoy Double Bonus Points on Selected Goodies
From 5 Sep 2018 to 31 Oct 2018, super e and super e-gold members can enjoy Double Bonus Points on 200-plus items at city’super and LOG-ON. While stocks last. Come and check out the goodies we have specially picked for you.
city'super Buyer's Recommendations
1. Jenyuan Beef Tendon, Tripe & Shank Noodle-Braise In Soy Sauce 500G + 260G
2. Jenyuan Beef Tendon, Tripe & Shank Noodle-Stew In Clear Soup 500G + 260G
3. Jenyuan Half Tendon And Shank Noodle - Braise In Soy Sauce 500G + 260G
4. Jenyuan Half Tendon And Shank Noodle-Stew In Clear Soup 500G + 260G
5. Taihodien Spicy Noodle 155G
6. Xiao Ban Mian Sesame Sauce Matcha Noodle 3 X 110G
7. Xiao Ban Mian Traditional Shallot & Scallion Oil Noodle 3 X 98.5G
8. Xiao Ban Mian Sesame Oil With Garlic Flavor Thin Noodle 3 X 100.5G
9. Kkoh Shaem Honey Citron Tea (Portion Pack) 15 X 30G
10. Ydk Crab Paste 90G
11. city'super Thai New Harvest Hom Mali Rice 1000G
12. Chi-Shang Curry Turmeric Flavour Rice Cracker 135G
13. Chi-Shang Salt And Pepper Flavour Rice Cracker 150G
14. Ginbis Tabekko Baby Biscuit 56G
15. Kagome Vegetable And Fruit Juice - Apple 3 X 100Ml
16. Mom & Kitchen Pork Floss For Baby With Seaweed 156G
17. city'super Hand-Made Egg Pasta - Filini 250G
18. city'super Hand-Made Egg Pasta - Maccheroncini 250G
19. city'super Hand-Made Egg Pasta - Tagliatelle 250G
20. city'super Hand-Made Egg Pasta - Tagliatelle With Truffles 250G
21. city'super Organic Porridge Oats 500G
22. city'super Mr Bumbles Quality Muesli 500G
23. city'super Organic Jumbo Oats 500G
24. Nature'S All Organic Freeze-Dried Strawberry 34G
25. Nature'S All Organic Freeze-Dried Banana 70.8G
26. Nature'S All Organic Freeze-Dried Apple 42.5G
27. Nature'S All Organic Freeze-Dried Corn 65G
28. Nature'S All Organic Freeze-Dried Mango 43G
29. Nature'S All Organic Freeze-Dried Green Pea 62G
30. Nature'S All Organic Freeze-Dried Blueberries 34G
31. Nature'S All Organic Freeze-Dried Pineapple 42.5G
32. Homegrown Freeze-Dried Organic Grapes 34G
33. Homegrown Freeze-Dried Organic Blueberries 34G
34. Homegrown Freeze-Dried Organic Apples 27G
35. Luca Ciano Fresh Rocket, Chilli & Celery Tomato Sauce 480G
36. Boscovivo Black Truffle Sauce 12% 90G
37. Ninben Sauce For Soumen Noodle - Gold 300Ml
38. Ninben Sauce For Soba Noodle - Gold 300Ml
39. Wakasho Chia Seed Konnyaku Jelly - Grape Flavor 10Pcs
40. Wakasho Chia Seed Konnyaku Jelly - Peach Flavor 10Pcs
41. Wakasho Chia Seed Konnyaku Jelly - Apple Flavor 10Pcs
42. Nagasaki Nagasaki Small Dried Sardine Fish 90G
43. Hirota Shiitake Mushroom Noodle Sauce 300Ml
44. Philippe Gonet Champagne Reserve Brut Nv 
45. Jean-Luc Colombo Cornas Les Mejeans 
46. Santa Margherita Prosecco Brut Docg N.V. 
47. Gocce X Citysuper 20Th Anniversary Balsamic Condiment 250Ml
48. Ribeauville Bio Gewurztraminer 
49. Jean-Luc Colombo Les Pins Couches Rose 
50. Ca Del Bosco Cuvee Prestige 
51. Hakkaisan Ginjo 
52. Izumibashi Yamada Jyuro Umeshu 
53. Manzairaku Kaga Umeshu 
54. Mozaik Wine Glass W/Silver Stem 6Pcs
55. J'S Garden Osmanthus Oolong Tea 80G
56. Mariage Freres Orange Pekoe Ceylon Tea Bags 30Pcs
57. Mariage Freres Darjeeling Himalaya Tea Bags 30Pcs
58. The East India Company Filled Thin Biscuits - English Stilton Cheese 125G
59. The East India Company Sweet Biscuits - Ginger Nut 150G
60. The East India Company Sweet Biscuits - Seville Orange Marmalade 150G
61. Nutella B-Ready Wafer Biscuits Stuffed With Hazelnut Cocoa Spread 132G
62. Slabs Thick And Big Chunky Potato Crisps - Mellow Sweet Chilli 80G
63. Slabs Thick And Big Chunky Potato Crisps - Salt And Malt Vinegar 80G
64. Hoshino Gyokuro Tea Bags 18 X 5G
65. Barnabas Ham Onion Sausage 150G
66. Barnabas Ham Corn Sausage 150G
67. Barnabas Ham Vienna Sausage With Cheese 150G
68. Barnabas Ham Hokkaido Sausage 150G
69. J.C David Herring Rollmops 350G
70. Safa Smoked Tuna 130G
71. Syunsetsu Pork Loin Ham 60G
72. Kagua Beer - Rouge (Alc 9%) 330Ml
73. Kagua Beer - Blanc (Alc 8%) 330Ml
74. Ringowork Apple Juice - Regular Blend 720Ml
75. Ringowork Leaves Left Apple Juice 720Ml
76. Hakataya Soymilk - Without Added Sugar 450Ml
77. Hakataya Soymilk With Sugar Added 450Ml
78. Hakataya Soymilk With Green Tea 450Ml
79. Hakataya Soymilk With Black Sesame 450Ml
80. Hakataya Soymilk With Almond 450Ml
81. city'super Fresh Japanese White Eggs [Fukuoka] 6Pcs
82. city'super Fresh Japanese Brown Eggs [Fukuoka] 6Pcs
83. La Fermiere Yogurt - Plain 140G
84. La Fermiere Yogurt - Sweet Vanilla 140G
85. La Fermiere Yogurt - Sweet Lemon 140G
86. La Fermiere Yogurt - Strawberry, Redcurrant 140G
87. La Fermiere Yogurt - Blackberry & Blueberry 160G
88. La Fermiere Yogurt - Strawberry & Yuzu 160G
89. La Fermiere Yogurt - Peach & Mango 160G
90. La Fermiere Sweet Stirred Fruit Yogurt - Cherry 160G
91. La Fermiere Yogurt - Chestnut 160G
92. La Fermiere Yogurt - Blackberry & Blueberry 140G
93. La Fermiere Yogurt - Honey 140G
94. La Fermiere Stirred Yogurt With Coconut 150G
95. Harada Natural Drink Yogurt 900G
96. Arnest Mimy Rabbit Rice Ball Mold Set 
97. city'super Bamboo Pulp Kitchen Towel 
98. city'super Bamboo Pulp Pocket Lotion Tissue 12 Pks 
99. city'super Bamboo Pulp Soft Pack Tissue 3 Packs 
100. city'super Bamboo Pulp Car Cup Tissue 
101. city'super Bamboo Pulp Pocket Lotion Tissue Single 
102. sweets house Cha Cha N1. Matcha Softcream - Deluxe 1Pc
103. Crab Meat - Special(227g/pc)
104. ROYCE' Pote Goma Cookies - Potato Sesame 15pcs
105. ROYCE' Fruit Bar Chocolate 12pcs
106. ROYCE' Maccha Bar Chocolate 12pcs
107. city'super 4 Wheels Trolley-Purple With 3D Print 
108. city'super 4 Wheels Trolley-Military With 3D Print 
109. city'super 4 Wheels Trolley-Grey With Yellow Print 
110. city'super 4 Wheels Trolley-Turquoise With Blue Print 
111. Sanrio Hello Kitty Ceramic Plate 8" 2Pcs Set 
112. French Oyster city'super Special Nr.0 (12pcs/box)
113. Crab Meat - Claw(227g/pc)

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