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2017/10/05 - 2017/10/18 5 (Thur)  – 18 (Wed) Oct 2017
@ Times Square, Harbour City & ifc mall stores
Seasoning is an essential component of Korean cuisine. Known for the way it enhances flavours with soy sauce, Korean cuisine also entices the taste buds with chili and vinegar, matching them with quality ingredients to increase the complexity of flavours and aromas. 

city'super brings you favorite Korean treats including Good Kimchi, Morning Farm’s Blueberry Vinegar Drink, Bigmama Korean Sauces and Hoengseong Rice, so you can savour the tastes of Korea without leaving home.
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The Taste of Home: Healthy Kimchi

Our Home Food Co. is all about producing healthy food products with an authentic taste of home. Delicious and packed full of nutrients, Good Kimchi is made in Korea using traditional methods and raw ingredients planted with quality soil and clean water. If you love kimchi but don’t have time to ferment your own, this product is for you!
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Fruity to the Max: Korean Blueberry Vinegar

Korea’s best-selling blueberry vinegar drink is now available at city'super!

Morning Farm’s Blueberry Vinegar Drink is made using Uncle Berry House’s blueberries. No food additives means you’re getting the blueberries’ natural flavour and nutrients. Just add one part vinegar to four parts water, and enjoy health benefits such as reduced fatigue and improvement in the digestive system.
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Delectable Korean Sauces

Here are three Bigmama Korean sauces for discerning home cooks who would like to create affordable and delicious Korean dishes:

• Bigmama’s Fried Chicken Dip Sauce: keep this sauce handy in your kitchen to create fail-proof fried chicken. After deep-frying, quickly stir in the sauce and sprinkle with sesame. 
• Bigmama’s Sweet & Spicy Noodle Sauce: everyone loves a good Korean sweet and spicy sauce with their hot or cold noodles. 
• Bigmama’s Multipurpose Soy Sauce: add a touch of umami to every dish with this sauce made from natural ingredients.
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A Global Ingredient: Korean Rice

Hoengseong produces some amazing premium beef, but the local rice is also rather well-known. Once eaten by emperors in Korea, Hoengseong rice, or Ersajinmi, has obtained first ranking in the National RPC quality test. Cultivated in the pristine environments of Hoengseong’s mountain regions, Ersajinmi is sweet, aromatic and of superb quality.
*Promotional products are available at selected stores only. While stocks last.
** In collaboration with Korea Agro-Fisheries & Food Trade Corporation
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