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Mid-Autumn Festival 2018

2018/08/30 - 2018/09/24 30 (Thur) Aug – 24 (Mon) Sep 2018

@ Harbour City, ifc mall, New Town Plaza & Lab Concept stores

5 (Wed) Sep – 24 (Mon) Sep 2018

@ Times Square atrium
With Mid-Autumn Festival fast approaching, it’s time to get prepared! This year, city'super has a variety of specially prepared festive gourmet food for you. Get ready for the festivities while sending your love to families, friends and loved ones!
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We Made It Ourselves! city'super Mooncake

We are proud to share with you our very own city’super homemade mooncake selection this Mid-Autumn Festival – perfect as gifts for family and friends or for yourself!

Traditional Mooncake Gift Box
Silky, smooth lotus seed paste pairs perfectly with fragrant salted egg yolk – you can’t go wrong with this one!

Mini Egg Custard Mooncake Gift Box
For those with a sweet tooth who enjoy the lingering flavours of rich, creamy custard.

Pastry Mooncake Gift Box*
Flaky puff pastry shells meet healthy fillings. Think black sesame and date purée!

Early-Bird Privilege: Until 29 August, you can enjoy special privileges with any purchase of city’super mooncake coupons (for Traditional Mooncake and Mini Egg Custard Mooncake only).
*The Pastry Mooncake Gift Box will be available at stores from 30 August.
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Health Comes First: Green in Hand Honey Big Gift Set

Foodies would know that health is the key to success (and eating more). 

Great for digestion, Green In Hand’s Taiwanese honeys are sourced from different bee farms, while the honeys are naturally ripened under low temperature to preserve their splendid flavours. 

This exquisite gift set comes with 9 bottles, you can choose from its 7 best-selling flavours which included the 3 limited edition flavours – Triadica, Sunflower and Valencia orange! 
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Did Someone Say… AMOGOOD Pineapple Cakes?

We love AMOGOOD for his funny and insightful movie summaries, but did you know he has spent three years establishing his own Taiwanese pineapple cake label?

AMOGOOD Pineapple Cakes are made from imported cream from France, Japanese flour, Taiwanese pineapples, and milk and yogurt powder from New Zealand. What’s more, we love the snazzy packaging!
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The Gift of Floral Elegance: Florté Luna Magnifique Gift Set

Looking for a thoughtful surprise for your parents during Mid-Autumn Festival?

Established in 2002, Florté is a luxury brand of fine artisan teas known for its iconic collection of fruit and floral teas. Created just for Mid-Autumn Festival, the Florté Luna Magnifique Gift Set contains two Supreme Rose Lava Custard Mooncakes, two Golden Laval Custard Mooncakes and two Florté Discovery Teas. Grab yours now at city’super! 
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Heaven in Your Mouth: ROYCE’ Chocoman Manju

Here’s a soul-restoring chocolate snack perfect as a gift during Mid-Autumn Festival!

Exclusive to city’super, ROYCE’ Chocoman Manju’s creamy chocolate centre with a white bean filling is wrapped inside a nice, chewy skin for a rich texture – a great snack that has just the right amount of sweetness!
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Springy Goodness: Shuang Ren Hsu Taiwanese Beef Noodles

Here’s a great Mid-Autumn Festival gift idea for noodle lovers!

Shuang Ren Hsu Taiwanese Beef Noodles will transport your taste buds to Old Taiwan with its traditional recipe, yet the noodle-maker uses only premium ingredients such as the very tender USDA Prime boneless rib. Try this winning combination exclusively at city’super! 
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Edible Luxury: Hang Hing Premium Abalone Sauce Dinner Set

Want to enjoy homely flavours with your family but too busy to cook? Hang Hing has got you covered.

The dried seafood and luxury food item specialist has prepared a premium dinner platter that consists of four braised Japanese abalone, as well as Brazilian fish maw and Australian sea cucumber braised in abalone sauce. Let’s get feasting!
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Moon Festival Special: Japanese Fruits

You can’t celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival without some delicious, seasonal fruits. Here are three of our recommendations:

Japanese Housui Pear
Slightly bigger than the Kosui Pear, this variety has an apple-like shape with golden skin and over level 12 in sweetness. Harvest period is from mid-August to September. 

20-Century Pear
This beautiful round pear has a green-yellowish hue, and is super sweet and juicy with crispy skin. Mostly produced in the Tottori Prefecture.

Japanese Fuyu Persimmon
This fruit has a round-squarish shape with smooth, bright skin and soft, sweet and delicate flesh.
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Pair Your Mid-Autumn Snacks with: RingoWork Apple Juice

Mid-Autumn Festival isn’t complete without delicious festive foods, and a great beverage can be the icing on the mooncake!

RingoWork Apple Juice is made with apples from the Aomori Prefecture of Japan, known for its mild climate and fertile soil perfect for apple growing. Premium-quality apples are grown here using high-end cultivation technologies, then handpicked to be turned into natural, richly flavourful apple juice.

Each of the two apple juice products has a Mid-Autumn Festival-themed name:
• RingoWork Apple Juice 720mL – Mid-Autumn
• RingoWork Apple Juice 720mL – Moon
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