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Spring Taste of Japan

2018/04/03 - 2018/04/22 3 (Tue) Apr – 22 (Sun) Apr 2018
@ Times Square, Harbour City, ifc mall and New Town Plaza stores

3 (Tue) Apr – 15 (Sun) Apr 2018
@ Times Square atrium
From 3 Apr to  22 Apr, city'super brings you a series of popular Japanese delicacies in the spring highlights, including brands: Nanaya sweets factory from Shizuoka's 7 types of matcha chocolate, Itohkyuemon matcha powder from Kyoto,pancake mixes from Hokkaido, Nishiyama ramen. 
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Hokkaido Potato Rubies

Hokkaido is famous for its potatoes. Apart from the well-known Danshaku potatoes, you can now try the colorful variety! 
Potato cubes and sticks produced by Socio are all made from 100% Hokkaido Tokachi potatoes with three colors, including white "Toyoshiro", red "Northern Ruby" and purple "Kita Murasaki". These healthy snacks are packed with natural sweetness from the potatoes, only a pinch of salt has been added to heighten the flavour.
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Seven Layers of Tea

Nanaya sweets factory from Shizuoka Japan is renowned for its matcha and related products. It has recently launched seven flavours of chocolate with different tea varieties. Each kind of chocolate is fused with the distinct aroma of that particular tea, even the pattern on each chocolate bar is different, pleasant surprise guaranteed!

(1) Matcha
Premium-grade matcha from Okabe, Fujieda city is used to produce a subtle astringent taste with a hint of sweetness.   
(2) Gyokuro
Gyokuro is considered a premium variety of Japanese tea leaf. It gives a distinct aroma to the chocolate with a smooth and full-bodied character.
(3) Asatsuyu
Asatsuyu is a rare variety of tea. It gives a hint of Japanese mugwort aroma with a graceful bitter finish. 
(4) Fujikaori
Fujikaori is a blend grown in the brand’s own tea garden with an exotic scent – an exclusive blend from Fujieda city, Shizuoka. 
(5) Hojicha
The tea leaves used for this hojicha has been home-roasted twice to enhance its flavour, giving the chocolate bar a mix of cacao and coffee aroma. 
(6) Genmaicha
A custom genmaicha blend of brown rice from Fujieda and the rich-flavoured Shizuoka matcha – a perfect harmony of the scorched and astringent tastes.
(7) Black Tea
The Japanese homegrown Benifuuki black tea is used to produce this elegant blend with a gently bitter aroma that proves to be a great match with chocolate. 
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Green Tea Powder

Kyoto legendary brand Itohkyuemon opened their first premium tea shop back in 1952 in Uji. Since then it has become the most popular tea leaf brand in the area with its high quality Japanese tea. Nowadays, they still insisted on using the traditional method of grinding with the stone mill, in order to retain the bright and vivid color of the matcha powder. 
To enjoy the matcha as a drink, one can appreciate the delicate and sophisticated taste, when added with milk to be made into dessert, the bittersweet taste is addictive. 
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Refreshing Olive Somen

You have seen somen in matcha and sakura flavours, how about olive? NakabuShoten's olive somen is made from the extra-virgin olive oil of Shodoshima. Olive oil made from the olives in that area has an elegant and subtle aroma and has won a silver medal in 2013 at the US Los Angeles extra-virgin olive oil competition. Olive oil is added to the handmade somen to give it a silky texture and a light green color. 
The refreshing olive scent also makes this a perfect choice for cold somen to be enjoyed in the early Springtime. 
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Additive-free Pancakes

One will be pleased, especially for parents who are always looking for additive-free food for their children, to find that this wheat pancake mix from Hokkaido is made with natural ingredients. 
The pancake mixes made with Hokkaido flour and sugar, one pack of pancake mix can make four pieces pancakes. The pancake made will be fluffy and flavourful. 
Apart from plain flavour, we also have
● The pumpkin flavour mix - made from Hokkaido pumpkin which is rich in sugar; both the skin and flesh of the pumpkin were made into powder to give an orange color to the pancake and a light pumpkin aroma. 
● The sweet corn flavour - made from Hokkaido corn; the powder gives a yellowish color to the pancake and a sweet aroma. 
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The Delectable Icon of Karatsu City

Yobuko town in Karatsu city of Saga prefecture is famous for its squid. It boasts the highest catch volume of squid in Japan. Squids in Yobuko must be caught alive and prepared on the spot to retain its translucent glow and crunchy texture. Cells Alive System is also used to keep the cells of this premium squid undamaged from the freezing process, thus retaining its freshness even after defrosting. The squid is best matched with the Eikun Tobin Junmai Daiginjo, which is brewed using soft water from Fushimi and the highest quality of sake rice. The palate is silky and rounded which pairs well with the delicate sweetness of the squid. 
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Instant rice cooked over a direct flame

TOBORICE instant rice packs are made from premium Japanese rice from Karatsu city. Located in the northwestern part of Kyushu, Karatsu city is a famous port in Japan and is most renowned for its rice. The crystal-clear water and the fertile soil have provided an unparalleled planting ground for the rice. Rice is then cooked in large traditional Japanese cauldron over a direct flame, with the resulting rice grains nicely separated and round in body.
TOBORICE uses the latest Proton Freezing technology to preserve the flavours and will unleash once it is heated in a microwave oven for 2-3 minutes – a quick and convenient meal choice. 
city'super recommends the following flavours:
● White Bait & Mustard Leaf Brown Rice
● Hakata Beef Rice
● Yellowtail Rice
*Promotional products are available at selected stores only. While stocks last.
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