Summer Fruit Liqueur Fair

2017/08/14 - 2017/08/27 14 (Mon)  – 27 (Sun) August 2017
@ Times Square, Harbour City & ifc mall stores
Summer is the perfect time to drink fruit wines. In early summer, Japanese families like to make fruit wines by soaking seasonal fruits such as ume, grapefruit and peach in sugar, shochu and vinegar. The finished product is a refreshing nectar that will make your summer ever more delicious. 

This summer, city'super has in store a string of sweet, thirst-quenching Japanese fruit wines including Rien pear liqueur, Yatasushika Kabosu citrus liqueur, Sengetsu Momomo peach liqueur and Yatsushika Sakayadetsukutta umeshu. These fine bottles guarantee to rock your palate and cool off the heat.
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Sweet Liqueur for Summer

For those desperate to cool down in summer, apart from beer, easy-to-drink fruit liqueurs are a great alternative. For ladies who love their drinks, try the slightly tart, aromatic pear liqueur, or opt for the citrus liqueur if you prefer something sweet and refreshing. 

• Rien Pear Liqueur: made with 100% Hita pear from Ooita prefecture, this liqueur is ultra fruity with a sweet tartness.
• Yatsushika Kabou Citrus Liqueur: an energising tangerine flavoured liqueur with citrus aromas. Add soda water for the perfect summer cooler.
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Fruitilicious Japanese Liqueurs

Japan has an abundance of amazing fruits, so it should come as surprise that it also produces quality fruit liqueurs. Here are two recommended fruit liqueurs. Which do you prefer?

• Iki Yuzu Komachi: made using mugi shochu, natural yuzu juice and fructose, this refreshing, aromatic liqueur has been created without any additives.
• Sengetsu Momomo Peach Liqueur: made with 30% sun-ripened Kumamoto red peach juice, this sweet, tangy fruit liqueur is great for drinking as well as for making peach-flavoured desserts. Perfect for peach and dessert lovers.  
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Plum Wines that Keep Us Coming Back

Plum wine, or umeshu, is known for its health and beauty benefits. Here are four unique Japanese plum wines to try:

• Nanbubijin Sugar Free Umeshu (720mL): well balanced in sweetness and acidity, this delicious plum wine does not contain added sugar. 
• Izumibashi Yamada Juro Umeshu (500mL): made using plump, juicy Zyuurou plums, this rich umeshu has the optimal amount of sweetness.
• Yatsushika Sakayadetsukutta Umeshu (500mL): a plum wine crafted using handpicked premium “Oshukubai” plums with traditional methods. Complex and fragrant with a smooth mouthfeel.
• Hakkaisan Nigori Umeshu (720mL): richer than the other umeshus on the list, this one has a refreshing aftertaste and works well with soda water.
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Picnic Essentials: Moreish Fruit Jelly Desserts

Delightful fruit jelly desserts are always a hit, whatever your age. Takahata Farm and Itoken are two Japanese brands that produce beautiful fruit jelly desserts, all packaged individually to be enjoyed anytime, anywhere. 

Takahata Farm Party Dessert Jellies are available in the following flavours:
• La France Pear & Cheesecake, La France Pear, Berry, Orange & Cheesecake, White & Yellow Peach, Citrus Fruit & Coconut

Itoken Fruit Jellies are available in these flavours:
• Hassaku Orange, Renkatou Peach, Pione, Mango, Japanese Pear
*Promotional products are available at selected stores only. While stocks last.
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