Take a Bite of Green

2017/03/20 - 2017/04/03 20 (Mon) Mar - 3 (Mon) Apr 2017
@ Times Square, Harbour City, ifc mall & New Town Plaza stores
Thinking, acting and eating green is a fashionable healthy modern lifestyle. As a pioneer of going green, city'super presents a wide range of authentic green items, from nutritious drinks, super snacks to organic vegetables. Step into a cleaner, greener world.
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Super Snacks

Snacking is essential in the workplace. For the health conscious ones, we have selected a few healthy snacks that contain natural ingredients and superfoods like kale and goji berries. 

(From top to bottom, left to right)
Pure Good Bars Strawberry and Goji Berry Bar
Harvest Box Coconut Crush Chia Oat Bar
Raw Food Central Organic Kale Chips 
Emily Fruit Crisps Pineapple Crisps
Bandar Vegetable Crisps - Harvest Mix
Raw Food Central Organic Onion Rings
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Creamy Coconut Pudding

So Coco puddings are imported directly from Thailand and without added preservatives. They are dairy free, egg free and even coconut cream free. Made with pure coconut juice and coconut meat, this silky pudding is gluten-free and vegan friendly. It can be warmed for consumption during winter time or pair with fresh fruits as a dessert after meal. 
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Handheld Vegetables Spiralizer

Fancy making colorful noodles, a spiralizer is all your need!

OXO Handheld Spiralizer with three blades
Place cylindrical vegetables like zucchini and carrot into the spiralizer, then twist it like you are sharpening a pencil. With the three different blades, you can turn your vegetables into the shape of spaghetti, fettucine or spiral ribbons to fit your diverse food styling needs.
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Plant Your Own Lunch Box

Goo Goo Cube Mushroom Farm Kit
This farm kit is made with coffee grounds collected from hotels and cafes, mixed with lime, sawdust etc., then the sterilized soil becomes the soil for mushrooms to grow on.

Lunch Box Mini Garden Kit - Pea Feather and Radish Purple
Lunch Box Mini Garden Kit - Wheat Grass

Made by recycling the student plastic lunch boxes, local eggshell collected from bakery factory and coffee grounds. The food waste compost mix becomes organic fertilizer and soil for replanting. Just add seeds into it and water it daily, it can be harvested in around 10 days. 
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Refreshing Pasta Salad

Ancient Harvest Organic Quinoa Penne
Gluten-free and 100% organic, this product is free from genetically modified ingredients and has zero trans fat. Even the raw ingredients used like corn and quinoa are all natural and high-fiber food. Sustainable farming practices is also ensured to give back to the environment.

Daiya Dressing Homestyle Ranch
Free of allergens like gluten, soy, eggs and dairy.
*Promotional products are available at selected stores only. While stocks last.
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