Taste of Autumn - Authentic, Popular Flavours of Japan

2017/10/19 - 2017/11/08 19 (Thur) Oct – 8 (Wed) Nov 2017
@ Times Square, Harbour City & ifc mall stores
19 (Thur) Oct – 1 (Wed) Nov 2017
@ New Town Plaza store
19 (Thur) – 29 (Sun) Oct 2017
@ Times Square atrium
There's no doubt about Japan's fervent enthusiasm and passion for food, from the selection of ingredients and the delicate flavours to the production techniques and the fascinating packaging design. It's this insistence for quality that has led to so many successful brand stories from the country.

From 19 October to 8 November, city'super is bringing you a series of authentic and newly introduced Japanese food highlights, including several extremely popular brands: Itohkyuemon green tea from Kyoto, Snaffle's cheesecakes, Ninben concentrated sukiyaki sauce (a must-have for hot pot) and the award-winning Minimal chocolates. And don't miss our wide selection of top-quality sakes!
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Simplicity yet not so Simple - Award-winning Japanese Chocolate

One can tell from the name and the packaging that Minimal chocolate is a brand that reflects simplicity. Cocoa beans are sourced from around the world, then roasted, grinded and shaped in Japan. The chocolates are produced in ways that that would bring out the regional specialties of each cocoa bean variety. The brand has received numerous accolades in world chocolate competitions and is fast becoming a sought-after brand in Japan's "Bean to Bar" chocolate trend. The chocolates are molded into different sizes of rectangular and square shapes for the convenience of customers. 
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Rich and Creamy - Hokkaido Caspian Sea Yogurt

Caspia Caspian Sea yogurt is made from fresh milk from the Hokkaido Konsen Highland. The yogurt is fermented in the cup, where the lactic acid bacteria merges with the Hokkaido milk, resulting in a uniquely pleasant flavour. When mixed with oatmeal or fruits, it can become a sumptuous and wholesome breakfast choice. In addition to the cup yogurt, the brand's yogurt drink are also highly recommended. 

The Caspian Sea yogurt comes in six flavours, namely:
- Plain
- Low fat plain
- Blueberry
- Mango
- Aloe & grapefruit
- Pione grape
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The Country of Snow Hakkaisan Daiginjo

Hakkaisan Brewery is based in the Uonuma City Prefecture, Niigata area,  where the land is with heavy snow and blessed with rich natural resources. The brewery believes that it is only through the passing on of heritage, learning and perseverance between generations of brewers, can the excellence of sake be maintained and the highest quality of sake be made. 

Highlights include the brewery's annual limited-edition sake – Hakkaisan Kongoshin Junmai Daiginjo. What's inside the cobalt blue bottle is junmai daiginjo that has been aged for two years in a below-freezing point environment. The resulting taste is elegant and with smooth texture.

Another signature bottle is the Hakkaisan Kowakura Junmai Daiginjo, which is produced in small batches at Kowakura. This sake is lean on the palate, with umami of rice and is best paired with meat, deep-fried food and sukiyaki, etc. 
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Japanese-style Ninben Hotpot Sauce

Autumn is the season for sukiyaki. Apart from quality ingredients, the key to a delicious sukiyaki meal lies in the sauce. This brand of sukiyaki sauce boasts additive-free and no artificial coloring. It is made purely with Japanese ingredients and is aged in a traditional wooden barrel, which gives it a rich and smooth savoury flavour with a natural sweetness. It can be used as a dipping sauce or to be made into a flavourful soup base. 

On the topic of dipping sauce, sesame sauce and yuzu vinegar are both Japanese favourites. The former is creamy and rich while the latter is refreshing and slightly sour, both work their magic in enhancing the flavours of the vegetables and the meat. 
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Sesame - Popular Ingredients in Japanese Cuisine

The kind of vegetables salad with sesame dressing that one often finds in Japan seems different from the ones in Hong Kong. The reason is in addition to sesame sauce, they have added in sesame & sesame powder which gives an even stronger and aromatic sesame flavour. Sesame powder is a widely-used ingredient but is most often used to make the vegetables dishes, a must-have readymade dish for Japanese moms. 
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Sweet and Nourishing Japanese Niitaka Pears and Nansui Pears

Pear is the fruit of choice for the dry Autumn season, as it works best at quenching thirst and nourishing the body. There is a vast variety of Japanese pears, of which Nansui pears might look dull on the surface but they are extremely sweet, while Niitaka pears are juicy and the sweetness is mild. Indulge yourself with the seasonal fruits flown in directly from Japan. 
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Preservatives-Free Farmhouse Belly Bacon

In this health-conscious age, food quality has never been more important. The Japanese Farmers Bacon is lightly seasoned with natural shio koji, then smoked to retain the juice and the crisp texture yet without the greasiness. Will bacon be on your breakfast menu tomorrow?
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Japanese Artisanal Rice Crackers from Miyagi Prefecture

One could find numerous kinds of Japanese rice crackers in the market but it is extremely rare to find a brand that would grow their own rice to be used for making small batches of home-made rice crackers. This artisanal rice cracker from Miyagi Prefecture is one of the very few that insisted in following the traditional method to produce the rice crackers which brings out the rice aroma. Six flavours are available including Bonito Fish, Matsushima Seaweed, Sanriku Sea Squirt, Zaou Butter, Yuzu Citrus & Sendai Miso and Rich Cheese & Black Pepper. Each piece is crunchy and bursting with intense rice aroma – a light snack that will make you crave for more!
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