Japanese Delicacies from North & South

2017/04/18 - 2017/05/07 18 (Tue) Apr - 7 (Sun) May 2017
@ Times Square, Harbour City, ifc mall & New Town Plaza stores

20 (Thur) - 30 (Sun) Apr 2017
@ Times Square atrium
The northern and southern parts of Japan are home to an array of uniquely delicious produce, thanks to these regions’ wonderful natural environments. city'super will be showcasing food products from various Japanese regions, plus an array of brands that are making their Hong Kong debut and products available for a limited period of time—this is a Japanese gourmet extravaganza you don’t want to miss!
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Kanbayashi Shunsho Matcha Desserts 

Kanbayashi Shunsho – With a history spanning 450 years, it is a renowned traditional green tea company from Uji, Kyoto.
Kokubo – Founded in 1929, this Hokkaido brand specialises in frozen desserts and rock ice using locally sourced raw ingredients of Hokkaido.
With Kanbayashi Shunsho’s expertise in matcha and Kokubo’s frozen dessert-making technique, the two companies joined forces using Uji matcha and fresh Hokkaido milk, resulting in a new series matcha desserts. 
Kanbayashi Shunsho Green Tea Tart
Boasting 47% of milk fat, the rich fresh cream from Tokachi, Hokkaido, is used in the matcha filling, which also contains white chocolate, cocoa oil and matcha. The almond powder in the tart base gives it a subtle nutty aroma. 

Kanbayashi Shunsho Green Tea Swiss Roll
Fresh Hokkaido cream, which contains 47% milk fat, serves as the main ingredient of this Swiss roll. It also uses sugar, low-temperature-sterilized milk and wheat flour, all produced in Hokkaido. The rich green tea fragrance comes from the special Kanbayashi Shunsho Uji matcha. 

Kanbayashi Shunsho Green Tea Cheesecake
The base is a sponge cake, while the upper layer is made from green tea cream cheese. The ingredients include carefully selected Hokkaido cream cheese and Dainagon red beans, as well as Kanbayashi Shunsho Uji matcha.

Kanbayashi Shunsho Green Tea Terrine
Made from selected Hokkaido milk and Kanbayashi Shunsho Uji matcha. The use of whole milk lends a silky, rich textures to the terrine.
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Hokkaido Shinya Scallops

Located in Kitami City, Hokkaido, Tokoro has been one of Japan’s most renowned places for scallop farming since 1981. Shinya has its own scallop farm in the area, where the scallops are far away from sands and rocks and can move freely in specially-designed cages. This enhances their muscle development and results in deliciously meaty and chewy scallops. 

Shinya Oil Coated Smoked Scallop
The star product of Shinya, these premium scallops are handpicked at the farm, boiled with natural salt, roasted with firewood from Hokkaido, and finally marinated with Shinya’s special recipe oil.

Shinya Soft Scallop
These scallops are simply boiled with water to preserve their original taste and umami, and hence have the softest texture among all Shinya scallops. 

Shinya Smoked Scallop
An authentic Hokkaido snack, these scallops are marinated with soy sauce, then smoked with locally-source firewood in traditional fashion.
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Fukuoka Hachikan Color Honey

Colourful honey is always a delight to look at. The beautiful hues of Hachikan Color Honey come from 100% natural ingredients, without any artificial colourings. The three fruit honey varieties are ideal for making fruit tea or fruit soda, while the coffee-infused Brown Honey will give your coffee some extra aroma. Japanese Green Tea Honey and Earl Grey Tea Honey can be added into hot milk or water. Apart from drinks, you can also incorporate the honey in desserts, or spread it on your toast like jam. 
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North Farm 44 Topenpe 100% Cherry Tomato Juice from Nayoro, Hokkaido

Topenpe is a Hokkaido slang for “sweet stuff”. Made from perfectly ripe and juicy Hokkaido Aiko cherry tomatoes, North Farm 44’s tomato juice certainly lives up to its name.

These Aiko cherry tomatoes are heated before the juicing process, ensuring that the lycopene in the tomatoes can be easily absorbed by the body. Well balanced between sweet and sour, the tomato juice can be consumed directly or used in pasta sauce or salad dressing to bring out its refreshing flavours.
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Fukuoka Hoshino Gyokuro Tea Leaves

Yame City in Fukuoka is known for its high-quality teas, and Hoshino town is the biggest producer of Gyokuro, a Japanese premium tea variety. The town is blessed with a mild climate and fertile soil, while its big day-night temperature difference results in morning dews, creating a great environment for tea-growing. Hoshino is particularly praised for its top-class matcha and Gyokuro tea.
Gyokuro: This green tea variety features a tender and sweet flavour, with less astringent taste, and the colour of the brew is light and clear. Hoshino is responsible for half of Japan’s Gyokuro production, hence plays an important role in the country’s tea trade. 

Gyokuro cultivation: A tent is built 20 days before harvest to cover the tea leaves and reduce direct exposure to sunlight, which gives the tea its subtle yet complex flavour and less astringent taste.

Gyokuro brewing: Water temperature is crucial in making a perfect cup of premium Gyokuro, which brews best at around 60 degrees Celsius. Higher than that, the water may destroy the natural sweetness of Gyokuro and induce an astringent taste.
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