The first city'super Seafood and Sparkling Market

2017/08/28 - 2017/09/14 28 (Mon) Aug – 14 (Thur) Sep 2017
@ Times Square, Harbour City & ifc mall stores
1 (Fri) – 14 (Thur) Sep 2017
@ Times Square atrium
Seafood and sparkling wine are a match made in heaven! This summer, city'super showcases delicious seafood and handpicked sparkling wines from around the world, brings you our first Seafood and Sparkling Market from 28 Aug to 14 Sep. 

From 1 to 14 Sep, we will transform Times Square atrium into a "Fisherman's Wharf", you are invited to enjoy the fun of shopping for fresh or cooked seafood while tasting sparkling wines, learning more about cooking techniques and the development of sustainable fisheries from our cooking demonstration and talks.
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Sangria: Three Shades of Spain Cocktail

Sangria is delicious, refreshing and easy to drink; it is surprising how seldom people in Hong Kong drink it. Luis the Marinero, a brand of bottled sangria oozing with summer vibes, nautical spirit and Mediterranean charm, is available in red, white and rosé. Which one would you choose?

• Luis the Marinero Red Sangria: this ruby red sangria has aromas of red berries and citrus with sweet notes of cinnamon. Soft, sweet, and perfect with a fish-based dish, pad thai, or even dim sum.
• Luis the Marinero White Sangria: made with a fruity white wine, this sangria exudes a cascade of citrus and tropical aromas. Very refreshing and pairs well with seafood and Asian dishes such as tom yum talay.
• Luis the Marinero Rosé Sangria: bearing a beautiful shade of baby pink, this refreshing sangria has notes of strawberry and raspberry with a sweet aftertaste. Matches perfectly with any rice dishes, such as seafood paella, as well as sushi and other recipes made with seaweed.
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Gifts for Seafood Lovers

Shingen Foods is most famous for its Japanese abalone, steamed in a soy sauce broth, and now you can experience this delicacy, along with other exceptional seafood products by Shingen Foods, at city'super.

The Shingen Seafood Jelly Assortment, available in a box of six, is essentially umami in a cup. Enjoy with rice or noodles, or add water and turn it into an exquisite seafood broth. 

Shingen’s soy sauce seafood products pair very well with wine and sake.
• Soy Sauce Cooked Scallop
• Soy Sauce Cooked Whelk
• Soy Sauce Cooked Oyster
• Soy Sauce Cooked Mini Abalone
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Ready to Cook Australian Seafood

Australia is known for its wide range of delicious seafood, and you can now enjoy it in the comfort of your own home, thanks to Noosa Seafood Market in Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. All of their products are handmade in their kitchen in Noosa and packed locally. Frozen and ready to cook, its seafood does not contain any preservatives. Discover a range of Noosa’s seafood at city'super today.

• Noosa Salmon Risotto Cakes
• Noosa Scallop & Prawn Ravioli
• Noosa Seafood Chowder
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Abalones from The South

Tasmania and South Africa are both producers of some of the best abalones in the world. Caught from the pristine waters of the Southern Ocean, the Tasmania abalone is prized for its unique "wild ocean" taste and distinctive texture. Abalone from South Africa are farmed at the beautiful Walker Bay waters using natural farming processes. The quality is unbeatable.

For the full experience, pair these shellfish with the fresh and flavourful Ca' del Bosco Cuvée Prestige DOCG NV. 
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Sustainable Seafood from Iceland: Fish Fillets

Fish is such an integral part of our diet, which is why consuming sustainable seafood is so important. The Atlantic Red Fish Fillet and Haddock Fillet, both 100% line-caught along Icelandic shores by sustainable fisheries, are available at city'super. 

The Atlantic Red Fish, commonly found at depths of up to 1,000 metres in the cold waters of the North Atlantic, has firm, white fillets. Great for anything from baked and steamed to soups or seafood stews.

The Haddock, a deep-sea fish with a distinctive black blotch, has lean, firm white flesh and a mild flavour, and is often smoked, or used for fish and chips.
These fish fillets from Iceland go perfectly with the Santa Margherita 52 Prosecco Extra Dry 2014. The wine is high in acidity, which is great for cutting through the fattiness of the fish.
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Canadian Sustainable Seafood

Canada is known for its unpolluted environment and clean ocean, so it is hardly surprising that its seafood is among the best in the world. Here's a range of sustainable seafood caught in the pristine water of the Canadian Pacific Ocean:

• Wild Canadian Sockeye Salmon on Cedar: richly textured and highly flavourful, the sockeye salmon is great for grilling, baking and pan-frying.
• Wild Canadian Pacific Halibut on Cedar: the mild flavoured fish with a firm texture is very versatile for cooking.
• Wild Canadian Atlantic Lobster Tail on Cedar: the large lobster tail with creamy white meat is succulent and loaded with flavour.
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city'super Limited and Special Edition Thermal Bag

Want to take home refresh ingredients for a seafood feast but worried that the scorching heat will spoil your food? A thermal bag* is exactly what you need! 

With a single net purchase of HK$600 or above at the "Seafood & Sparkling Market", you can redeem city'super limited and special edition thermal bag for free. Tag friends right now to get ready for your summer seafood party!

*Terms & Conditions:
1.) At least two seafood products must be included in single purchase.
2.) A HK$0.5 plastic bag levy will be charged upon redemption.
3.) Limited offer while stocks last. (Limited: 900pcs). 
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French Live Blue Mussels with Mussel Pot

Why not make your own mussel pot at home? The blue mussels from Mont-Saint-Michel Bay in France are the first seafood products to obtain a PDO (protected designation of origin). The high tides and soil rich in nutrients give the mussels a unique flavour and clean, soft and smooth texture.

From 8 to 30 Sep, purchase any two packs of Live Blue Mussels and receive a city'super Mussel Pot for free*!

*Limited offer (500pcs). While stocks last.
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French Oyster and Champagne Pairing

For an evening of luxury and indulgence, pair these scrumptious French oysters with the Philippe Gonet Reserve Brut NV – a bubbly with hints of citrus that accentuates the oysters' umami. 

city'super French Special Selection Oyster Nr.0: bred in the nutrient-rich Mont-Saint-Michel Bay, these oysters are fleshy and sweet with unique terroir characteristics. 
• French Tsarskaya Oyster Nr.1: its crispy flesh is well-balanced in saltiness with an iodine flavour and an almond aftertaste.
• French Fine De Claire Oyster TTG: this sweet, juicy variety has a nice brininess that is hard to resist.
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Italian Sparkling Wine for Discerning Palates

Connoisseurs of Italian sparkling wine should be no stranger to Franciacorta. Crafted with traditional Champagne-making methods, this sparkling wine was granted DOCG status in 1995. Winery Ca' del Bosco are among these exceptional wineries to produce Franciacorta, in particular, its Cuvée Prestige DOCG NV, a full-bodied bubbly with sweet floral notes and hints of pear, orange peel, honey and a touch of yeast and cheese. This sparkling wine pairs excellently with caviar and shellfish.
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Excellent Tapas with Spanish Canned Seafood

Spanish seafood producer La Brújula sources its ingredients from the Rias Gallegas in Galicia, handcrafting canned seafood products of exceptional quality that are reminiscent of home. La Brújula's razor clams – a prized seafood low in calories and oozing with umami – are a must-try, while its mouthwatering mussels, which are larger and meatier than most and bathed in marinade, are also not to be missed. We also adore La Brújula's sardines in olive oil and cockles gently cooked in seawater. 

Other La Brújula products available at city'super include:
• La Brújula Small Scallops in Sauce
• La Brújula Sardines in Sauce
• La Brújula Octopus Paprika
• La Brújula White Tuna in Olive Oil
• La Brújula White Tuna Belly Fillets in Olive Oil
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Moonzen x city'super Kelp Beer

In celebration of our Seafood & Sparkling Market, city'super has partnered up with beloved local craft beer brewery Moonzen to create this exclusive kelp beer. The Moonzen Konbu Gose Beer is made from Tohira kelp, specifically its knot, which is the part of the kelp with the most nutrients and was cherished for its medicinal properties in ancient Japan. 

Try this special beer for yourself at city'super today!
*Promotional products are available at selected stores only. While stocks last.
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