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city'super Ciao Summer: Italian Taste

2018/07/26 - 2018/08/15 26 (Thur) Jul – 15 (Wed) Aug 2018

@ Times Square, Harbour City, ifc mall, New Town Plaza & Lab Concept stores
When we talk about Italian cuisine, the first foods that spring to mind are pasta, pizza and gelato. From 26 (Thur) July, we will be showcasing a wider range of Italian specialities, including aromatic truffle beer and condiments, 100% organic fruit juice and handmade flat bread, as well as two classic Italian street foods: piadina and cannoli. 

Sample these authentic Italian treats at Ciao Summer: Italian Taste.
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Could This Be the Most Traditional Artisanal Pasta?

Pasta has been produced in Gragnano, Italy, for over 500 years, and for La Fabbrica Della Pasta, pasta-making is an art where they follow the same traditions as their ancestors. 

Traditionally, pasta was made by mixing only two ingredients: high-quality durum semolina and water from the natural spring in Gragnano’s mountains. The ingredients were then pressed in a bronze die, and the pasta dried under the sun. La Fabbrica Della Pasta still makes pasta the same way today!

  • La Fabbrica Della Pasta Kids Letter
  • La Fabbrica Della Pasta Kids Transport
  • La Fabbrica Della Pasta Linguine
  • La Fabbrica Della Pasta O Vesuvio
  • La Fabbrica Della Pasta Farfalloni
  • La Fabbrica Della Pasta Penne Rigate
  • La Fabbrica Della IGP Spaghetti Gragnano
  • La Fabbrica Della  La Lasagna Finger #435
  • La Fabbrica Della IGP 52cm Mafaldine
  • La Fabbrica Della IGP 52cm Spaghetti
  • La Fabbrica Della Vaso Della Fortuna
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Always Hits the Spot: New Italian Treats at city’super

Traditional Italian cuisine is known for its heartiness, and many of its street snacks found today are still crafted with age-old recipes.

Check out these two traditional Italian delights from city’super!

  • Piadina Romagnola 
Hailing from the Emilia-Romagna region, the Piadina Romagnola is a round flatbread with a variety of fillings. city’super has prepared for you three delectable flavours: Piadina with Porchetta, Piadina with Parma Ham and Piadina with Portobello Potato.

  • Cannoli 
Cannoli is a famous dessert from Sicily, and is prepared as a treat during Carnevale season. The tube-shaped crunchy pastry is filled generously with ricotta in three different flavours including Original, Assorted Fruit and Coffee – you won’t be able to stop at just one bite!
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Recipe: Make Your Own Aperol Spritz

The bittersweet Aperol’s bright orange colour came from a secret original recipe that has remained unchanged throughout the years, and is an infusion of orange, herbs and roots.

Try making your own Aperol Spritz at home!

  • 3 parts Prosecco
  • 2 parts Aperol
  • A dash of soda
  • Garnish: orange slices

1. Add ice and an orange slice to a tall glass. 
2. Pour in Prosecco, then Aperol.
3. Top with a dash of soda and enjoy!
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For Biscuit Fanatics: Crispy Italian Homemade Treats 

Mario Fongo is all about homemade baked goods produced with traditional methods, and using only a short list of ingredients: flour, water, oil, salt and yeast. No preservatives are added. 

You can enjoy Mario Fongo’s creations on their own, or as excellent accompaniments to appetisers or beef tartare.

  • Mario Fongo Flat Bread with Parmigiano Cheese 200g
  • Mario Fongo Flat Bread with Fleur de Sel 200g
  • Mario Fongo Lard-free Breadsticks 200g
  • Mario Fongo Lard-free Whole Wheat Rubata Breadsticks 200g
  • Mario Fongo Original Mini Flat Bread 100g
  • Mario Fongo Rubata Breadsticks 100g
  • Mario Fongo Mini Whole Wheat Flat Bread 100g
  • Mario Fongo Mini Mini Flat Bread 100g
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Cool Down This Summer: 100% Organic Juice from Italy

Need something to beat the heat? Probios, 100% organic juice brand from Italy, may be your answer!

With recipes designed to boost the nutritional properties of the ingredients, these juices are made with 100% organic fruits and vegetables. What’s more, they are perfect as refreshing drinks or as mixers for cocktails.

  • Probios 100% Organic Juice – Orange (Lemon, Grapefruit, Pumpkin, Carrot)
  • Probios 100% Organic Juice – Yellow (Pineapple, Ginger, Lemon)
  • Probios 100% Organic Juice – Red (Tomato, Grapefruit, Purple Carrot)
  • Probios 100% Organic Juice – Green (Kale, Kiwi, Ginger, Spinach)
  • Probios 100% Organic Juice – Purple (Blueberry, Beetroot, Purple Carrot)
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Did Someone Say “Black Truffle Beer”? 

Made locally by Hong Kong Whistle, the Boscovivo Truffle Beer is all about the balance between Italian summer black truffles and malt. This amber ale oozes umami, as well as earthy notes with a musky aroma. 

Lovers of black truffles may also try Italian truffle products by Boscovivo, including the Black Truffle Sauce with Truffle Slices, White Truffle Salt, Black Truffle Extra-virgin Olive Oil and White Truffle Sauce.
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Exquisite Red Wines Straight from Italy

Craving a good red wine? Here are two of our recommendations from Italy:

1. Zeni Vigne Alte Amarone Classico 2013
Zeni family has been growing vines since 1870. This particular red has notes of rose petal, plum, ripen cherry and kicks of tobacco aroma. Complex with a lingering finish.

2. Giovanni Rosso Barolo La Serra 2012
Giovanni Rosso was established in 1890 and the family owns many good quality vineyards in Italy. This wine has aromas of violet and rose, along with black fruit and hints of coffee and licorice. Powerful, tannic with a long finish. 
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