city'super New Town Plaza Store Reopens: The Foodie Wonderland

2017/11/17 @ New Town Plaza store
Featuring the brand new “Foodie Wonderland” concept, city'super New Town Plaza store is the first city'super store to introduce Ready-to-Eat experience with Meat Deli, Seafood Bar and Deli & Cheese counters. 

Customers will get the opportunity to savour a wide global viariety of delicacies with wine and sake pairing. Our instore standing bar invites you to have some quality time with family and friends, and enjoy the gourmet experience.
Meat Deli
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Nagoya Cochin Chicken Wings

One of Japan’s most beloved chicken breeds, the Nagoya Cochin chicken is farmed for 130 days and boasts a firm and chewy texture. The deliciously crunchy and fragrant fried chicken wings make for perfect snacks.
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One Bite Beef Skewer

Every skewer features three premium beef varieties each from Korea, Japan and the US. We recommend you to start with the Hoengseong Hanwoo and the Yamagata wagyu, before moving on to the richer US dry-aged beef.

- Hoengseong Hanwoo — city'super is an exclusive retailer of the Hoengseong Hanwoo beef. The Hanwoo beef sold here bears the Hoengseong Government's board certification label, which guarantees it to be purebred and of premium quality. 

- Yamagata Beef — All Yamagata beef is certified by the Japan Meat Grading Association and issued with the certificate of origin. This beef is known for its beautiful marbling and sweet, delicate flavours. 

- US Dry-aged Striploin — The US long grain-fed Angus beef is selected, hanged, dry-aged and cut by city'super's own meat buyers and specialists. The whole process is stringently monitored to ensure quality and taste.
Seafood Bar
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Grilled Live Lobster

The succulent and sweet Canadian Atlantic lobster is found in the pure and icy waters of Canada’s Atlantic Ocean. Drizzle a few drops of lemon juice on the lobster to accentuate its freshness.
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Blue Mussels in White Wine Sauce 

Found only in the pristine waters of Mont-Saint-Michel, the blue mussels are rich in minerals and boasts an incredibly tender, smooth texture and a sweet taste. The white wine sauce gives these mussels an extra layer of flavours.
Deli & Cheese
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Snacking Time

Consisting of Iberico ham, Lomito and Serrano de Trevelez from Bellota-Bellota*, this snack combo is a great representation of authentic Spanish deli fare, and is best served with bread and tomato paste

*city'super is the exclusive retail partner of Bellota-Bellota in Hong Kong
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Leoni Coppiette di Puro Suino

A family business established in Italy in 1940, Leoni carefully selects the noble parts of the pig and makes it into wonderfully seasoned pork jerky with rich flavours and a spicy kick.
Wine Cellar
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Limited Quantity - Tsugu Junmai Daiginjo

Limited Quantity - Tsugu Junmai Daiginjo
With an annual production of merely 2,500 bottles, the Tsugu Junmai Daiginjo is made from Gohyakumangoku rice, which is polished to 35% of its original size and fermented with the brewery’s own yeast. The final product is extracted at low pressure and only the purest 60% makes it into the bottle.

To celebrate the opening of the revamped store, we are introducing a limited number of 12 bottles of Tsugu Junmai Daiginjo, available at the New Town Plaza store only.
RF1 Sozai
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RF1 Juice Bar

RF1 Sozai serves up a variety of Japanese salads. The shop also offers four options of freshly made vegetable and fruit juices popular in Japan:

1)  Mixed Berry - blueberry, raspberry, cranberry
2) Mango - mango, milk, lemon,
3) Kale, Avocado & Kiwi - kale, kiwi, avocado, banana, apple, komatsuna
4) Mixed Vegetables
     14 kinds of vegetables:
kale, cabbage, green coral, green oak, komatsuna, red cabbage, red coral, Italian parsley, carrot, red bell pepper, yellow bell pepper, pumpkin, potato, celery
     4 kinds of fruits:
orange, pineapple, apple ,lemon
     1 kind of grain: wheat germ
Limited Treats
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So Coco Brand New Fruit-infused Super Bowl

In a collaboration with city'super, So Coco is introducing three fruit-infused Super Bowls that will be available for a limited period at the New Town Plaza store. 

Three flavours are available for selection:

Mango Tango — coconut pudding, organic chia pudding, fresh mango, fresh passion fruit, coconut chips

Pina Colada — coconut pudding, organic chia pudding, fresh pineapple, fresh passion fruit, coconut chips

Choconut — chocolate coconut pudding, organic chia pudding, fresh fig, fresh blueberry, coconut chips
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Special Edition Shatin Yau Pomelo Craft Beer & Offer

Trendsetting homegrown brewery Moonzen has created the Special Edition "Shatin Yau" Pomelo Craft Beer specially for city'super. With a Shatin-inspired label, it brings new flavours to Shatin beer lovers.

Good news for beer lovers!

You can receive a free bottle of special-edition city’super x Moonzen Shatin Yau Pomelo Craft Beer* with any single net purchase of HK$250 or above on the same day at city’super New Town Plaza store.
Redemption Location: Customer Service Counter @New Town Plaza store
*Limited to 360 bottles, while stocks last.
Welcome Offers
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Japanese Grilled Seafood Tin*

Customers can pick their favourite shellfish or crustaceans at the Seafood Bar. The live seafood is cooked and placed in a special Japanese Grilled Seafood Tin, giving you a Japanese-style seafood feast that’s amazingly fresh and delicious. 

*Receive a free Japanese Grilled Seafood Tin (excluding seafood items) upon a single net purchase of live shellfish and crustacean items worth HK$388 or above.

Promotion Period: From now until 3 December 2017
Limited to 200pcs, while stock lasts
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Tsugu Junmai Daiginjo & Japanese Traditional Wooden Sake Cup (Masu)

Enjoy free tasting of Tsugu Junmai Daiginjo (50ml) and receive a Japanese traditional wooden sake cup (masu), upon any single net purchase of Kubota Sake worth HK$800 or above.

Limited to 20 sets, while stock lasts.
*Promotional products are available at selected stores only. While stocks last.
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