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2018/09/05 - 2018/10/31
Enjoy Double Bonus Points with Buyer's Recommendations & Top Picks
From 5 Sep 2018 to 31 Oct 2018, super e and super e-gold members can enjoy Double Bonus Points on 200-plus items at city’super and LOG-ON. While stocks last. Come and check out the goodies we have specially picked for you.
LOG-ON Top Picks
1. Hello Kitty Multi Storage Cabinet
2. Hello Kitty 4 Drawers Cabinet
3. Hello Kitty Folding Tea Table
4. Hello Kitty 3 Drawers Cabinet
5. Hello Kitty Foldable Bag (32L)-Navy
6. Hello Kitty Foldable Bag (32L)-White
7. Hello Kitty Canvas Tote - Helium Balloon
8. Hello Kitty Canvas Tote - Ribbon
9. 2 Standard Vacuum Bags L-Traveller
10. 2 Standard Vacuum Bags L-Business Man
11. 2 Standard Vacuum Bags L-Princess
12. WL-25 Day Pack Frame L-Black
13. Pitta Mask-Gray
14. Pocket Fruit Fan-Grapefruit
15. Pocket Fruit Fan-Kiwi
16. Lens Cleansing Tissue 10'S
17. Memory Foam Evolution Pillow - Black
18. 6 Ports Usb Charging Station - Black
19. Spray Family-Infested Areas 75Ml
20. BÜBI 22OZ/650ML-Smoke
21. BÜBI 22OZ/650ML-Pink
22. Travelguard Security Card
23. AW Roo Garbage 30L-Campbell Soup
24. AW Roo Garbage 30L-Banana
25. MOMAX 1-World 4USB AC Travel Adaptor-Grey
26. MOMAX 1-World 4USB AC Travel Adaptor-Gold
27. CB-01 Day Pack M - Black
28. CB-01 Day Pack M - Khaki
29. Hello Kitty Lens Cleaning Cloth-Stripe
30. Hello Kitty Lens Cleaning Cloth-Heart
31. Hello Kitty Lens Cleaning Cloth-MF Bear
32. Hello Kitty Lens Cleaning Cloth-Dot
33. Sanrio Hello Kitty EMB.Badge Set
34. Hello Kitty Tote Bag-Stripe
35. Hello Kitty Tote Bag-Dot
36. WPCxLOG-ON Biz Fold 58CM UN-104-Dot
37. Carrot And BP At- Mini Black
38. Adidas Originals Repellent Spray 200ml
39. Adidas Orginals Cleaning Drops 140ml
40. Dr.Ci Labo Shrink Pore Mask 32 Pieces
41. 4OZ. Essential Kit
42. Liquiproof Fabric Protector 250ml
43. Race Hello Kitty Lip Balm
44. Race Hello Kitty Face Mask
45. Kose S-Carat Deodorant Powder Spray Rose
46. SQS Deep Moisture Astringent Point Mask
47. Saborino All-In-One Morning Mark-32'S
48. Lululun X Log-On Limited-set
49. Pore Care Rice Serum Cream 30g
50. SQS Deep Moisture Skin Lotion 300ml
51. OTB Natural Clear Sun Stick Ryan SPF 50
52. OTB Natural Sun Cushion Ryan SPF 50
53. OTB Natural No Sebum Sun Pact SPF 40 A
54. Smooth Liquid Eyeliner Super Keep 0.4ml
55. Botanist Spring Body Soap '18 Lig18 (light)
56. Mat Fleur Cheeks-01
57. Soybean Rich Moisturizing Jelly Mask-5pc
58. KT Lifestyle Aroma Diffuser
59. Natural Healthy Standard Beauty Soy Protein Powder Fruit Mix
60. Kura Plant Based Vegan Protein Powder (Choco)
61. Elecom Refree On Thermal Equipment Pink
62. Elecom Refree On Thermal Equipment Blue
63. Elecom Cordless Massager-2 Point Pad(1pc)+Device(Blue)
64. Elecom Cordless Massager-2 Point Pad+Device(Pink)
65. Moji Mini Pro
66. Shinyakoso Night Diet (Gold)
67. Svelty Break Down Yeast Capsule
68. Sanrio Hello Kitty Paperwork A5 Notebook
69. Sanrio Hello Kitty Paperwork A6 Notebook
70. Sanrio True Wireless Smart Earphone Kt
71. Thecoopidea  5000Mah Powerbank Kt Iconic
72. Thecoopidea 5000Mah Powerbank Kt S.Berry
73. Sanrio Hello Kitty A4 Folder A
74. Sanrio Hello Kitty A4 Folder B
75. Sanrio Hello Kitty A4 Folder C
76. Sanrio Hello Kitty A4 Folder D
77. Hello Kitty Masking Tape (2Cm X 10M) A
78. Hello Kitty Masking Tape (2Cm X 10M) B
79. Hello Kitty Masking Tape (2Cm X 10M) C
80. Hello Kitty Masking Tape (2Cm X 10M) D
81. Hello Kitty Masking Tape (3Cm X 10M) A
82. Hello Kitty Masking Tape (3Cm X 10M) B
83. Hello Kitty Masking Tape (6Cm X 10M)
84. Sanrio Hello Kitty Pen Case S
85. Sanrio Hello Kitty Pen Case L
86. Sanrio Hello Kitty Window Art Sticker A
87. Sanrio Wireless Charger KT Iconic
88. Sanrio Wireless Charger KT Strawberry
89. Sanrio Hello Kitty Drawstring Bag
90. Momax Ipower Air Wireless 10000MAH L Bk
91. Cyber Clean Standard Ver. New Zipbag 80G
92. Boogie Board Magic Sketch
93. Momax Q.Pad X Fast Wireless Charger Blk
94. Hb Photo Board Card - Box
95. Travis The Translator
96. Sanrio Hello Kitty X MF Bear Plush
97. Hello Kitty Wooden Drawer
98. Hello Kitty Wooden Twin Drawer
99. Hello Kitty Wooden Tray
100. Sanrio Hello Kitty Huge Ribbon Cushion
101. L.O.L Surprise Doll Asst Series 3
102. Light Box A6 Size Rose Gold
103. Light Box A6 Size Gold
104. Light Box A6 Size Silver
105. Cinematic Light Box A6 Size
106. Tokidoki Unicorno Series 6
107. Prynt Pocket Photo Paper 20s
108. Fujifilm Instant Film “Instax Square
109. TMDC Hong Kong Public Light Bus (Green)
110. TMDC Hong Kong Public Light Bus (Red)
111. TMDC Hong Kong Taxi (Green)
112. TMDC Hong Kong Taxi (Red)
113. TMDC Hong Kong Taxi (Blue)
114. LOG-ON MF Bear w/Twistable Skeleton
115. Cha Cha N1. Matcha Softcream - Deluxe 1Pc
116. Hello Kitty Ceramic Plate 8" 2Pcs Set
117. ROYCE' Potato Sesame Cookie 15Pcs
118. ROYCE' Fruit Bar Chocolate 12Pcs
119. ROYCE' Maccha Bar Chocolate 12Pcs

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