Toy Story 4

2019/07/04 - 2019/07/17 4 (Thur) – 17 (Wed) Jul 2019
The Toy Story series is back in town – an exciting time for people from the 80s and 90s generation, even though they’re grown up now. These Toy Story 4 products will take you back to the good old days of your childhood, and kids today are sure to enjoy them just as much.
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The Hamm You Can’t Eat
Hamm might not be the best-known Toy Story character, but he brought us laughter every time he showed up.
This LOG-ON-exclusive, specially designed Cosbaby of Hamm wearing a lifebelt is so cute you might want to take him back home.
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You’ve got the Friends in Them
As the song in the movie says, You’ve Got a Friend in Me – and these toys are also good friends to their owners.
Never be alone again with this LOG-ON-exclusive talking plush toy, which is always there to listen to you.
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Fishing with the Aliens
As well as the main characters, the Aliens are also immensely popular.
The classic Fishing Game has never been more fun than with the Toy Story 4 Alien Fishing Game, a must-have for all the Aliens’ fans. Featuring little Aliens in a cool spaceship, which you have to grab with your claw as the spaceship spins.
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Travel Buddy on the Road
Some people take a plush toy wherever they travel and take photos with it. To get the plush toy sitting still in front of the camera sometimes is a quite an issue.
These cute poseable plush toys can sit and hold on to small items with their hands, allowing them to blend into the scenery.
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