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Ever struggled to make your gifts to loved ones a joyful surprise that makes them feel special? Whether you’re trying to recreate a past memory or illustrate a vision of the future, your thoughts and feelings can be reflected in the gift. As long as you put your heart into it, your gift can carry a whole new meaning.

LOG-ON hopes to give a rebirth to the art of gift giving by providing customers with the chance to convey creativity and warmth in their presents. The MANUAL FACTORY in Harbour City, a one stop gift centre will provide shoppers with a fantastic environment to personalise and create unique gifts for friends and loved ones, and give a rebirth to the gift.

Presents are like roses, they can serve a multitude of purposes – for proposals, Valentine’s Day, birthday celebrations, apologies and much more. However, everyone wants their gifts to friends and loved ones to be unique but are often restricted by a lack of inspiration. In the MANUAL FACTORY, one can simply follow the nine different sections of special tools and handcrafts to become a gift giving expert.

Button Making:

Design your own unique button or choose from one of the pre-printed patterns. Attach it to your favourite bag or to a gift as thoughtful present for someone you care about.

Custom Engraving:

Choose from the selected items made in glass, metal and hard plastic to create a personalised gift by mechanically engraving a message, initials, names or even photos on them.

Leather Embossing:

Have your leather gifts embossed! Choose your favorite leather item, font type and size. We can emboss the leather with your selected monograms, initials or names to transform your product into a unique and personalised item.

Heat Pressing:

Choose from our collection of heat transfers and embroidered badges to create your own personalised tote bag.

Greeting Cards:

A greeting card is more heartwarming than an email or text, and suitable for all sorts of occasions! You can use our fountain pens to write your own messages, or use the stamps, seals and decorations to make a unique personal greeting card.
On top of our gift enhancing machinery, we have; pens and inks; stamps and seals; a DIY wrapping section ; and a special wrapping counter to make your gift selection even more distinctive and unique. So long as you have the desire to create a special gift, MANUAL FACTORY will have the necessary tools and products to make it possible.

So, how does one create the perfect gift? Staff from the LOG-ON Special Wrapping Counter have decided to share two tips for wrapping gifts:
1. Choose the wrapping style
2. Craft the detail
You can choose to wrap the gift according to the type of gift or to the recipient’s personality. If the recipient enjoys elegant and stylish objects, then a Retro Style a would match their tastes. If you’re after a simple yet uniquely wrapped gift, a Layered Style b would be an ideal wrapping method.

a. “Retro Style”: You can create your own unique retro style by using stencil paper, kraft paper or by dying the paper with black tea or coffee and matching it with hemp rope.

b. “Layered Style”: This wrapping style is easy to do and can be used on almost any gift. Simply fold different layers on the original package and mix and match different types of paper and rope to make the gift more unique and thoughtful.

Special thoughts and well wishes are best conveyed through the delicate details of the gift wrap. Wrapping staff advise gift givers to make use of the nine different sections of the MANUAL FACTORY, choosing your favourite wrapping paper, ribbon, tags and cards. You can also use our selection of fountain pens and ink to write down your greetings on a card, and decorate it with our stamps and other handcrafted objects to add a completely new and sincere dimension to your gift.
LOG-ON MANUAL FACTORY in Harbour City will open on August 19th. Search “logonhk” on Facebook and “Like” the LOG-ON Facebook to enjoy a special 10% off discount!
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