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Kalo Make Art Calligraphy Starter Kit
When was the last time you wrote something? Some people only pick up a pen when they need to sign their name. Almost everything is done with computers nowadays, and there is no need to start from scratch on a piece of paper anymore. However, the uniqueness and personality of handwriting is still treasured by some people, Kalo is one of them. She has an insight into using calligraphy in graphic design, and has developed Kalo Make Art Calligraphy Starter Kit to help calligraphy beginners.
Products you have seen in this page
Products you have seen in this page
From Hobby to Profession
Kalo started learning calligraphy under the influence of her father. However, what inspired her most were the days in Britain where she read a book about copperplate script fonts. She was fascinated by the book, and started her obsession with calligraphy. Kalo later left for Singapore and she tried to search for courses and classes on calligraphy design, but to no avail. Through self-training for the next 4 to 5 years, Kalo then moved back to Hong Kong with her husband, quit her clerical day job, and established her own studio for invitation cards design.
Products you have seen in this page
Many of the wedding invitations designed by Kalo are custom-made. The period from the first meeting to the final product, surprisingly, requires four to six months. “First I have to understand the background and needs of the couple, then I start working on the design and drawings. The client can revise the design up to two times, before it is finally printed. It really takes a lot of time and effort!” However, it is truly a unique experience that shows the sincerity of the engaged couple when the guests receive a handwritten invitation. 
Writing From the Heart
Calligraphy requires a lot of effort and time. Can’t the handwriting design be mimicked by a computer? “If you look closely, you can still spot the differences in the style. The uniqueness and personality that cannot be generated by the computer, for example, I once used gilded paint to draw quotes.” Although the computer can help with printing cards, and is faster and more convenient when editing a design through a computer program, Kalo believes that the best method is to strike a balance between handwriting and machine.
Products you have seen in this page
Products you have seen in this page
To help promote calligraphy art in Hong Kong, Kalo will be hosting workshops with LOG-ON ToGather. She has also created a Kalo Make Art Calligraphy Starter Kit for beginners, equipped with a stylish combination of a fountain pen, ink, a copperplate font card, and a small tote bag. “I have learned calligraphy through trial and error. If I was guided by an instructor with proper equipment, it would have been much faster and easier!”
People have become so dependant on autocorrect that sometimes they forget how to spell a word. Learning calligraphy not only enables us to rediscover the feeling of writing, but also the importance in writing every stroke with focus and heart. 
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