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There are all sorts of love in the world; all sorts of presentations and forms of expression. Even for just romantic love, every single person has a unique story. Some like to express their affection through music, people who are more physical like to do it through kisses and hugs. However the Kokeshi Match Team from Japan has given the expression of love a brand new style, with something as common that you and I might have never thought of: matches.
With creativity, delicate handcraft and a sense of humor, they give matches faces and outfits, turning them into adorable dolls that represent love! From now till Valentine’s Day, Kokeshi Match Team will be exhibiting their art series made from matches entitled “The Glow of Love”, exclusively at LOG-ON Fashion Walk store. Join us at the exhibition to see how these matches can “glow”, not into real flames, but sparkling love. 
Products you have seen in this page
Products you have seen in this page
Full of Love - Match Dolls
In this brand new year, LOG-ON ToGather continues to focus on creativity of lifestyle. Together with Miss Kumi Hirasaka, Miss Akiko Yamada and Mr. Shinsuke Nishiumi of Kokeshi Match Team all the way from Japan, LOG-ON began the year with the theme of Love, showcasing their works of match art with an exhibition, and organizing workshops to demonstrate how to make these adorable dolls on your own.
Speaking of different forms of love, which are the ones you may think of? The definition of love is very broad in the eyes of the Kokeshi Match Team. It overcomes territorial boundaries, crosses ancient and present, reality and myths. The exhibition has divided love into 3 major scopes: “Japanese Familial Love”, “Love on the Big Screen”, and “Love in Ancient Japan”, with topics including traditional Japanese festivals, myths and films among others. All the matches are aesthetically styled into delicate dolls to represent the themes of love. 
Products you have seen in this page
Products you have seen in this page
Japanese Familial Love

A family starts with a man and a woman getting married, having a child, and living together peacefully into old age. This set of works expresses the familial love of Japanese families, including situations like wedding ceremony, kid’s birthday, and naming ceremony for the child. The dolls are designed into details with every piece of traditional clothing and specific props used in ceremony, which will leave you in awe.
In a traditional Japanese wedding ceremony, the couple breaks a wine jug and shares the wine with their guests as a sign of blessing received from the guests.
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Products you have seen in this page
Love on the Big Screen
Love in films is often dramatically unforgettable, such as the romantic moments in Titanic; and the pure friendship between the two children in The Little Vagrant Lady; and in Rocky, an obscure boxer fighting to realize the American dream, expressing the love towards one’s nation.
Named “Submerged in Love”, this piece of work has an obvious reference from Titanic. The lady’s waving long hair and dress remind people of the night breeze blowing at the cruise ship.
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Products you have seen in this page
Love in Ancient Japan
This set of works is a fusion of history, traditions and myths, inspired by traditional Japanese folktales, such as the “Issun-boshi” (one-inch boy) and fairy tale Taketori Monogatari (the tale of the bamboo cutter). Also included are the Doll Festival which is still a present convention, and the polygamy practices in the Edo period.
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Entitled “Love at Any Size”, Issun-boshi in the Japanese folk legend is only 3cm tall. Even so, he still fought bravely against evil to protect the princess. Even the match is cut into 3cm to perfectly depict the character.
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At the center of the LOG-ON ToGather creative corner, the “Tabako ♥ Toshio” tale made from matches is displayed. It is a love story that revolves around the match couple, from their first encounter to a love triangle with the appearance of Mr. Lighter, to the reconciliation at the end. The Kokeshi team’s detailed design goes as extreme as giving the match couple a hot borscht soup in the winter setting!
Miss Hirasaka is demonstrating how to print adorable faces onto the small wooden matches. To do so, it requires simple materials such as cutter, folding papers and a bit of paint. Normally 3 days are needed for each set of work for the paint to dry. What’s the most important of all? 100% concentration and patience.  
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The Kokeshi Match Team from Japan delivered classes on match stamping and match-doll making. All participants devoted their maximum concentration to printing expressions on the matches’ faces and folding traditional clothing with pieces of paper.
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Creativity 20 Years ago  
Popular Souvenirs 20 Years after

Even shorter than a child’s finger, who would think of giving these wooden matches facial expressions and pretty clothes? But how did everything start? In 1994, Miss Hirasaka joined a box-themed creative competition with her friends. She used 100 boxes of matches and drew a unique face on every single one of the matches, turning them into traditional Japanese dolls. Nobody thought that this creative work would go on to become one of the popular souvenirs of Osaka.
Products you have seen in this page
Products you have seen in this page
Size does not matter as creativity might come tiny. Anything can become an art piece with thoughtful design. In the coming Valentine’s Day, it’s the perfect time to let out your creative mind.
The Glow of LOVE
Exhibition Date: 1 Jan – 14 Feb 2016
Location: Causeway Bay Fashion Walk LOG-ON ToGather
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