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Being the everlasting source of inspiration, LOVE, has transformed to countless art pieces throughout thousands of years. Artists use their utmost abilities to exhibit the beauty and meaning of love, until today, people are still diligent and never slacking to try new perspectives, by combining with diverse materials, to create more and more love artworks. In this love filled month, LOG-ON ToGather, Lomography and eight local design units come together, exhibiting love with photos, wood, papers, leather, fabrics, crystals, strings and technology, showing love in various remarkable forms.

From now on to 2 Apr, LOG-ON ToGather’s Theory of Love exhibition runs in our Festival Walk and Causeway Bay Fashion Walk shop. A series of activities include photo exhibitions by Lomography crossing over the eight local designers, and the workshops and sharing by the parties. Surely a time to feel the temperature of love in an artistic way.
Lomography x LOG-ON ToGather
Capturing the Artistry of Love
Products you have seen in this page
The arty Lomo’Instant photos now exhibit love stories with light and shadows based on local design brands’ perspectives. Trails of every detail are meticulously captured by the photos, displaying the temperature and touching moments of relationships.

Lomography Workshop @ LOG-ON ToGather
Lomo’Instant Photography Workshop
25 Feb (Sat) 3pm–4:30pm@ LOG-ON Festival Walk store
11 Mar (Sat) 4pm–5:30pm@ LOG-ON Fashion Walk store
Love in 8 Art Forms 

Love always closes the gap between people. This time, in the name of love, eight local design units come together in LOG-ON ToGather. They put to use different media to interpret the five stages of love. Their interesting artworks are now sold in the venue, and you can even make a personalized one yourself! In February and March, designers from the brands are going to hold workshops, you will have this valuable chance to make one impressive artwork which contains your love under designers’ guidance, then later send this special gift to your beloved one.
Falling in Love
Suddenly, all the love songs were about you.
Products you have seen in this page
Products you have seen in this page
“If my love makes you smile, I’m satisfied.” Theory Theory believes that loving a person is persistence without return, or purely a feeling. Through the candid yet a little silly characters of the brand, we seem to see ourselves in real life how to love and live.

Theory Theory – Mini Speakable Pin Making Workshop
Date: 18 Mar (Sat), 3pm–5:30pm
Venue: LOG-ON Fashion Walk store
Local creative brand Seed by Mi uses 3D printing technology to create accessories each with their own unique textures and patterns. The brand is created by two girls who have been friends since childhood. Throughout their creative journey, they deeply felt how precious mutual support, encouragement and care were, that’s why they hope to share their blessings using their products.

Seed by Mi – 3D Printing Accessories Making Workshop
Date: 11 Feb (Sat), 3pm–4:30pm
Venue: LOG-ON Festival Walk store
I’m Yours
You will forever be my always.
Products you have seen in this page
Products you have seen in this page
The maturing of leather over the years is like the change in lovers after growing and overcoming all the tests. Being the first local brand offering leather DIY kit, Leatherism believes the change of vegetable tanned leather in its glossiness, colour and texture transformed by its surroundings after years of use, represents lovers who eventually become unique to each other after experiencing together. It is a beloved testament of its time.

Leatherism – Leather Bear Making Workshop
Date:12 Feb (Sun),2pm–6pm
Venue: LOG-ON Festival Walk store
With passion and patience, Paper Diamond transforms a normal piece of paper into elegant 3D artworks. The brand’s founder believes that paper art is like a romance: on your mind day and night and carry you through the tough times. When doing the creations wholeheartedly, every detail during the process gives a feeling of ‘belongs to you only’.
Love United
Our family is just the right mix of chaos and love.
Products you have seen in this page
Products you have seen in this page
With their passions for stationery and letterpress printing, the three sisters together run a letterpress print and design workshop and started up ditto ditto. Letterpress printing transfers hand drawn images to heavy papers and produce paper products with unique and impressive textures. The three believe that when you pay more attention to details in life, you can have a lot of precious gifts to share with others.

ditto ditto – Letterpress Stationery Set Making Workshop 
Date:25-26 Mar (Sat & Sun) 11:30am–2pm/ 4pm–6:30pm
Venue: LOG-ON Fashion Walk store
Connections among people are like strings, where our paths cross are knots, eventually forming a web of relationships, putting inside different kinds of love. The dream catcher from the Native American tribes, is a traditional symbol of passing down blessings to generations, they believe this sacred web can prevent nightmares and unite tribe members. Mishtar Lifestyle would like to bring its blessing to each one of you.

Mishtar Lifestyle – Dream Catcher Making Workshop 
Date: 4 Mar (Sat) 2pm–5pm
Venue: LOG-ON Festival Walk store
Love Yourself
Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.
Before you are ready to love somebody else, turn your negative feelings to positive ones, and let you love yourself first. Starville’s orgonite pyramids composed of crystals and metals to purify the energy around, they suit well to place in bedrooms or offices, and guard you to a safe path. Each of the pyramids is handmade.

Starville – Orgonite Making Workshop
Date:19 Mar (Sun) 3pm–5pm
Venue: LOG-ON Fashion Walk store
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Buddy Love 

You’re weird, but I like you.
The two wood-lovers finally met, and together side by side, they shared their same path to explore and grow, later created Saturn Wood Workshop. The two girls hope to share with others the joy of making something by hand, and the appreciation for the uniqueness of handcrafted items, so they branched out into teaching woodworking and making custom projects. They know how lucky they are to meet each other.

Saturn Wood – Walnut Wood Star Light Making Workshop
Date: 11 Mar (Sat) 5pm–8pm
Venue: LOG-ON Festival Walk store
Products you have seen in this page
Please visit LOG-ON ToGather’s page to acquire our latest information on workshops and tips for trendy lifestyle.
Art pieces not only come from the hands of artists, use your heart to make, pour in love into your work, an outstanding art piece can also be made from your pair of hands.
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