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5 Types of Love  5 Love Languages
February is the month to celebrate love. Valentine’s Day comes once a year in the month with the least number of days – love in time before it goes. Love comes in different forms and shapes, 5 languages can be distinguished out of the bunch: falling in love, affectionate love, familial love, buddy love, and love yourself. Distinctive but one thing in common, they all must be treasured. LOG-ON here brings to you gift ideas to present love. No more excuses, express your love to those who deserve now.
The Guide of Giving Love – Love Languages
When a relationship is old enough, we get increasingly lazy in maintaining it. When was the last time you expressed love to the person you care? According to anthropologist Gary Chapman, there are 5 basic Love Languages, which fit into different kinds of relationships.
Buddy Love
‘A true friend only posts the photos you both look good in.’
Love Language: Affirmation
Words of affirmation and recognition are human’s deepest needs. Be generous with praises and encouragements; spread positivity to your neighbors. 
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LuLuLun Special Gift (Left 3)
HK$178 Buy Now

The special facial mask gift set by popular Japanese brand LuLuLun will reveal your friend’s most beautiful side. Fully contains components extracted from rice in Japan, including supports supple skin, abundantly moisturize skin and protects skin from ultra violet
Nadeshiko Baking Soda Scrub Wash Beauty Mirror Set (Right 3)

Bringing baking soda into the world of beauty, Ishizawa Lab has taken over Japan and beyond with their brand Nadeshiko’s facial wash series. Nadeshiko comes back with the Baking Soda Scrub Wash Beauty Mirror Set, top pick for your skincare conscious friend.
Love United
‘It’s not how big the house is, it’s how happy the home is.’
Love Language: Receiving Gifts
Is wanting presents a greedy thought? Of course not. Instead, a gift represents your thoughts for that special someone who stays on your mind, and the gift is a manifestation of that special thought.
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Fuji x Hellolulu Mini 9 Set
HK$ 990

Your family will always be on your side, but also taken for granted. Treasure every minute you spend with them by capturing the moments with a camera. A simple click on the shutter will give you long lasting frames of memories. 
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Iroha Box Album & Accessories

Make your very own photo album and card by hand for your dearly family, friends or lover, surprise them with the loving photos and warmhearted words of love.
Falling in Love
‘My favourite place in all the world is next to you.’
Love Language: Acts of Service
Make him breakfast, pick him up from work, such acts of pleasurable service will certainly deliver your love.
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Rosaire' Nite Glowing Roses & Preserved Roses

The most romantic gift for this year’s Valentine’s Day has to be the glowing preserved roses by Rosaire' Nite. With preservation technology keeping the blossoms permanently, the bouquet will last forever along with your affection.
I’m Yours
‘My weakness was chocolate, but now it’s you.’
Love Language: Physical Tough
One can express strong love or hate through physical contact – a gentle hug to care, a furious slap to hurt, or bring him closer to your heart with the warmth on your palm.
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POSTalk Light Model Card - Pumpkin Carriage

Here comes the pumpkin carriage in magnificent light and shadows; delivering to all the lovebirds fantastical surprises and enchanted evenings.
Love Yourself
‘Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.’
Love Language: Quality Time
Placing you heart fully on one single thing needs time, but it is a matter of quality instead of quantity. Whether it is spending time with others or your own self, attention and thoughtfulness are the keys to your voices deep down.
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Smartclean Ultrasonic Cleaner for glasses – LAVENDER
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A clear focus requires spotless spectacles! The SmartClean ultrasonic cleaner removes the tiniest dirt and stains of grease from your glasses. Enjoy professional cleaning service at home. Special edition of pastel purple premiered at LOG-ON.
Generously express your love in this February, It’s time to let them know that you care.
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