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When did I start getting used to squeezing through this crowded city? Or packed into the MTR with other commuters like sardines? I may do it every day but I surely don’t enjoy any part of it. What I want is simple: just a nice stroll within a cozy store, where I can explore interesting things for my friends, my family, and myself. Even if for just an hour, I need that self-satisfying moment, which I can own entirely.
So here I am right now, at the LOG-ON Cityplaza store in Taikoo Shing, trying to put together a travelogue for my travel-mate to Japan. My memories from the trip have started to slip away so I must act quickly to capture it. Sitting down at a peaceful corner in the LOG-ON café, I relish in their rich Matcha Parfait, while drawing and writing in the TRAVERLER’S notebook I have just bought, giving the notebook my unique DIY twists… This is how I want to spend a comfy afternoon. This is what I call Life.
Originally I didn’t plan to get a new notebook as I already had one. In fact, I was only planning to look for some DIY materials for decoration, until the TRAVELER’S notebook caught my eyes. The soft leather cover with a hint of vintage, plus the free-of-charge embossing service, how could I not get one? I began to think of a line to be embossed on the cover – “FLY ME TO THE MOON” – that will be my next travel destination.
For any purchase of TRAVELER’S notebook products over $300, customers may enjoy a free leather embossing service with letters and patterns for their unique notebooks.
Products you have seen in this page
All LOG-ON staff are ready to give you a hand for this service.
Products you have seen in this page
Products you have seen in this page

With my newly-embossed leather notebook in hand, I continue to stroll around this cozy LOG-ON store in search of DIY materials, and suddenly find myself overwhelmed with all the choices – flooded with columns of stickers, masking tapes, also well-designed fountain pens, dip pens… all kinds of pens. In the end I decide to buy a box of colored pencils, which I am sure will come in handy when I make the travelogue.
Various kinds of DIY materials are provided at the store to customize your own TRAVELER’S notebook, including themed stamps, colored beads and masking tapes. Colorful modern styles or vintage retro styles, you name it.
The LOG-ON Cityplaza store has a distinctive character: an in-store LOG-ON café. Connected directly to the store, it offers tired shopper’s feet a place to rest. Designed in white and wooden colors, this brightly lit LOG-ON café offers more than food and beverages; it is also an exhibition area. Glass showcases hanging off the wall are specially made for exhibits such as the Sonny Angel series, in which the 1-month exhibition ended only a short while ago. I was lucky to have visited the exhibition for the limited edition Sonny Angels. Themed exhibitions roll out every now and then; I must keep an eye on upcoming events.
Getting ready for DIY at the café~
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The Sweetshouse Cha Cha signature Matcha Soft Cream can now be found at Cityplaza. New parfaits are brought to the menu to sooth your sweet tooth, such as the Hokkaido Milk Soft Cream and Fukuoka White Peach flavors; both have a rich flavor and toppings. Oh it’s time for afternoon tea, let me order the Uji Matcha Parfait…
What’s so special about parfaits, is that they are layered with different ingredients. Take the Uji Matcha Parfait as an example, besides soft cream, there is matcha sponge cake, Hokkaido red bean puree, matcha and hojicha jelly; you can even add popcorn or cornflakes. Layers of ingredients and textures, mixed or separated, you can feel the richness melting and crunching inside your mouth.
Capture your memories on the pages of a notebook before they slip away; too soon, too quickly.
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While sitting at the bar table and scooping matcha soft cream and jelly down my throat, I am also creating a collage with my recently developed photographs in the TRAVELER’S notebook, trying to piece together a DIY twist on this gift-to-be. Adding a little patterned masking tape here, some stamp prints there; jotting down a few notes, and coloring the pages for different moods…finally my travelogue is finished, so is my Matcha Parfait, and I start to miss the process of both…
I still have some time before dinner, and now that my travelogue is complete, I need to find something for this last bit of leisure time…and I came across the Beauty Corner. Quietly sitting inside the store, a large vanity mirror is what distinguishes the Beauty Corner from other sections, with a mountain of cosmetics and hair beauty products for free try-ons. What’s good about this corner is the sampling experience – you get to try on everything without needing to buy them all! Hmm…seems my hair is not long enough to let me do my own hair curling, I really should have asked for help from the trained staff.
Products you have seen in this page
Products you have seen in this page
My 3-hour LOG-ON shopping trip offers much more than I expected: a DIY crafted travelogue full of memories and personalized style, a hair makeover, and an afternoon sweet treat…when should I come back for more?
New Year Prosperity Begins with Discounts!

LOG-ON brings to you the first wave of surprise in 2016! From 14 January, you may redeem a “fai chun” (Chinese New Year Lucky Couplets) for free with a net purchase of $300 or above at any LOG-ON branch. What’s more, present the “fai chun” for your next purchase and enjoy a 10% off discount!
Distribution period: 14 Jan – 14 Feb 2016
Promotion period: 14 Jan – 29 Feb 2016
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