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Have the heart, but have no time. You may have learned this line as deeply as I do, for we all seem a bit helpless when facing tons of work and sometimes fail to remember to express our care to our loved ones. LOG-ON recognizes what we are facing, that’s why MANUAL FACTORY is always enthusiastic to expand its services in terms of aspects and forms, so as to provide you with more innovative personalized gift ideas to create a gift (both impressive from the outside and inside) which can touch your loved ones’ hearts. This winter LOG-ON crosses over with Taiwan creative brand Wooderful life®, cooperatively launching a brand new MANUAL FACTORY Laser Engraving Service – engraving messages and icons on your DIY wooden music box! The engraved effect comes out neat and elegant, which engraves not only texts but also your tenderness and concern. We now proudly present this exclusive personalized laser engraving service to you all here.
How to Make This?

Materials needed for making a Heartwarming Music Box:
  • Wooderful life® wooden music box base x 1
  • Wooderful life® wooden figures x Depends
  • LOG-ON MANUAL FACTORY laser engraving service x 1 time
  • 30min. for DIY
  • 30min. for laser engraving by staff
  • Love, Creativity and Patience
Products you have seen in this page
Step 1: Choose Music Box Base

Among all Wooderful life®’s fairytale like products, their music boxes are the most dreamy, they delight you with their appearance and soften you with their comforting melodies. Three types of music box bases are now provided for DIY selection.
Music Box Base (Square-wood) HK$195
Products you have seen in this page
Music Box Base (Walnut/Red) HK$150
Products you have seen in this page
Step 2: Choose Parts to Create Scenarios

Choose wooden figures from the Wooderful life® cabinets in our display zone, and select some to put on your music box. However you may face difficulty to select just a few among the hundreds of wooden figures lined up as they are all so cleverly made and adorable. A tip for you is to figure out first what scene you want to create before selecting.

Wooderful life® has prepared various thematic characters and accessories to mix & match, scenes for love, family, school, birthday, wedding, baby, cartoon characters etc. are now ready to combine together to recreate your memorable scenes and express different kinds of messages. After billing the component parts in counter you can officially start DIY.
Step 3: Write Down Messages & Choose Icons for Laser Engraving

Write down initials, names or messages which you want to engrave on the music box, and then choose the font type and size from default templates. There are also lovely icons and patterns to select for engraving, themes such as horoscopes, festive and celebrations, pets and animals, heart shapes, funny creatures’ icons, and also borders and frames for decorations. Give your select to our staff and the engraving will be completed in about half an hour.
Step 4: Start DIY

LOG-ON has now set up designated DIY zones in Harbour City, Festival Walk and Cityplaza stores, enabling you to smoothly enjoy this DIY experience with a full set of working tools prepared there and under our staffs’ guidance. In our exclusive Wooderful life®x LOG-ON themed café in Cityplaza, you can even enjoy a splendid tea set while you are doing your DIY!

We are now expanding this interesting in-store Wooderful life® experience to our different stores. Besides Harbour City, Festival Walk, Cityplaza which now have designated DIY zones, you can now buy Wooderful life® products in Times Square, Metroplaza and tmtplaza stores too.
Products you have seen in this page
* With purchases of HK$300 or above, you can now enjoy a free custom engraving service.
* Wooderful life® DIY service is available in Harbour City, Festival Walk and Cityplaza stores.
* Laser engraving service on Wooderful life® music box is only available in Festival Walk store.
Make it Look Even Better!

Are you enthusiastic enough to make your loved one feel touched even from the gift’s packaging? There are all kinds of unique personalized gift elements and services provided at the LOG-ON MANUAL FACTORY for you to personalize your gift and make it look even better! For example you can hang a little shimmering alphabet charm or a self-drawn badge on the gift; a bag heat-pressed with a character badge for carrying the gift may sound practical and heartwarming too. Besides our brand new laser engraving service, we also provide metal engraving, leather embossing, button making, heat-pressing, and photo Print & Present services to cope with your creativity, producing an unbelievably impressive gift for you to pass your love and care to your loved ones in a brilliant and effective way.
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