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Life is a great journey with each day a short trip full of unknowns and opportunities. Filled with the precious memories from countless travelers, the leather-bound TRAVELER'S notebook contains many treasured memories of its users. Today, we are beyond excited to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the TRAVELER'S notebook.

As the only business partner of TRAVELER'S notebook in Hong Kong, LOG-ON has actively promoted the idea of travelling and recording travel adventures for the past 10 years. Together with the Japanese team, this July we will be organizing a series of activities to mark the 10th anniversary of the TRAVELER'S notebook. Our exhibition will display a number of classic collections and notebooks of fellow users. Experts from Japan have been invited to show how to make a bound and personalized notebook from your paper of choice. Exclusive commemorative products will also be offered. Through the expression of opinions and sharing of ideas, LOG-ON and TRAVELER'S notebook hope to link users of different parts of the world and share in the fun of writing a travel memoir.
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TRAVELER'S notebook 10th Anniversary Celebration

LOG-ON and the MIDORI Creative Team from Japan will conduct the following 4 exclusive 10th anniversary activities in Hong Kong. For all travelers, TRAVELER'S notebook fans, and stationery lovers, these events are not to be missed.
Classic Collection Exhibition @LOG-ON ToGather Festival Walk
1 Jul - 7 Aug 2016

This is the largest exhibition of TRAVELER'S notebook in Hong Kong. It features a dozen classic commemorative collections over the past decade, including Hong Kong Tramways and Star Ferry Special Edition. Unique TRAVELER'S notebooks from 4 passionate users will also be on display at the exhibition.
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Spiral Ring Notebook Viking @ LOG-ON ToGather Festival Walk
16-17 Jul 2016

Finally, a chance to make your own TRAVELER'S notebook! The DIY workshop will be held for 2 days! After selecting your favorite paper at LOG-ON Festival Walk, you can hand it to our Japanese notebook binding experts to make a spiral ring notebook. After watching the whole production process, you can bring the custom-made notebook home right away. This workshop has been held previously in Japan and Taiwan, and has evoked an overwhelming response! TRAVELER'S FACTORY has also designed a notebook cover featuring distinctive characteristics of Hong Kong. This is a unique keepsake you don’t want to miss.
TRAVELER'S FACTORY Exclusive Products
16 Jul - 6 Aug 2016

Products from TRAVELER'S FACTORY which have never been sold abroad are available now at LOG-ON Festival Walk. What are these exclusive products? Visit us during the captioned period to find out.
city'super 20th Anniversary World Map Special Edition Brass Ballpoint Pen

This year also marks the 20th birthday of city'super. To celebrate the occasion, we have joined hands with TRAVELER'S FACTORY to launch a limited edition brass ballpoint pen with commemorative value for both brands.
User Sharing Sessions
Travelers and TRAVELER'S notebook Fans, Come and Join Us!

LOG-ON values the interaction and sharing of users from different countries. It is believed that like-minded people gathered together can bridge a geographical gap and inspire creativity. That is why we have organized 11 TRAVELER'S notebook user sharing sessions over the past decade. Speakers and fellow notebook users from all over the world were invited to share their travel adventures, outlooks on life, and experiences of using TRAVELER'S notebook under different conditions. Sharing sessions will continue to be held regularly and we hope to see you share your story at the LOG-ON ToGather co-creative cultural-rich space soon.
In March 2016, TRAVERLER'S FACTORY organized its 10th anniversary commemorative exhibition in Tokyo.
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The exhibition showcased TRAVELER’S notebooks of professional users from around the globe, including the notebook of Patrick Ng, LOG-ON Senior Stationery Buyer.
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TRAVELER'S notebook – Hong Kong Series

Over the past decade, LOG-ON and TRAVELER'S notebook have collaborated to create several collections of Hong Kong public transport anniversary edition items, introducing a local form of transportation to foreigners. In the last 3 years, TRAVELER'S notebook launched a special edition of Star Ferry and Hong Kong Tramways. By infusing local culture into the design, it brings out the very concept of TRAVELER'S notebook, “to live each day as if you are traveling”.
In 2013, TRAVELER'S notebook presented a limited “STAR FERRY EDITION” memorabilia. Passport sized TRAVELER'S notebook with the iconic Star Ferry logo were distributed worldwide. That same year also marks the 115th Anniversary of Star Ferry.
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2015 was the 110th Anniversary celebration of Hong Kong Tramways. The “HONG KONG TRAMWAYS EDITION” was launched as one of the celebrative events. Created by designers from Japan, Octopus cards with iconic Hong Kong Tram pictures were available as valuable keepsake items.
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One decade ago, LOG-ON first introduced this refined and elegant leather-coated notebook from Japan, TRAVELER'S notebook, into the Hong Kong market. At that time, TRAVELER'S notebook had still not been formally launched into the market. 10 years have passed and LOG-ON will continue to introduce the latest TRAVELER'S notebook products to Hong Kong as its exclusive partner. Even though some people say that today is no longer the age of pen and paper, we believe that a brand with brilliant designs and a functional concept can stand the test of time.
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