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It is Said that… Yoshitaka Goto Assembles the World with Multiple Illusions
Products you have seen in this page
It is said that…

All photography enthusiasts of film shooting are kind of embracing an obsession, they believe the texture and the touch of film can never be replaced by digital photography, neither in material nor spiritual levels. The author met many photographers with this obsession, and Mr. Yoshitaka Goto was one of them.

Japanese photographer Mr. Yoshitako Goto has been staging different landscapes of the world with multi-exposure by composing a lot of surreal fantasies on film -- a fortress on the clouds, a rainbow built by spiral staircases, buildings connect to waterfalls…… all of them look like posters of science fiction movies, as true as magic, bring to the viewers boundless imaginations and infinite visual impacts.
It is said that ...
Film photography shortens the distances of the world, which lets the Statue of Liberty stands on the Sea of Japan.

Mr. Goto gives people an impression of reticent, thoughtful and intellectual. The cautious compositions of his works reveal his patience and persistence. He shoots half of an image at this end of the world then picks up the other half at the other end. Placing up to down, left to right, he collages and reconstructs. That is how we can see the skyscrapers from Hong Kong appear on the beach in Portugal, or the Statue of Liberty from New York stand on the coast of Japan.
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The Statue of Liberty from New York stand on the coast of Japan. Take a closer look, you will find the stand of the statue connected to a human leg! At a glance, the water seems like splashing on the stand, but it was in fact the splash made by the waves hitting the leg. As the upper and lower parts of the image conjoined in a way which incorporate so unexpectedly perfect, this makes it one of Mr. Goto's favourite works. He said this photo brought him infinite surprises. / Yoshitaka Goto Miracle Double Exposure
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A woman in kimono standing under a flag of the United States by the sea, Mr. Goto said this scenario was a coincidence which seemed like a movie scene with feeling of misery. "I will be very happy if my photos can reminiscent movie scenes." he said. / Yoshitaka Goto Miracle Double Exposure
It is said that...
In the world of film photography, there is a unique human touch because of the complex process.

We don’t need to explain too much about the uniqueness of photos developed from film. The main reason Mr. Goto changed to film from digital photography, was to seek for particularity. He therefore became a Lomography lover and especially fascinated by the capriciousness of multiple-exposure.
Another reason that makes him so attached to film photography is the warmth and soft atmosphere of the film developing shops. Over the past seven years, Mr. Goto has been sticking to the same shop. He exchanges experiences and techniques with those who share the same enthusiasm while he purchases or picks up his photos at the shop. To Mr. Goto, this kind of exchange between people is the unique happiness brought by the complex process of film photography. By contrast, digital photography gives a feeling of loneliness, as it lacks certain details and touches of human.

The author thinks that there may also be another reason which is related to the characteristics of Japanese, which is "to delete portrait photos seem very rude to the persons concerned, portraits will always be preserved if they were on film."
It is said that...
Film photography is the child and mother of imagination at the same time.

Mr. Goto is a fan of science fiction movies, especially fascinated by the futuristic ones, as their scenes and contents are so full of unrestrained imaginations. He said that the genre of surrealistic movies can greatly propel his creative style, whenever he sees scenes from movies which evoke his feelings, he wants to challenge himself with camera. Will the following two photos remind you any scenes from a movie?
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Mr. Goto said these two works were inspired by the movie Inception. The high-rise buildings were shot in Hong Kong, while the beach in the photo on the right was in Portugal. The author thinks that maybe someone is turning a gyroscope in one of the buildings. / Yoshitaka Goto Miracle Double Exposure
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This photo was inspired by the movie Interstellar. The sky in orange was not made by after effects but because of a special film called LomoChrome Turquoise. The movie was shot in Iceland and Mr. Goto really went to Iceland to shoot the beach at the lower half, and shot the high-rise buildings at the upper half in Hong Kong. / Yoshitaka Goto Miracle Double Exposure

Mr. Goto obtains creative inspirations from movies then transforms and creates imaginations to the viewers of his photos. He particularly fond of black and white photos, "lack of colour is both good and bad, although it easily makes the images become layerless, but gives a greater space for imagination."
It is said that...
Film photography is a shortcut to polish the techniques of photography, and multiple-exposure is the expressway.

Photography lovers often say that whoever wants to polish their techniques must start from film photography -- because the number of frames in a roll of film is limited, so cautious consideration is needed before every press on the shutter. Mr. Goto believes that film photography can contribute to rapid progress of techniques. As every frame is cherished, he always tries hard to analyze every shortcoming and hoping to amend as soon as possible to avoid further waste of film. When shooting with digital cameras, as the bad shots are deleted right away, defects are therefore remained unknown.

Also, as the whole film roll is scanned and saved in computer, all of the photos including those failed are kept, so that people can go through again anytime and check if progress has been made.

To Mr. Goto, multiple-exposure is a training of technique and mental strength, "because shots taken only appear in the brain, with no idea on the results before development, it is easy to be nervous and worried. Even now, I fail often. But whenever I failed, I review and work harder next time to reach for the ideal results.” He jogs down notes of every shooting to record the contents of each shot, but haphazard sometimes end up astonishing. “Many of my favorites are the results of shots at random,” he said.
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It is said that...
The tips of film photography is to ‘Have Fun’.

When asked about the tips of multiple-exposure, Mr. Goto responded frankly. "Have Fun!" He said, “Overthinking is not good because you will become frightened to fail. You must enjoy the process to make good works which can surprise yourself as well as the others. "
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