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Suncare Redefined – Stay Fresh, Dewy & Beautiful

Summer and sun care go hand in hand but many of us still have not yet developed the habit of putting on sunscreen. Coming up with excuses like “it’s sticky”, “it can cause breakouts”, “rumor has it that it may cause cancer”, “no time to put it on”… just to name a few. LOG-ON introduces the SHIGAISEN YOHOU sun care collection by Ishizawa Labs, providing a range of sunscreen products to suit your different needs and occasions, including non-chemical UV products that protect you from the blazing sun. Time to redefine your sunscreen routine this summer.
The New Definition of Sunscreen

Developed by Ishizawa Labs from Japan, the SHIGAISEN YOHOU sun care collection breaks the sunscreen myths of being harmful and leaving a sticky feeling. With the following qualities, this collection is here to provide you with a brand new sun protection experience.
Products you have seen in this page
Brightening Ingredients

Formulated with collagen, hyaluronic acid and 7 plant extracts, the UV gel and spray products in the collection moisturize and protect your skin simultaneously
Fresh and Non-sticky

Airy texture with zero white residue.
Long-lasting Protection

The gentle and low-irritant formula safeguards your delicate skin, giving you the most effective sun protection all year round.
Low-irritant Formula

The non-chemical formula is free of alcohol, mineral oil, colorant, and fragrance. A slight fresh orange scent comes from essential oils.
Specialized Products

Specific products designed especially for different parts of the body, outfits, and occasions.
Specialized for Office Ladies: Protection Before and After Make-up

What’s the key to your workday make-up routine? Speed. Acting as both a makeup base and sunscreen, the following UV cream and spray are suitable for make-up prep and finishing respectively. Featuring collagen, hyaluronic acid, and 7 kinds of plant extract formulation, this cream is a combo to moisturize and protect all in one.
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Non Chemical UV Cream SPF50+ PA4+ $158

Suitable for: face, neck

Specialized for sensitive skin, this non-chemical formula contains no UV absorber for comfortable use as a daily makeup base. Mess-free application with upgraded transparency leaving no trace of white residue. Remove using makeup remover.
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Makeup Protection UV Spray SPF50+ PA4+ $168

Suitable for: face

Finish your makeup with a single spray for sun-protection as well as oil control from dawn till dusk. Press your face slightly after spraying for better skin coverage. UV-blocking ingredients are 100% enveloped in the silk capsules to prevent direct contact with your skin.
Smart Tips:
What are the differences between SPF and PA?

SPF (Sun Protection Factor) measures sunscreen protection from UVB rays that lead to sunburns, while PA (Protection Grade of UVA) measures sunscreen protection from UVA rays that age the skin. PA was invented by the Japanese back when only SPF values were indicated on sunscreen products, as a response to the heightened influence of UVA rays on skin-aging and dermatological lesion problems, as well as exposure even on cloudy days or while indoors. Most sun care products today will state the PA value.
Family Care: One Product for All

Kids approaching rebellious stage are “sensitive” to apply full-body sunscreen. The SHIGAISEN YOHOU sun care collection here presents a gel and a spray product especially designed to suit both adults and children. The refreshing, ultra-lightweight finish will protect your active kids without them even noticing.
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Non Chemical UV Gel N SPF30 PA3+ $178

Suitable for: face, body

The gentle UV Gel is free of Surfactant and UV absorbers; instead it contains collagen, hyaluronic acid, and 7 plant extracts in a formula that protects and moisturizes sensitive skin. Gently clean with soap to remove.
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Transparent UV Spray SPF50+ PA4+ $158

Suitable for: face, hair, body

Suitable to use before and after makeup, this transparent and smooth UV spray leaves no chalk and grease even after hours. UV-blocking ingredients are 100% enveloped in the silk capsules to prevent direct contact with your skin. Gently clean with soap to remove.
Smart Tips:
How frequent do I reapply sunscreen?

The SPF value and the PA plus sign help you calculate the protection duration of your sun care products. Redness on the skin is generally visible after 10-20 minutes under the sun. To figure the duration of protection from your sun screen, you can calculate it by multiplying the number of 10-20 minute intervals you will be under the sun by the SPF value of the product. For instance, if your skin becomes red in 10 minutes, applying a SPF30 product will give you protection lasting up to 300 minutes. In the case of PA, “+” indicates 2-4 times for tanning duration, “++” refers to 4-8 times, “+++” for 8-16 times, and “++++” for above 16 times.
Outdoor Suncare: Comfortable for Hikes and Swims

The stickiness that comes from sweating after applying sunscreen is obviously annoying. These 2 sun creams, on the other hand, leave you nothing but freshness and are non-greasy to the touch. Together with brightening ingredients such as arbutin, collagen, and hyaluronic acid, it is one of the hottest products on the list. What’s more, it’s suitable for all family members.
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UV Smooth Gel SPF30 PA3+ $128

Suitable for: face, body

The blue-bottled UV gel leaves your skin hydrated and non-sticky with a weightless finish, and even allowing you to dress in sleeved clothes immediately after applying. Wash off with soap to remove. It provides a fresh feeling and is suitable also for men.
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UV Gel N SPF30 PA3+ $128

Suitable for: face, body

The yellow-bottled transparent gel can be evenly applied with ease, moisturize and protect your silky skin from the sun while you go sleeveless. Its smooth formula is suitable for adults and children.
Smart Tips:
What makes physical sunscreen better than chemical ones?

Physical sunscreen products consist mainly of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, which protects the skin by reflecting, scattering and blocking sunrays. The ingredients are not absorbed by the skin. Chemical ones contain more active chemical ingredients, forming a barrier that follows skin absorption, which in turn absorbs UV radiation to prevent it from penetrating into the skin. Reports show that physical sunscreen products are safer with less irritation.
Whether it’s sunny, cloudy or a rainy day, it’s always a sunscreen day! For better and long-term skin health, give yourself a strong and protective transparent armor starting today.
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